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Doodle Sun 12-Feb-23 20:38:09

Hello all. The last thread finished abruptly.
Hope everyone finds the new one. I’ll send up flares.
All are welcome to join in

Grammaretto Sun 12-Feb-23 22:12:36

I found you grin
Thanks for starting a new thread Doodle

I have just watched a news report from NZ. It looks worrying. I hope you are ok over there.
The shelves are bare in the supermarkets by the looks of it.

The horror scene after the earthquake in Turkey and Syria looks beyond belief. What can we do? It is such a tragedy. I suppose we should send what we can afford to the relief effort and pray? sad

I was out at a lovely escapist film tonight. Mrs Harris goes to Paris . Proper feel good movie. A packed hall. .

I have the dentist very early tomorrow. I still have no front teeth! Then df is coming to help me deal with the lawyer.

Jeeves has just bought me vanilla rooibos. I'm sure if you ask him nicely he'll bring you some too or whatever you like .
Good night dear friends. I hope you sleep well.

Doodle Sun 12-Feb-23 22:54:53

Glad you found us Grammaretto I didn’t realise we were so close to the end of the previous thread.
I agree the news is horrifying. Still people being rescued from the rubble. It’s hard to comprehend a disaster on such a scale.
In circumstances like this we usually give to DEC.
I’ve seen that film advertised. Did you enjoy it?
I hope you get your front teeth sorted soon. What was that song, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Hope you don’t have to wait till next Christmas.
Jeeves is splashing out. I’ve never heard of such a thing.
Worth a try though ……….Jeeves, where are you?

CherryCezzy Sun 12-Feb-23 23:02:16

I have found you too 😁

I read the posts from Kaimoana and Boudicea and it sounds like Gabrielle is vicious. I hope both of you are safe! Doesn't sound good where your DS & family have gone to for the wedding Grammaretto, I hope they're alright too.

It sounds like you and your DH had a lovely, and very large (and why not), meal out with DS1 Doodle I'm glad you enjoyed it. The cramps he's having at night sound horrible though. It's early days with the new tablets so it's possible they'll settle down and disappear, it's not uncommon, but very unfair, to have side effects in the beginning with new medication. You will speak to his Dr won't you. He has physio coming up too doesn't he? I hope he'll be alright to do it but the physio might postpone it if necessary I suppose. I hope you're both managing to get some sleep 🤞

I'm pleased that you enjoyed the film you went to see tonight Grammaretto 😊. It sounds infinitely better than some you've seen recently! Good luck at the dentist tomorrow. Will you be getting your new teeth?

I've had a quiet day today after having seizures in the night. I tried to settle back into doing some of my non art but wasn't enjoying it so I watched the footie instead cheering when teams who are in and around us in the league lost 😉. I should be fine tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

I'll have one of your special hot chocolates before I go to bed Jeeves. Night night lovely gangStars x

Mamissimo Mon 13-Feb-23 00:09:33

Ha! You don't escape that easily! ......Mr M however says it's bedtime and I try to do as --I'm told--requested! Hope all in NZ are tied down safely!

Grammaretto Mon 13-Feb-23 19:46:55

How's everyone today?
I've heard nothing from clan NZ so hoping no news is good news.
Are you ok Kaimoana and BJ and your families? Have you had power cuts?

I hope the poorly ones are doing ok.

I watched the expert in action. Df called the lawyer with a list of questions. It was amazing to observe. Unfortunately noone was willing to answer there and then so I had a call back when on my own. I thought I understood didn't understand a word that it isn't urgent but I must keep looking out for those deeds. .

Still waiting for my new teeth . It would have been faster to make clay ones. The Dentist took more impressions and I tried the new plate but wasn't allowed to keep it. It must be sent to Manchester for adjustments.
A shame because I won't have it in time for the next 2 social events.

I dared to open a bottle of wine tonight. I say dared because I thought I'd bought fizzy wine by mistake. It's called frascati. Sounds fizzy but happily isn't. Hic grin

Cheers everyone!

