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Perianal hygiene - practical advice

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Riverwalk Sun 15-Mar-20 13:05:28

In light of the many reports of loo paper being in short supply may I offer a very practical solution - it will also assist those who are infirm, very obese, or can't access show/bath and don't want to use wet wipes.

As a nurse I learned this from my Middle East women patients:

Knickers off, use the loo, then sit back as far as you can, legs apart. Then in one hand a jug of warm soapy water and start to pour slowly, from the front, using the other hand to guide the water and wash. You can reach all relevant parts from the front - the orifices are close together.


grannysyb Mon 16-Mar-20 11:28:21

Whatever the packaging says I don't think any wipes are flushable. I think that's the advice from Thames Water.