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Quarantine reintroduced for those returning from Spain

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B9exchange Sat 25-Jul-20 22:08:58

This is a bit sudden, usually we get a week's warning. Even Grant Schapps is on holiday over there. Will he had to quarantine for 2 weeks? Will there be exceptions?

Susan56 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:34:06

I agree with merlotgran.

Gingster Sun 26-Jul-20 08:40:19

Holiday lets here in The UK are getting fully booked, which is great for the industry. Hopefully we won’t have a second spike otherwise we will all be in lockdown again.

Iam64 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:43:05

The Foreign Office has a list of countries where it is considered safe for British people to travel. Greece is listed as safe. Crete for example has had only one death.

Granny23 Sun 26-Jul-20 08:58:10

At last some signs of leadership. But only after the highest death rate in Europe I am very surprised that other European Countries are letting the Brits in, when our infection rate is still so high.

BTW Whose Leadership? Scotland introduced this quarantine last week. A case of follow my leader?

sodapop Sun 26-Jul-20 08:59:01

I agree with ginny and merlotgran stay in your own country and support the local economy.

Calendargirl Sun 26-Jul-20 09:03:36


UK quarantine (so-called) arrangements are a complete joke.

Give your address at the airport, travel home by public transport (pick up some shopping on the way) then comply (or not) with self-isolation!

Returning to NZ requires two weeks in a hotel (self-funded) and no leaving the building.

I can imagine the outcry if returning holidaymakers were told they had to spend two weeks in a hotel, self funded, no leaving the building.

They would expect the government, i.e. the taxpayer, to pick up the tab.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jul-20 09:04:34

Well it’s been a decisive move - and has caught some people on the hop. Easy for any retirees to quarantine but upsetting for workers on a holiday who took a chance and got caught out.

EllanVannin Sun 26-Jul-20 09:17:41

I honestly don't see any pleasure in going on holiday wearing a mask anyway. It's bad enough here. Certainly wouldn't suit me.

Urmstongran Sun 26-Jul-20 09:23:41

Labour aren’t happy about it.

Calendargirl Sun 26-Jul-20 09:24:15


Well it’s been a decisive move - and has caught some people on the hop. Easy for any retirees to quarantine but upsetting for workers on a holiday who took a chance and got caught out.

But that’s the thing Urmstongran, they took a chance. Surely anyone going abroad at the moment should realise how quickly regulations and guidance can change. Boris keeps saying he won’t hesitate to take action if necessary, and then people are shocked when that happens.

GagaJo Sun 26-Jul-20 09:52:20



I think it's ver good that this has been introduced with no prevarication. It is exactly the way things should have accursed all along.

However, to introduce quarantine with no checking that it's being adhered to is worthless. And that is what happened last time. Lip service.

Any person returning from Spain or the islands and not quarantining themselves for fourteen days would be liable to "instant dismissal" from their employment by their employers if they attend their workplace in that time.

It isn't just about not going to work. It involves not leaving the house at all. There should be random checks to make sure people are complying. Not just saying 'Quarantine' and trusting it's done.

Antonia Sun 26-Jul-20 09:58:45

I agree with Boris's decisive action, and just wish he had been as prompt earlier in the crisis. But simply telling people to self isolate is never going to work. Some will, but many will ignore the instructions.

BlueSky Sun 26-Jul-20 10:02:02

Antonia exactly that's going to be the problem. Still I don't know how they could possibly implement it.

blondenana Sun 26-Jul-20 10:06:26

kittylester i hope your daughter will enjoy Scarborough, at least we have had no cases reported for the last 4 weeks
Although the weather isn't brilliant at the moment

JenniferEccles Sun 26-Jul-20 10:11:58

Everyone who has booked a foreign holiday this year must be well aware of the risk involved but decided to chance it anyway.

I don’t blame them at all for taking a punt but we are holidaying here this year.

It’s no hardship really as we are having quite a good summer weather wise.

25Avalon Sun 26-Jul-20 10:13:20

Sick of hearing all those who took a chance on holidaying in Spain moaning they will now have to quarantine for 14 days on their return.

Hetty58 Sun 26-Jul-20 10:17:53

I can't help thinking that it just serves people right. Anyone unwise enough to jet off to Spain, this soon, needs to isolate. They are a danger to the rest of us!

BlueSky Sun 26-Jul-20 10:19:25

But any of us in the UK could have to quarantine if coming into contact with a positive case, if we went for a meal for instance or the hairdresser.

vegansrock Sun 26-Jul-20 10:23:00

It’ll be like face masks, no one will be doing it properly. The lads out partying and leaving rubbish everywhere in Magaluf aren’t going to bother to quarantine and there is no way of policing it. All bluster and hot air.

Chewbacca Sun 26-Jul-20 10:30:22

I can't help thinking that it just serves people right

That's not fair Hetty; people will have booked their holidays based on the information and travel advice that they were given by government at that time. It remains to be seen as to whether there will be another spike in this country that will affect all those who have booked a holiday in the UK. Will it "serve them right" too?

Mollygo Sun 26-Jul-20 10:36:38

Love your first two lines Ginny.
I’m waiting to see how long it takes for the journalists and TV folk to gather in non-socially distanced groups round Grant Shap’s house in the hope that he will put a tie outside during his isolation.

Mollygo Sun 26-Jul-20 10:36:53

Toe not tie!

yorkie20 Sun 26-Jul-20 10:37:09

Its all about choice either holiday home or abroad. I totally agree with Chewbacca's comment (

CaroleAnne Sun 26-Jul-20 10:40:16

My sentiments entirely Ginny. smile

Alexa Sun 26-Jul-20 10:43:43

It must be difficult to keep well away from other people in any popular crowded holiday resort home or abroad.