Doodle Mon 13-Feb-23 20:01:07

Ah Cherry I knew you and your tigger tail would find us. I left a trail of football stickers to guide you here.
Today was physio day and despite our misgivings it went well. They are very gentle exercises for balance and DH wasn’t the worst. He isn’t taking anymore of his new asthma tablets until I’ve spoken to the asthma nurse. It’s hard to explain but his RLS is extremely severe. It affects him every day and despite the meds it kicks j about 9 pm. Before the asthma tablet he was managing to sleep most of the night quite well. Last night was horrendous. He was suffering so much. It sounds so silly but he cannot sit, lay or stand without this dreadful irritation in his legs and body. He was almost asleep on his feet but still couldn’t rest. What an odd pair we must have looked staggering round our lounge, me holding his hand to stop him falling and both of us half asleep. Hope tonight is better.
Sorry there’s me rabbiting 🐇 on and you had a bad night too.
I hope you sleep better tonight too. What sort of non craft are you doing (or not) at the moment?
Mamissimo glad you made it. Hope all is well for your family.
Grammaretto I hope your NZ family are ok too.
Glad your Df is onboard and trying to help. Well you have been looking for the deeds is that the best they can do?
Sorry you still don’t have your teeth. Not heard of frascati Hope you enjoy it.
I’ve been naughty and just had a raspberry Magnum. I love them but they are not hugely popular so they don’t often have them in Waitrose…….but today they did. 😊😋
Kaimoana we are concerned about you all in NZ how are you faring? You

Jan16 Mon 13-Feb-23 20:18:00

And I’ve found you - eventually! Yes the news and pictures from Turkey and Syria are tragic. Where on earth would anyone start to try and rebuild? Feel so sorry for all those people who have lost everything including their families.
Hope all is well in NZ. All sounds very scary.
Doodle your poor husband- he must get so despondent with so many health problems and you must be frantic trying to help him.
Short message from me today. Feeling fed up and very grumpy! Might take to the wine! Stay safe everyone

Doodle Mon 13-Feb-23 22:07:01

Jan nice to hear from you. Hope you are improving though I imagine you feel it’s taking a long time.
Yes the news for NZ is quite worrying. I hope our gangstars are well protected. The waves on the beaches seems very strong though some seemed to be out enjoying surfing. A bit dangerous in the circumstances I would have thought.
DH is plodding on. He was pleased he managed the physio today. We often take to wine too. Cheers 🍷

CherryCezzy Mon 13-Feb-23 23:01:11

Doodle rabbit on as much as you need. We are friends here. Your DH's RLS sounds horrible at the best of times and that's very difficult for you both, but what's going on now is intolerable! I think you're right, he can't keep taking these new tablets with this insufferable side effect. I hope you manage to speak to the asthma nurse and tell her asap. I'm hoping that now he's not taking them that you both get some well needed sleep. I'm sending you a warm, gentle cwtch x
Oh, and please don't worry about me, I did say I'd be fine today and I was. Not only that, I saw my GP today about increasing the dose of one of my meds (recommended at A&E) so that's been done now and the request for an appointment with my neurologist had been made, it won't happen for a couple of months but at least it will happen 🙂
Thanks for the trail of stickers, all my favourite players too 😉

Your friend not only sounds organised Grammaretto, she sounds forensic. Very frustrating that noone was willing to answer there and then! The cynic in me thinks the lawyer wants more £s before even indicating what your next step could even be 😠. Do you know any college researchers who might be able to advise?

Sorry to hear that you're feeling fed up Jan 💐

What's on the drinks trolley tonight Jeeves...

CherryCezzy Mon 13-Feb-23 23:02:34

I hope you are alright Kaimoana, you too Boudicea.

Kaimoana2 Tue 14-Feb-23 01:05:54

What an odd pair we must have looked staggering round our lounge, me holding his hand to stop him falling and both of us half asleep

Not odd at all, only devoted. It brought tears to my eyes and I wish the PTB could do more to help.

You too Cherry - wild weather comes and goes but such health problems as yours, Doodle’s DH, *Jan, Nfk and others, are a daily cyclone. I'm extremely sad about that.

Grammaretto would an estate agent know where a copy Deed could be obtained? After all, were you selling, it would have to be found.

No doubt news coverage will give you the whole, disastrous picture here.

A National State of Emergency has been declared. All events cancelled (even health appointments unless emergency) Stay at home, do not use the roads or cross safety barriers.

I escaped flooding by mere inches and the rain has actually stopped for the moment but wild, shrieking winds continue to shake the house, bowl cars down roads and generally frighten the living daylights out of everyone.

I feel sorry for the animals and birds.

Just as we were fighting to feel normal again after Covid, these severe weather incidents pounded us.

There is a huge demand for counselling as you may imagine.

I keep thinking of people in war zones and Turkey and those battling similar weather in Trinidad & Tobago (including my dear friend Flo). If they can survive, we will too.

I hope.

Kaimoana2 Tue 14-Feb-23 03:53:56

It's my DS2's birthday today. So appropriate to be born on Valentine's Day, he's a very loving person.

Kaimoana2 Tue 14-Feb-23 04:24:31

From these pictures, you will see that as the Cyclone progressed, we were not the only area hard hit.

Jan16 Tue 14-Feb-23 09:47:03

Have just seen the news coverage of the NZ floods and cyclone damage. Thinking of our friends over there and hoping that you and your families are safe.

ixion Tue 14-Feb-23 10:25:48

Echoing Jan16's post.
Is BJ as vulnerable too, Kaimona? (Not sure whence she hails).

