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First non essential shop visit

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gillyknits Mon 05-Apr-21 12:35:53

Sorry if this has been asked before.
Which non essential shop will you visit first after 12 April.?
I can’t make up my mind whether to go to Dunelm or M&S.

mrscake1 Tue 06-Apr-21 17:50:27

Walking shoe shop as can't buy them online. Can't wait.

GreenGran78 Tue 06-Apr-21 17:40:40

I stocked up on wool just before lockdown, and my needles have been clicking away merrily ever since. I now have a pile of finished garments all waiting for buttons, so my local craft shop will receive one of my early visits.
I also can’t wait to have my hair trimmed. It’s falling over my eyes, and is very annoying.

Lillie Tue 06-Apr-21 17:34:06

I ordered a bag of stuff in the sale from Joules this week. No doubt some of it will be returned but as we have a branch locally I will pop in there.

grannybuy Tue 06-Apr-21 17:28:30

My local John Lewis is one of those that aren't reopening. There has been a public outcry and petition, but I can't really see John Lewis being persuaded to remain. No one can prove to them that more people will start visiting the shop, and, of course, buying. It wasn't ' used ' enough, so has been lost.
I would rather go to shops than buy online. I have an Oliver Bonas gift voucher, so may well go there first, followed by Waterstones as I also have a book token. We are all keen to get to cafes, pubs and restaurants, but it feels mean to ignore the shops.

BoBo53 Tue 06-Apr-21 17:27:16

I’m with you Polarbear Sheffield Council recently paid John Lewis 3 million pounds to stay in Sheffield city centre all to no avail! They suggest we go to Leeds instead! No way!

rowyn Tue 06-Apr-21 16:57:45

I belong to Freecycle, which has groups all over the country, I believe. When you have an item that you no longer need and are happy to give away you can post it online. I tend to post things which are perhaps too large/awkward for me to take to a charity shop.

Thisismyname1953 Tue 06-Apr-21 16:26:51

M&S near me has been open throughout because it has a food hall.

Bijou Tue 06-Apr-21 16:14:38

Even if I wasn’t housebound I wouldn’t go shopping. Have always disliked shopping and now it is good to get anything I need on line.

MaggsMcG Tue 06-Apr-21 16:05:38

Its 8,000 people flying in. However they should but aren't in 10 days quarantine. So I have no idea why. Also other countries may not want us there let alone we want to go there when their cases are higher than ours.

MerylStreep Tue 06-Apr-21 16:04:37

For those of you who love rummaging around in charity shops, why don’t you volunteer? You can then rummage to your hearts content 😄
Most charity shops want volunteers for the back room as most people want to be ‘out front’.
Be warned, though. It could be costly as your the first person to see the donations 😉

Galaxy Tue 06-Apr-21 16:04:12

Thanks Lulu and Notagran

NotAGran55 Tue 06-Apr-21 16:02:32


How does that work lulu if you dont mind me asking. Did an individual on your street set it up? It sounds great.

Galaxy I use , you might be interested in it.

Froglady Tue 06-Apr-21 15:52:05

A shop where you can take clothes in to be weighed in for cash. I do it for 2 charities and I think there will be enough clothes for at least half a dozen car trips! think I'll get someone else to come with a car load as well, just to lessen the load on me and the going to and fro! But it's worth the hassle for the money to provides for the charities.

Nanette1955 Tue 06-Apr-21 15:49:49

The one I work in I guess, it’s a mens outfitters and wedding season is well underway, so we’re expecting to be very busy. For myself........can’t make up my mind, but I’m not a browser so it’ll be whatever store I actually need something from next week X

Froglady Tue 06-Apr-21 15:46:51


Possibly M&S to buy new bras!!


Ealdemodor Tue 06-Apr-21 15:32:47

Have a week to decide between Next, John Lewis or Waterstones.
Bring it on!

Lulubelle500 Tue 06-Apr-21 15:04:47

Galaxy: yes, someone techno-savvy in the street set it up last year. It's a great way to recycle anything too good to throw out. Also, to share really local news, or problems - anyone sick can get their shopping done etc. Or let the street know if the occasional conmen are around. It works for us because we all know each other.

Alioop Tue 06-Apr-21 14:44:06

Oh a wander around Dunelm would be lovely, that's after the hairdresser of course. There's no sign yet here of even garden centres opening yet, we are behind everyone else. Now going around garden centres, picking my new plants for my newly landscaped garden, that is exciting me now. Hopefully soon....

Amberone Tue 06-Apr-21 14:26:21

I'll be glad when the charity shops open again too - I got rid of three bags of books, CDs and DVDs just before the last lockdown and now I have another four bags ready to go. We take them to different shops so no one gets overloaded. Quite like to have a rummage in some of them too. Last time we went I bought some beautiful curtains for about £8 and used them to make a blind for the bedroom.

fairfraise Tue 06-Apr-21 14:23:41

Mine will be to Shaws down the road just to pick up polyester stuffing for a knitted stegosaurus waiting to be sewn up.

Northerngirl28 Tue 06-Apr-21 14:20:38

What a lovely morning that would be!

Dowsabella Tue 06-Apr-21 14:16:35

It's a toss-up! Charity shop with donations which have been piling up for a year, or IKEA for a new book case! I'd love a manicure, but I'm spending far too much time gardening for that to be feasible!

Galaxy Tue 06-Apr-21 14:16:11

How does that work lulu if you dont mind me asking. Did an individual on your street set it up? It sounds great.

rugbymumcumbria Tue 06-Apr-21 14:13:41

I run a furniture shop so I hope customers will be desperate to come back to buy from us, but it seems from these comments that a lot of you have given up on the High Street.

rowyn Tue 06-Apr-21 13:57:49

Shops selling Washing machines and Printers ( not necessarily both in same one). I just want to speak to a human being and ask questions without having to go through the whole grizzly palaver of using 'chat online' or FAQs etc!