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Should I holiday?

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Silverlady79 Mon 28-Sep-20 17:54:22

We are due to travel on Friday from a fairly safe area ...Wiltshire, Where we have been ultra responsible... to an area that is within 20 miles of what appears to be an unsafe area.

We are staying on the North Yorkshire moors in a fairly isolated place but I am worried. Should we go? We will be able to do anything without fear? We plan to do a little bit of horseriding and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, James Herriot museum ... and I think that is all out the question now. I really would appreciate some advice but I do know that it is our decision... it’s just a very hard decision. I think we stand to lose a lot of money if we don’t go but what the heck. There appears to be no insurance because of when we booked it. Thankyou for reading this!

Pantglas2 Mon 28-Sep-20 18:00:55

Only you know the health of those travelling and what steps you’ll take to keep safe at your destination, Silverlady.

On a personal level, we’re on our second week of quarantine following ten weeks in our little Casa in Spain where we took all the precautions before, during and now after.

janeainsworth Mon 28-Sep-20 18:09:33

Silverlady I would have thought an isolated place on the N York Moors was fairly low-risk.
It really depends how much interaction you’ll have to have with other people.
Will you be self catering or eating out?

We had 3 nights camping in the Lake District last week. I was surprised by how many people were there in Buttermere, but we had taken all our own food & didn’t go into any shops, cafes, pubs or restaurants.

I have to say the change of scene was very beneficial despite the rigours of camping.

Sparklefizz Mon 28-Sep-20 18:33:49

Silverlady Those places you want to visit may not even be open. Perhaps you need to phone them before making a firm decision.

BlueBelle Mon 28-Sep-20 18:45:59

I agree with sparkefizz I wouldn’t be frightened to go as it sounds quite remote and outdoor pursuits but is it going to be a good holiday with places closed and wandering around in the cold (if it is) in masks and feeling concerned Can you postpone it to next year is it worth asking the owner if they could run it over to 2021

varian Mon 28-Sep-20 18:50:21

It is the responsibility of all of us, especially those of our generation, to make our own considered judgments about the level of risk we are prepared to accept.i

Ellianne Mon 28-Sep-20 19:19:19

This is very much where you have to do your own homework Silverlady. Read carefully the policy of the hotel, guest house or cottage where you are staying. Look up the places of interest to ensure they are open. Many are stating you have to book in advance. Check restaurants out on TripAdvisor for reviews on safety and cleanliness. Pack your masks, hand sanitizer etc. Youve got three days to plan. Have a good time.

JenniferEccles Mon 28-Sep-20 22:22:54

I would most definitely go.
It sounds as if you won’t be in close proximity to a lot of people, and in any case, how long are we expected to put our lives on hold?

I was reading today that during the Hong Kong flu epidemic of 1968, 80,000 people died yet we all carried on as normal with no lockdown.

I am beginning to wonder now if the cure is worse than the disease.

BlueBelle Mon 28-Sep-20 23:00:31

jennifereccles I find it really strange I was actually living in HK at the time of the HK flu pandemic (it was a pandemic not epidemic) and don’t even have any memory of it at all
My only answer is no social media no tv or British radio when I was there
And yes I think the cure is worse and no one seems to realise the Severity of the mental health problems that will follow this

cornergran Mon 28-Sep-20 23:17:01

A quick google search tells me both attractions you hope to visit are open silverlady and requiring pre booked tickets. We were away for a few days last week, fairly close to but not in a lockdown area. I had similar doubts. We did our risk assessment and decided to go ahead. Tickets were pre-booked where needed for outside activities, we avoided crowded places and stayed outside as much as possible. It did us the world of good. I’m sorry but I don’t think any of us know whether it’s a good idea for you to go. Do your risk assessment and then decide. Good luck with the decision making, not easy for sure.

GardenerGran Mon 28-Sep-20 23:28:21

I live near to the areas where you will be staying and visiting, I’d recommend you come. The rates are pretty low around here and everything seems to be operating normally within the usual restrictions. I’d say do it whilst you have the chance, we don’t know when things may change. A Yorkshire welcome awaits you! (No I don’t work in tourism!)

mbody Tue 29-Sep-20 09:34:35

Just go and enjoy yourselves.

