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The Lockdown Gang - on parole!

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Doodle Sun 31-May-20 14:37:15

Welcome to all on the shielded list and those not going out (much) .

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 14:39:43

Well we got to 1000 posts quicker than I expected. I thought we’d have another day or so. Good job I asked your opinions on another thread when I did. 😀
Your luxury rooms are waiting for you with the 5 star service, towels, drinks and nibbles as usual.
Welcome to our new home 😀

CherryCezzy Sun 31-May-20 14:52:10

Thought we might be on parole gov'nr Doodle 😉 It'll be a happy chapter for many and 🤞 that for the rest of us with a longer sentence it'll be a happy chapter soon 😄

Grammaretto Sun 31-May-20 15:47:27

Thanks Guv. Its good to be back here despite some have gone off AWOL.

I love your magnanimity Cheery
I am such a cross old stick.

I am happy today though. DD and DGD came for a picnic lunch in our garden. They have left now but it's good to know it's do-able.
DGD is so grown up and looking forward to starting school in August.

I will go and search for my tiara now for when we do "come out"

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 17:26:06

Yes cherry DH is happy to go for walks now as long as we don’t meet anyone. Apart from the walks we will continue as before without contact. Hoping for vaccine or some miraculously cure soon. 😊

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 17:31:52

grammaretto how lovely to see your DD and DGD. I have seen both my DGDs from afar when they have been round to drop off cake 😀. DH waves from the second floor window and I hang around at a distance till they’ve gone and then rush in and scoop up the cake and dash back upstairs. 😀
Hope everyone else finds us in our new home.
If panache doesn’t find her way by tonight I will go out with a flashlight to look for her and any late comers. Can’t have anyone absconding on my watch 😀

Mamissimo Sun 31-May-20 17:56:26

Happy Sunday 🙂.Doodle you spoil us! The pool and lifeguards was a lovely surprise! I hope those with plumbing difficulties won’t abuse it. Stay safe....etc.

I am feeling more normal today and have been making puff pastry for the freezer, and some marmite and cheese sausage rolls - if you’ve never dabbled in the dark arts do try one - marmite does something amazing to sausagemeat. They’re off limits with the gallstones for me but DH andDS demand them on a regular basis.

This afternoon I thought I felt a fly on my neck - waved my hand at it and found it was my hair! The mop’s running well and truly amok now. The hairdressers have rung to say they are opening in July with “full PPE and social distancing” - their words. I’m not sure I’m ready for someone washing my hair with rubber gloves on so I may continue wIth the experimental growth a little longer. I’m certainly not letting my DH do it!

I’m off to dress for dinner 🙂

dragonfly46 Sun 31-May-20 17:58:08

Hallo I found you all by chance.

I will have to make do with FaceTime for the time being as my little ones are 3 hours driving away. Not easy for the day.

I was relieved to hear my DGD at 5 is not going back to school on Monday as the school is not opening. The decision was taken out of their hands.

We go out for walks but we live adjacent to fields and never see a soul.

Grammaretto Sun 31-May-20 18:54:48

I am glad you found the new lockup Dragonfly. But sorry it won't be possible for you to see the DGC for a day.
We won't see our others as they are in England and NZ.
But DD has had to move house and is now a bit closer to us. 2 hours instead of 3. I don't know when we can visit her.

I am also glad your 5yr old doesn't start school just yet. It seems too soon.

Mamissimo I didn't find the pool. Where is it?
My legs are rather red.

Thanks for all the efforts you've been making doodle to make things comfortable but you may have to search for Dreamkeeper and Marydoll amongst others.

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 18:58:36

Welcome to our new home mamissimo and dragonfly

Well mamissimo I have just cut my own hair for the first time in about 30 years 😱 I used scissors and thinning scissors and even though I say so myself, it’s not bad. My hair flopping in my face all the time was driving me mad. Ooh I love marmite. On hot buttered toast. Yummy. You’re just teasing me now. Perhaps I ought to set you to work in the kitchen to make some nibbles for the gang. 😀
dragonfly I can understand you being relieved about your DHD. Mine are not going back to school either yet although they are much older. 3 hours away is a problem. Well it would be for me. The first thing I would need is the toilet and on the way too which rules us out of any long distance travel. At least you have FaceTime which is something although nothing like a real cuddle.😊
I’m sure marydoll will find us. I must go and stand on the turret to see if I can spot panache.

