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Who can travel? Princes and prime ministers?

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grannygranby Sat 23-May-20 09:49:05

I cannot remember any comment being made by anyone that Prince Charles went off to Scotland when he got Covid-19 and BJohnson moved from no 10 to other flat to Chequers. All during lockdown. Is this an assumed exceptionalism? Or is it written? Do other ministers also think they are entitled? I guess they must seeing Dominic Cummings travels. I think at least it should have been mentioned after all so many people have personally sacrificed.

Callistemon Sat 23-May-20 09:54:19

Yes, there were discussions about this on GN, also the Scottish Medical Officer, the Government scientist whose lover visited him.

And now Cummings who travelled miles to his parents' home so that they could look after his children when he and his wife were both ill with COVID19.

paddyanne Sat 23-May-20 09:59:56

Cath Calderwood got slated on here and rightly so ...Cummings will have had mitigating circumstances ...well according to the tory faitfull who thinks the sun shines out of Bojos backside.The Tory can do no wrong,dontcha know? They are a superior race where have I heard that before?

Callistemon Sat 23-May-20 10:06:23

Well, I thought that my DC would never have put us in that situation.
We heard it on the news last night and were shocked. The children could have been symptomless but still carried the virus to their grandparents.

Callistemon Sat 23-May-20 10:13:33

paddyanne grin

I think I remember you saying what Cath Calderwood did was something you'd expect Boris to do! No, it was something which she did.

In fact, these rule bending actions are not exclusive to any one party it seems, so there is no point in making it political.

Some people, of all parties, are arrogant and selfish and think the rules only apply to the plebeians.

quizqueen Sat 23-May-20 10:24:42

The Queen could have been in contact with people incubating the flu at the last memorial service she attended and then went to isolate with Philip to be looked after by lots of staff. Let's face it, anyone who also went out to a supermarket during lockdown to shop must be the devil incarnate!!

Lisagran Sat 23-May-20 10:25:42

my DC. I thought you meant “my Dominic Cummings” Callistemon. grin

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 10:37:52

There has never been a rule that people can't shop, though.

Those who are vulnerable are sheilded to protect them, but they are free to go out, as long as they distance.

MaizieD Sat 23-May-20 10:38:51

There's a whole thread about Cummings on the News & Politics forum if people don't want to swap between 2 threads. Called 'Will he resign'

There was lots of criticism on here about the Queen and Prince Charles at the time that they travelled to wherever they are now.

Only muted criticism of Johnson because his Granfan club doesn't seem to think that the rules apply to him at all.

I'm wondering where he is now, actually. We're still not supposed to be stopping at holiday homes or second homes but I'm prepared to be that he's at Chequers for the Whit recess... hmm

MaizieD Sat 23-May-20 10:39:21

Damn! 'prepared to bet...'

Callistemon Sat 23-May-20 10:44:52

Which flu are you talking about, quizqueen?
Would that be H3N2 or Type B?

Don't forget we have COVID19 which is sweeping the world too, causing devastation.
However, yes, there are also flu and other viruses still doing the rounds. We tend to forget that.

Callistemon Sat 23-May-20 10:46:56

My dear or darling children, Lisagran! grin

Baggs Sat 23-May-20 10:54:09

Who else was going to look after Cummings's children while he and his wife were both ill?

After seeing how badly it took Boris Johnson, perhaps they were afraid it would affect them badly too.

Also, didn't BJ go straight to Chequers, where his fiance was, straight from hospital? What's wrong with that?

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 10:59:33

Should they have been driving, then??
All that way???

Grannynannywanny Sat 23-May-20 11:01:21

My greatest worry since the start of the pandemic has been what if my son and Dil 130 miles away become ill with the virus and unable to care for their 2 young children. Being told I cannot travel there to support them if needed is giving me sleepless nights.

But the action of the Cummings family takes it to a different level. While the majority are abiding by the rules and not seeing their grandchildren they ignored isolation advice.

They left home feeling unwell with symptoms and drove 250 miles. Difficult to think they managed that as an unbroken journey while feeling unwell and with a child in the car.

Then arrived to stay with grandparents knowing they brought the virus to their household.

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 11:05:24

I can not even begin to imagine how it must feel for the family of the 13 year old boy who died to realise that it's actually not that important to do as asked.

Everyone who has lost someone, in fact, but that little soul's death sticks in my mind.

Lucca Sat 23-May-20 11:09:29

Baggs. I know of one family with two kids under 5 whose mother gave birth and was sent home being told someone in the ward has tested positive for the virus and she had to isolate in bedroom while OH cared for new baby and two other children. One rule for some....

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 11:18:07

It's ok though.
He drove all that way in anticipation of being ill, apparently. Arrogant idiot.

GrandmaMoira Sat 23-May-20 11:18:59

What doesn't make sense about Cummings is that he and his wife were too ill to look after their child but well enough to drive a long distance,

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 11:24:14

I think there must be a special panel of liars, working tirelessly in damage limitation exercises.

They must all be thinking up all different ways to try and justify all the accidental mishaps made by the exceptionally arrogant.

Baggs Sat 23-May-20 11:26:37

What doesn't make sense about Cummings is that he and his wife were too ill to look after their child but well enough to drive a long distance,

Put like that, I agree, but it does make sense if they expected to get a lot iller, as Boris had.

Whitewavemark2 Sat 23-May-20 11:27:21

I think the point is that the rules cover everyone especially the ones who devised the sodding rules.

Baggs Sat 23-May-20 11:28:44

Lucca, that poor mother! I don't think I could have done that. Isolation at home with the rest of my family, yes, but not separately from the new baby. I'd want to breastfeed it apart from anything else.

MissAdventure Sat 23-May-20 11:30:23

I don't think the guidelines made exceptions under the heading of "if you think you may get ill"

Baggs Sat 23-May-20 11:30:31

Domwe know who devised the sodding rules? I thought our government was just panicked into doing what other countries were doing.