Roses Tue 29-Sep-20 09:44:25

I would definitely go.
I have had five holidays cancelled because of covid restrictions.
My last chance was four nights in a cottage in Angelsey next week but it looks as though it will be locked down after this weekend

I'm so fed up

Alygran Tue 29-Sep-20 09:45:16

Another Yorkshire gran here. I would say to come, the JH museum is open in Thirsk but you have to book. Looks like the railway is running too.
Everywhere is pretty quiet if you avoid the main tourist towns like Whitby. We are some distance from the lockdown areas.

Mary62 Tue 29-Sep-20 09:49:35

Hello everyone, this is my first post on gransnet but I really would like to add to the discussion. My hubby and I were scheduled to be on holiday in Lake District this week but we didn't feel relaxed about going. The owners of ghe cottage we were renting kindly agreed to postpone until next year. We live near North Yorks and have had several days out there recently.... I have been surprised to see how many people are out and about. We always avoid Whitby at busy times as the crowds become unmanageable. As far as I know N York Moors railway is open but offering a limited service and of course masks must be worn. Hope that helps in some way and if you don't travel for your hols enjoy some time out near to home.

Americanpie Tue 29-Sep-20 09:50:31

We are going to Barnard Castle on Friday. Yes, we discovered it before it became newsworthy. I am looking forward to it. We are self catering and will follow the guidelines. This will be our first holiday since we last visited in October, all the others were cancelled. I feel sorry for Roses I hope you can get away. The Welsh government do seem to take draconian measures.

Juneandarchie1 Tue 29-Sep-20 09:54:56

Go, but just be sensible about it, don’t go to crowded areas etc. Restaurants and cafes are generally very good at social distancing. Most museums etc require you to pre book to ensure social distancing too. Even better self cater if you can.
Enjoy yourself,but remain aware.

Oopsminty Tue 29-Sep-20 09:55:26

I'd definitely go.

Gma29 Tue 29-Sep-20 09:56:48

I would go, but obviously can’t judge whether you should. If everything you do is pre-booked, I would think the venue has considered ‘safe’ numbers etc. and shouldn’t be crowded.

I would also eat in restaurants where you had to book a table, for the same reason. I’d avoid town centres, but do that at home at the moment, and you say you’re going to a fairly out of the way spot anyway.

fiorentina51 Tue 29-Sep-20 09:57:52

We went away for a few days last week. We stayed in an isolated cottage about 25 miles from Chester. We prebooked a visit to Beeston Castle and spent several hours enjoying the glorious weather, views and walking in 40 acres of woodland. The only "eating out" we did was coffee and a bag of crisps in the cafe on site at Beeston. Plenty of other folk about but we all observed social distancing and wore masks when in the shop. We took our own hand gel but there were plenty of sanitising stations around the site and a one way system was in place when touring the castle and grounds. Did us a power of good to get away. 😊

Aepgirl Tue 29-Sep-20 09:59:27

I think the fact that you have asked if you should go means that you have doubts. Follow your instinct.

I certainly wouldn’t stay anywhere but my own home at the moment.

polnan Tue 29-Sep-20 10:08:05

hmm? I think these lockups are too wide spreading,, I am guessing, cos what do I know! that the areas that should , perhaps!! be locked up, are the towns, where people are in close proximity.. and yes, I agree

the cure is worse than the disease.

newnanny Tue 29-Sep-20 10:08:45

I would not go. Will they let you defer your booking? I would not be risking going on railway or any public transport. I would not risk museum either. It seems there are long term after effects of getting Covid to that hang around for up to a year as get people had it. I am being ultra cautious, shopping on line. My dh is immunosuppressed and we are both asthmatics so taking no chances. In my view no holiday is worth the risk. I have 7 bedroomed holiday home in France and spend 6 weeks there every summer with various family members coming to stay for a week or 2 each but not this year.

Kartush Tue 29-Sep-20 10:10:58

I truly do not understand this need for holidays in these uncertain times, it seems to me that everyone is aware of the risk but chooses to overlook it because they get to sleep in a different bed. Its like a form of Russian roulette, and for what? A change of scenery?

grandtanteJE65 Tue 29-Sep-20 10:12:05

What is wrong with you people? Why ask a question that you very well know should be answered with a ringing NO.

Unless we all take this pandemic seriously and do not travel anywhere at all until it is over, it will go on spreading.

Stay at home. You can do things you don't usually do at home to feel that you are having a break, but don't travel and don't go anywhere were there are crowds.