Perhaps not a good choice of word. Turret would imply castle and then lockdown would imply dungeon. Don’t think we want to go there. I will get the telescope out instead 😊
missedout will need to be found too. I better get searching. 😀

Missedout Sun 31-May-20 20:12:24

Hello all, I'm glad I found my fellow parolees.

I hope BradfordLass79 finds her way here. I want to thank her for her offer to research printers on my behalf. It's really kind of her. I'm truly grateful for all your suggestions.

We have a picture frame with space for 18 photos, but it is empty. It has been for some time and I understand my family have bets on when we will get round to populating it. There is apparently quite a large sum of money at stake (at least £1.70). But, although themed 'pink' photos may be fashionable, I would prefer to have more 'natural’ prints! I will think about your suggestions and 'plump' for another printer. One of my family is going to be richer soon.

I'm looking forward to some peaceful walks, that is, if I can find some. I live in a tourist hotspot and there are FB reports of crowds congregating yesterday and today.

I have mixed feelings about being allowed out tomorrow, it may start with a drive in the car. I see from the earlier thread that I'm not alone in this. It feels a bit sudden and a bit ... well almost reckless but for those trapped indoors finally allowed to meet someone else, I hope they are safe.

Go carefully.

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 20:21:00

I’m sure bradfordlass will find us missedout. She’s very good at researching things. I doubt she will be missing for long. Yes I thought the advice about the printer was good too.
As for going out. DH and I have decided to drive to a quiet spot not far away for a walk rather than walk there. To get to the place we have to cross a bridge and there is no room to avoid people coming the other way . We will proceed with caution. Hope you find somewhere nice for a walk.

Dreamkeeper Sun 31-May-20 21:01:26

Did you espy a rather sunburnt "gal" heading your way Guv?
Yes here I am all ready to join in and how very pleased to find this rather swish premises is going nowhere!!!!!
I would surely be like a bear with a very sore head had you shut up shop Doodle
Fear not,I would never abscond I have liked this special treatment far too much,I guess I am here to stay............if you will have me of course!

How brave you have been cutting your hair,how I envy you,and actually admire you.
Both of us are truly looking like orphans!!! I helped my man this morning by shampooing and drying his hair as he has taken to wetting it down and I thought I could "tame " it.........failing miserably!!
Whilst I have given up!
What a palaver,first they.....being the News Channels .....offer up hope for the shielded in England offerin g them a little gentle release from prison,whilst Lunch time bulletin added Wales to the list,I was drying dinner dishes at the time and almost dropped them in utter shock!!!!
Where on earth does these releases come from and by whom?
Especially since there is little REAL sign of the virus going away and there are still far too many deaths.Now after the madness, both on our beaches and protesting today,with no sign of restrictions........I fear another outbreak for sure.
Added to which the Government in their stupidity are adding such a list having yet more freedom as from tomorrow.
I despair.

I thought we were going very slowly with care and caution..........but to me sorry,but it reeks of madness.

At least it means hope for many,and by all means Grammeretto you seem to have enjoyed small morsels of new found freedom this day,a picnic sounds great fun and may I assume this garden surrounds your fab 200 year old house?

You too having high hopes of your hair being trimmed Mammissimo which does nothing to uplift myown hair saga,sadly losing my own hairdresser of some 20 years on this move.........but now I must get to someone whom can trim to my exacting standards,and that is a big ask!
Last I heard you were suffering from Gallstones,and as that very complaint has blighted my life for surely the past 6 years you have my every sympathy.I sincerely hope you have since found relief,but what is the more permanent suggestion because it is certainly a complaint you do not want blighting any more of your time.

