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Shielded to be allowed out!

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Mamissimo Sat 30-May-20 22:22:17;at_medium=custom7&%2338;at_custom1=%5Bpost+type%5D&%2338;at_campaign=64&%2338;at_custom4=80575A62-A2B9-11EA-8783-BBE74744363C&%2338;at_custom2=twitter

The announcement will be tomorrow. How will you use your daily opportunity?

Bridie22 Sat 30-May-20 22:33:07

With a big smile on my face 😷

Callistemon Sat 30-May-20 22:40:15

Only England

BlueSky Sat 30-May-20 22:46:34

Why so suddenly when they were told 30 of June?

Callistemon Sat 30-May-20 22:48:17

I was told 16th June and a friend had a further letter extending it to mid-July.
It all seems a bit random, doesn't it.

CherryCezzy Sat 30-May-20 23:35:01

Yes, England only. The other countries of the UK have gone their own way. I don't think the First Minister in Wales will review this until the next scheduled review is due in three weeks time.
I think many of us got different dates Callistemon, mine is 23rd June. It's quite odd.

paddyanne Sat 30-May-20 23:36:19

No one is being held were shielding for your own benefit stop you catching CV19 if you have other health issues or are in the age group most at risk.IF you objected to staying home there was nothing to stop you going out.I dont understand what the issue is with this ,protecting yourself AND your family by saving your life shouldn't be a problem.We self isolated from the end of february because of my husbands heart issues,we and our children and grandchildren just want us all to come through this alive and well

paddyanne Sat 30-May-20 23:38:31

CherryCezzy ENGLAND has gone its own way ,the other nations are basically following the same route to easing lockdown.England has gone rogue not us or Wales or NI

growstuff Sat 30-May-20 23:44:57

How about reframing this?

Shielded now to be given less protection.

There is no doubt that some of them will die - but, hey, it's only a statistic. Who cares?

Please, please look after yourself, even if nobody else will look after you.

growstuff Sat 30-May-20 23:46:57

I agree with you paddyone (for a change). This whole narrative about being a prisoner and being captive (cf Johnson) is absolute bollox.

CherryCezzy Sat 30-May-20 23:48:35

paddyanne, I only put it that way round because the new guidance is for England . All four countries have gone their own way. One example of this is the fact that new guidance in Wales applying to everyone is to only meet with one other household that live within a five miles radius. The other three countries of the UK have gone a different way to this.

merlotgran Sat 30-May-20 23:50:27

We self isolated at the beginning of March due to DH's health issues. Our focus has been on keeping him safe and well so I'll take 'shielded to be allowed out' with a pinch of salt.

Might be better decide for ourselves when it's safe to start meeting up with somebody from another household.

CherryCezzy Sat 30-May-20 23:58:08

So true about the fact that no-one is holding anyone prisoner. The letter was sent out to people as guidance to shield, the letter I received made it clear there was a choice to do so or not.

BlueSky Sun 31-May-20 00:09:15

I haven't seen the actual letter but Boris was quite adamant that "You must not go out even for exercise " when it was first broadcasted in March. I know that we don't live in a police state and therefore could not force you to stay in, but I understood it as clear and forceful instructions not to leave the house.

growstuff Sun 31-May-20 00:12:42

Who's Boris? Do you mean Johnson?

growstuff Sun 31-May-20 00:18:49

melotgran I'm in the fortunate situation of not having to go out to work, so I agree with you.

I shall stay totally isolated until the infection rate in my area starts to decrease and I feel relatively safe.

I only hope people start to see through the hype surrounding Cummings and the sham of a government we have - sooner rather than later.

growstuff Sun 31-May-20 00:20:10

Nobody is a "prisoner"! That's typical alt right propaganda.

Sussexborn Sun 31-May-20 00:39:17

There’s a lot more to be learned but we do know to be extra vigilant if you have serious health concerns, are frail in any way or in an age group that is more susceptible, so we need to think it through and decide what is best for us as individuals.

The number of deaths is plastered everywhere but finding out how many new cases and in where they are is not quite so obvious.

Sussexborn Sun 31-May-20 00:40:32

(in) where they are??

paddyanne Sun 31-May-20 00:47:42

try Coronavirus tracker ,it gives you numbers of cases and eaths by region and where they least the Scottish one does I would expect the other nations to hav ethe same information available

MayBee70 Sun 31-May-20 02:30:42

Are there shielded people who are still working?If so, does that mean they now have to go to work. And is any help regarding food deliveries etc no longer available? Are they suddenly not at risk any more? What a difference a day makes.

FarNorth Sun 31-May-20 03:51:43

I'm not in the shielded category but I'm not in a hurry to start meeting people, even at 2m distance.
I'll wait and see how the easing of lockdown (Scottish version) goes for younger, healthier people first.

FarNorth Sun 31-May-20 03:52:39

MayBee70 have you read the article in the link?

Nortsat Sun 31-May-20 07:59:47

I will be glad to go for a walk after shielding for 8-9 weeks.

My partner is very concerned, he has been self isolating to protect me. We will continue to be very cautious. But I am really looking forward to a walk.

NfkDumpling Sun 31-May-20 08:52:07

Just heard it this morning! We’re back in the fold! (It must have been that long email I sent to my MP last week wot did it!!)

It was a relief to hear that Shielders will still get home deliveries etc. It’s only being allowed out for exercise and meeting, mixing with the rest of the household and meeting just one other person outside the household. The rest stays the same.

We came out of hiding nearly two weeks ago, avoiding people. Last week we walked into town when we knew it would be very quiet. It was really strange, people queueing six foot apart and having to walk down the middle of the road to avoid them! It’s a different world out there now!