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Steam coming out of my ears!

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Gransooz Tue 01-Dec-20 15:20:48

This is the first time I have posted although I have watched from the sidelines for a while now. I just needed to let off some steam. I presently live in a level 2 area in Scotland and DH and I have friends living in an adjacent level 3 area, so we cannot meet just now. While both were in level 3, we met for coffee which was lovely, but it’s nice for us to have moved to a better level.
This couple have come to my town for various things though. Last week she accompanied her DH to a barbers in our town. Apparently according to her, this was an “essential”. There are plenty of barbers where they live that are open in Scotland’s level 3.
Now they are coming for tyres for their car and for a chiropodist too. Both of which they could find easily in their area. They had made appointments before the change but I still feel they are wrong in doing what they are doing.
I’m biting my tongue - I do tend to speak before I engage my brain sometimes - but am finding it difficult to continue to do so! They are a lovely couple and I don’t want to hurt them but if everyone just nipped into the next level, it would just defeat the purpose of having levels.
I would love to nip into their level as they have much better shopping but I’ll stay in my own level and hope things improve there to allow me to go.
Why must some people break rules. They did it in the first wave when we were in lockdown too.
They have both had the virus now - twice! Once during the first wave and once just a few weeks ago. The first time, no tests were really being done, and the second time they were tested and both confirmed positive. He is in his 70s and she is in her late 60s. Neither of them are in the best of health.
Sorry if I’ve gone on too much but oh, I feel like shouting at her.

Doodledog Tue 01-Dec-20 15:29:25

This is the trouble with tiers and levels, though.

If you felt safe to meet your friend before, why does it matter now that you are in a 'better' level than she is? She is no more or less likely to have the virus than before her area was designated as 'worse' than yours.

I'm guessing she lives nearby, and not a long way off? If they had made appointments with the garage and chiropodist before, then they must find it more convenient to go to those ones, or have another reason for doing so. An arbitrary line drawn around an area won't take account of things like that, and there are times when travelling for a particular service within one's own 'zone' will take longer and be further than to travel across the 'border' to another one.

Parsley3 Tue 01-Dec-20 15:33:04

I am not surprised that they have both had the virus if they are so cavalier about following guidance. They should not be travelling across tiers and the best you can do is to stay well away from them.

Gransooz Tue 01-Dec-20 16:19:32

Doodledog, they actually live a 20 - 25 minute drive away from here but they like our town. When we have met we have driven and met halfway which I won’t do now as that’d take me into their tier. I have heard that £60 fines have been given to “trespassers” so that is another reason not to. I know we have met them but I know that they have also met with quite a few others. There is a reason why their area has remained in a higher tier. Our figures have reduced and theirs haven’t!

Gransooz Tue 01-Dec-20 16:26:01

Parsley3, I will not be going anywhere near them until I feel it is safe!

Doodledog Tue 01-Dec-20 19:18:51

I think that's all you can do. I haven't been anywhere since March, and will continue to stay indoors until I feel it is safe.

As far as your friends are concerned, I can understand why some people feel that the rules are pointless, as in Scotland people in their level can travel to other levels for essential shopping, work, eduction, visiting family, caring responsibilities healthcare and outdoor exercise. Chiropody will presumably come under healthcare, and if their car is in need of repair, a garage visit could be argued to be essential if they want continuity or if the car is still under guarantee.

You may not have meant it this way, but it comes over as though you are feeling quite smug about being in a 'better' area, and want to feel the benefits of this, which you can only do if others are denied the chance to do the things that those in your level are allowed (exclusions notwithstanding).

Gransooz Tue 01-Dec-20 20:51:39

Oh not at all Doodledog. In fact when I heard, I actually wished that we were still in level 3 so that I could go there to shop. Not smug at all. I do worry that people just don’t do what they’re told! There are many many more chiropodists/tyre centres in their level 3 than in our smaller council area. Yes maybe they prefer coming over but there are lots of places that I’d like to go just now but won’t, because I desperately want to see the end of this virus. We all need to play our part.

SueDonim Tue 01-Dec-20 21:02:36

You can’t do anything about how other people behave, unless you report them to the authorities, you can only control your own behaviour. I wouldn’t waste any time on thinking about them, tbh.

Tangerine Tue 01-Dec-20 21:43:38

I can see why you're displeased but I really would avoid falling out with them. One day Covid will be gone and you will wish to still be friends with them perhaps.

Jayt Tue 01-Dec-20 22:47:40

They are lucky to be alive having had COVID and considering their ages. Our tiers in Scotland are clearly defined and your friends should be obeying the restrictions for everyone’s sake. Shame on them. That’s exactly what the advert is about - if everyone bends the rules to suit themselves, it will take much longer to control the virus especially now when we are in winter and the hospitals are pressed for space. It’s a worrying trend and Christmas will aggravate the situation further. If disapproving of lawbreakers is being smug, then I’m smug as well.

Doodledog Tue 01-Dec-20 22:52:06

If disapproving of lawbreakers is being smug, then I’m smug as well.

That's really not what I said or implied, but never mind.

pensionpat Tue 01-Dec-20 23:26:42

My understanding is that in England, while being advised not to travel into another tier is not advisable, it is not illegal. Am I mistaken?

FarNorth Wed 02-Dec-20 02:52:27

I expect that, if they've recovered from the virus, they believe it's not so bad and they don't need to worry.
Very foolish, imo.

To those saying Don't think about it - it's depressing to find that someone you liked is taking foolish risks that could also harm others.

Gransooz Wed 02-Dec-20 10:50:20

FarNorth, you’re right it is depressing, upsetting and annoying, and I kind of wish she hadn’t told me what they were doing. They are decent folk but I suppose they are not the sharpest pencils in the box. I wouldn’t report them though, but having had the virus twice, you would think they would realise how dangerous it is, but they seem to look for loopholes that they think will allow them more than they should have. She meets their daughter for coffee (daughter is tier 2) last week daughter went to tier 3 for food shopping (essential - because tier 2 doesn’t have any supermarkets do they?! Yes we do, plenty!) This week, their daughter had to go to tier 3 for repeat prescription (which is entirely possible, but a bit suspect) and so they met once again for coffee. They will probably be fine, but I still think it’s so wrong. Must be the way I was brought up, to not break the law.