Such a problem with these little ones going back to school Dragonfly but at least you have been spared that with your DGD......the whole arrangements seem rather un prepared.It just seems unsafe as yet to me.

Quite frankly Cherry I am more prepared to wait longer and just hope the situation will genuinely have calmed down re the virus itself,and better still if a vaccine is found.
I certainly will not add any further harm to my man whilst of course I too am also at risk.Parole will have to wait!!

Sorry that I missed out the closing chapters of the old postings Doodle but thanks for patiently waiting and looking out for me,your guess at finding me near the turret was a good one,there is just no place to hide in this establishment!!!!
Hopefully the full works will follow,double helpings if you please Guv, so I will toddle off feeling very tired. Sending you all a cheery wave,take care and above all stay safe.No overdosing on the cocktails!!

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 21:49:52

Ah panache glad you’ve made it here. I was about to come out and look for you. 😊 Y es I closed up the old premises with a quick tidy round and aim to offer all your usual services here too. Nightly drinks, the cocktail bar, clean sheets on the beds for tonight all tuned down ready for you all. Towels folded as requested. Hope our other inmates find us ok.
Sleep well all.

CherryCezzy Sun 31-May-20 22:53:35

I think these new premises are excellent Doodle, a altogether more open affair.

I'm quite surprised by the news Dreamkeeper, on Friday the message to us shielding was to keep doing so. The R rate hasn't changed so I guess it's more political. The First Minister said they are being guided by the science, that the virus only lasts seconds in direct sunlight, hence guidance for outdoor spaces but not indoor like supermarkets.
We are going to proceed with caution. The Gower can get quite busy in normal times so given more freedoms I'm sure some places will be far far too busy for us. We will stick with the idea of just going for a drive to the quieter areas of the coast and sit in the car. There are some pretty quiet places we know of that we may venture to for a short stroll but not the coast, that can wait.

Glad you enjoyed your al fresco lunch with your DD and DGD Grammaretto 🙂.

Heck, I was going to write a long post but as I type I am having sharp pains in my breast so sorry that I haven't responded the wat I would wish.

Sleep well everyone 💤

Marydoll Sun 31-May-20 23:03:15

A bit late to the party, but I've found you all.

Were you hiding from me? wink

Doodle Sun 31-May-20 23:20:05

Never Marydoll. I would have come out to look for you if necessary 😊. Can’t let Miss Doll spend a night out on the tiles. (She might catch sight of her class on their way to a night club 😱)
cherry sorry you’ve got a bad pain. Hope it’s over now.

Sleep well all.
bradfordlass hope you find us when you are up and about 😊

Dreamkeeper Sun 31-May-20 23:51:16

The drinks are very acceptable tonight and always better when I know they are stirred(and not shaken!) by our very own Guv Doodle

Looking forward to diving in between those fresh sheets too.

Sorry hearing about your pains Cherry could it possibly be a "stitch," they do tend to catch one out on odd occasions.
Love the Gower,so very similar to our Pembrokeshire coast and with almost three parts of this county covered by beaches of all kinds, we feel that should the weather return again after this break on wednesday,we may ........very slowly and with greatest caution.......take one at a time,choosing those of course, more off the beaten track.
Hopefully before the tourists are flooding back!!!!!

I did a whole huge blog on the `net,the first was depicting the whole of our Pembrokeshire coastal footpath,filling in manner of interesting details and pictures of all the places,then I did a similar one on your Gower.
They were so popular I ended up doing the Isle of Man and The Scilly Isles!
But as I know you will say "Home is always best".

Good to see that you found us Marydoll and Missedout ,we do tend to stand out from the crowd,after all Doodle ensures we go without absolutely nothing..

Nightie night cell mates all and no early paroles allowed.

Shall we light a candle and put it in the window to ensure we guide our Bradfordlass to the right place??

BradfordLass73 Mon 01-Jun-20 00:08:20

You know what they say about bad pennies? smile

I'd been watching the numbers creep up and knew we'd hit 1,000 pretty soon.

