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The Roadmap is Official now

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BigBertha1 Mon 22-Feb-21 16:29:01

We have just watched the PM in Parliament presenting the roadmap to the house. I thought he was clear and succinct, no bumbling. I have digested all the points yet but I'm juts glad its now published and we can all get on with hopefully a path to some freedoms.

M0nica Mon 22-Feb-21 17:14:44

I am afraid that I will only believe it as each date arrives and things happen as announced with no delays, back tracking and no change in the downward direction of COVID cases continutes.

Over the last year we have had so many false dawns. I will continue to assume that the light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming train.

Jaxjacky Mon 22-Feb-21 17:39:54

Each step is dependent on the figures continuing down with 5 or so weeks between each one.

Urmstongran Mon 22-Feb-21 17:45:11

I like the fact that each bit of the unlock is dependent upon steady results from what has gone beforehand. Sensible. Let’s hope no more lockdowns.

Liz46 Mon 22-Feb-21 17:55:30

I occasionally have a look at mumsnet and was shocked earlier by how many mums had no intention of obeying the rules.

If they cause the virus to spread, Boris will get the blame!

Rosie51 Mon 22-Feb-21 17:58:38

I like that it mentions "earliest dates" for each easing that can only be enacted if everything else is still going to plan. Inevitably some media are already translating that to will happen on this date sigh. On first reading it appears a measured, sensible plan.

suziewoozie Mon 22-Feb-21 18:29:49


Each step is dependent on the figures continuing down with 5 or so weeks between each one.

Well I’m having trouble counting - schools open to all on 8th and next date for changes is 29th - er um?

growstuff Mon 22-Feb-21 18:54:41

I hope the government is keeping an eye on the incidence rates, which are already creeping up and the R rate is above 1 in some areas. On average, they're stable but haven't gone down over the last few days. SAGE has told the government that opening schools will push the average R rate above 1.

MayBee70 Mon 22-Feb-21 18:59:05

Why are holidays going to be allowed halfway through the school easter holiday? I'd carried over a holiday I'd booked for last year for my son and his family but he won't be allowed to go there. Not sure where we stand now.

BlueSky Tue 23-Feb-21 11:41:40

Anybody nervous about a return to normality? Mixed feelings here at the moment, especially about closed spaces like cinemas, theatres, restaurants etc

growstuff Tue 23-Feb-21 11:46:13

Not in the slightest bit nervous. I've got my clothes all sorted for the big return to normality.

Blondiescot Tue 23-Feb-21 11:48:29

Only for England!

Shinamae Tue 23-Feb-21 11:49:27

Me too !!

BlueSky Tue 23-Feb-21 12:09:12

Growstuff grin
Did you order them on line? wink

MayBee70 Tue 23-Feb-21 13:02:38

I don’t think I’ll be going to any enclosed spaces for a very long time. And I’ll be wearing a mask if and when I do.

maryrose54 Tue 23-Feb-21 13:17:44

Feeling nervous about going back to "normal". Actually felt really anxious as I read the steps that Boris set out, although they sound perfectly reasonable and there is the caveat that figures still need to be positive before each new step begins.I know I've had my first jab but still worry. Basically I don't trust other people to be sensible at each step.

MayBee70 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:15:06

I think that, no matter what the guidelines are people will immediately start dropping their guard and younger people will use schools reopening as a reason to mix socially with their friends as they won’t understand why they can mix at school but not at home.

MayBee70 Tue 23-Feb-21 18:16:16

I also think that the government know this will happen which is why they’ve increased the categories for people needing to shield.

BlueSky Wed 24-Feb-21 09:43:07

I find it odd that set dates were given for each stage. I was expecting more general guidelines as to the time of reopening of various venues and in stages. I guess people need to know to plan ahead and of course each stage is subject to the four tests. But again it’s me being over cautious (my middle name).

MayBee70 Wed 24-Feb-21 18:34:34

I had a cottage booked for my son to stay in last Easter so we could all meet up as a family. Of course it had to be transferred to this year and I've been able to change the date to 12 April. DIL works for the NHS so will have to book a different weeks holiday but it should be ok. Having not seen my grandchildren for nearly a year I'm hoping beyond hope that nothing will prevent it from happening. We will obviously only meet up outside but it's given me something to aim for. I just hope that everyone does everything possible to keep the rate of infection down.

M0nica Wed 24-Feb-21 20:35:10

BlueSky the 'set dates' are targets that will get dropped if things do not go to plan. Just like all the other false dawns we have been offered