Yes, Missedout more than happy to research; just PM me with details if you want to go ahead.

Doodle I forget, do we have a hot tub? If not, may I request one, preferably under the stars? I find they relieve all my aches and pains, help me sleep and do wonders to calm the mind.

And as we have a turret, why not put in a helter-skelter too?

First day of winter here but still quite mild - and rainy.

I'm inspired by Mamissimo to make sausage rolls.
It'll have to be Vegemite though. It had never occurred to me to add a yeast extract. My Monday support lady is always on the lookout for the perfect sausage roll - maybe this will be it?!

Grammaretto Mon 01-Jun-20 08:43:24

Rise and shine!! (I think I may have been given myself a new role as prison officer screw)

Not a bad night for us though DH is not at all well. DD noticed that yesterday. Seeing someone on the wee screen is one thing but in the flesh so to speak...

I am still waiting for my parcel of summer clothe to arrive.
I have had about 12 emails from the courier saying it's with the local person and on its way. It's taking a B long time is all I can say. This is a small town and we live right in the centre. There is never any way of communicating either.
This is why I hate buying online.

Bradfordlass a hot tub under the stars reminds me of our NZ trip in 1997. We stayed in a chalet (motel) on the banks of lake Taupo and had our own hot spring pool . At night under the Southern Cross was heaven.

Marydoll Mon 01-Jun-20 08:47:23

Morning all, I have been up since 7am and have done nothing productive, but waste spend time on GN.
I hope your parcel comes, Grammaretto.

I have been waiting three weeks for RA gloves, which were posted in England. Is the postman walking all the way her with them? wink.

Grammaretto Mon 01-Jun-20 09:04:15

Marydoll I do hope your RA gloves come soon.
I have given up caring about my summer clothe (deliberately singular) as I believe the weather is due to revert to normal tomorrow. grin
I am just wistful for the days when the postie knew the way without satnav and there was someone to tell if a parcel went missing.
The odd thing is that I ordered 3 things from the same shop - Debenhams - at the same time and the other 2 came almost instantly, nae bother, but not this. I think it's a pair of pink trousers so perhaps there has been an executive decision not to deliver them? Pink sunburnt legs with short pink trousers is not a good look.

Doodle Mon 01-Jun-20 11:24:19

bradfordlass glad you made it. I knew you’d find us 😀
Well we appear to have a swimming pool so why not a hot tub too. Under the stars sounds nice. There will of course be full drinks service to the tub as well. As for the Helier smelter (that my friends is what auto correct does to helter skelter 😀) yes certainly building it from the turret is a good idea. In view of the fact that many of us are not in the first flush of youth it will be a special helter skelter with padded sides and soft downy cushions to slide down. And a nice gentle landing near to the cocktail bar at the bottom. 😊
Just the words Gower and Coast have raised a longing in me to see the sea again panache. Have you had any more thoughts about venturing out to the sea for a short trip?
grammaretto sorry your DH is not feeling too well. Hope he feels better soon. I bet you can’t wait for your delivery to arrive. Something nice to look forward to. I think you should be prison officer too. I’m not up early so would be nice to have someone checking all is well. 😊
marydoll postal delivery is a bit erratic at the moment but that’s an awfully long time to wait. For your gloves. Hope them come soon now.
cherry I hope you slept ok and that pain in your chest went away quickly.
Back later to check the temperature of the pool and I might have a soak in the hot tub tonight. I have never done that before and it sounds wonderful 😊

Doodle Mon 01-Jun-20 11:26:15

Please note Miss Marydoll I can spell and I did not put them gloves 😡

Doodle Mon 01-Jun-20 12:45:20

I have just been listening to the Morning Service at Canterbury Cathedral and the Dean read the poem by John Masefield I must go down to the sea again. It really captures the essence of the sea and waves. I was quite moved.
bradfordlass you have probably already seen the thread but in case you miss it, Rufus wants the link to your blog.
Back later 😀

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