Grammaretto Tue 14-Feb-23 11:45:59

I am glad you have survived the storms Kaimoana those pictures look horrendous.
My family managed to get home unscathed though even the weather in Wellington is bad.

Poor Dude, Doodle. I can only imagine how awful it is for him (and you)
I hope someone can help soon.

I suffer from RLS on long journeys especially when I'm tired. I used to go to London on the overnight bus but couldn't sleep and then the dreadful RLS would start and I'd be wriggling and trying to move my legs without disturbing the person sleeping next to me. Airplanes are as bad although you can walk about if you're not squashed in the window.

DMiL is still not back in the flat but at least they are now able to get the house ready for sale. The painter (my lovely friend who did my loft insulation) is painting for her today. Giving the house kerb appeal

I am going to stay with my DSis this coming weekend so can't be chauffeur but someone will help and I shall bring her to the community lunch tomorrow.

Just the yarn group exhibition to fret about now.
It's a lovely day. I'll go for a walk.

Kaimoana2 Tue 14-Feb-23 21:07:48

It's reasonably quiet in Auckland today.
The Big Clean Up begins with hopes and prayer that no more weather disasters hit us.

I live in Waitakere, West Auckland.
BJ lives further up in Northland.
Grammaretto's family live at the southern tip, Wellington.

I haven't compared but when a cyclone that size hits, no one escapes.

Doodle Tue 14-Feb-23 22:45:49

Cherry I hope you don’t have to wait too long for a neurology appointment. DH is emailing his tonight. I don’t know if we’ll get a reply or not.
Hope the increase in your meds is helpful.
Kaimoana we have been worried about you and Boadicea
Seen pictures of the storms.
Glad you haven’t been flooded but must be awful for those who are. I hope you have everything you need indoors and don’t need to venture out for anything. The wind sounds horrendous. Hope your son has a happy birthday. I doubt you’ll be seeing him with the weather as it is. I expect a certain Miss Gubbins will have a big cuddle for her dad on his special day.
Hope the worst is over now and the clean up can begin.
Grammaretto glad your family are safe. You must have been worried about them.
Yes RLS isn’t a nice thing to suffer from. Apparently they class it as severe if people suffer from it twice a week. Can’t think how they’d describe DH case. He suffers from it every day and it’s starting earlier in the day too.
I hope your DMIL gets a quick buyer for her home.
Be nice to see your sister at the weekend.
I had a little giggle about what sort of exhibition your yarn group might make.
I have visions of a group of women sitting round a table chatting to each other nineteen to the dozen 🤣

Grammaretto Tue 14-Feb-23 23:14:32

I'd love to put that picture in the yarn exhibition Doodle How can I copy it?
It would be perfect grin

DH's RLS sounds really bad . I am so sorry for him.

Happy birthday to your DS Kaimoana
Was he a Valentine's Day baby? I can't remember.

I actually had a letter from the lawyer today Cherry I shall show it to my Forensic friend.
It feels like a small victory.

I am loth to go up to bed . I lit the 🔥 and I don't want to leave it
Maybe have a chocolate drink if Jeeves is willing

Doodle Wed 15-Feb-23 00:20:47

I picked the picture up from Google. Did a search for cartoon knitting group clip art library. I’ll try and add a link.
I’d be reluctant to leave a nice fire too 😊

BoadiceaJones Wed 15-Feb-23 06:46:44

And DS2 just texted they just had 6.0 earthquake...

Kaimoana2 Wed 15-Feb-23 08:02:45

Yes, Grammaretto he was a Valentine's Day baby by choice - and by inclination; he's the most loving person I know. I don't go into labour spontaneously so was induced.

Good news about the letter smile

Despite the weather, I've had several bright moments.
A Skype call with my friend Deepthi, now in Blenheim but who was with me when she first got the news she'd been given a work visa and a job. What joy - we danced and hugged and laughed and cried.
She's now a senior social worker with two beautiful girls and a kind husband.

Then Ruth, the Chaplain from SA who was so kind popped in to make sure I had all I needed.
I do.

And Ray across the road did the same, bless him.

Artoa came and hung out all my laundry - it dried before 4pm as the sun and cicadas were both out in force.
She gave me a photo of our morning tea a few weeks ago in a cafe where the eclairs looked delicious but were actually rock hard. hmm

On a sad note, Phil's house is up for sale.
I'm still not used to his not being here.

CherryCezzy Wed 15-Feb-23 21:11:54

Gosh that was close Kaimoana, I'm so glad the flooding missed you! I saw some footage of Gabrielle on the news battering the coast near Auckland, the waves hitting and spraying water over the sea wall, horrendous - as are the scenes captured in those photos. Good to see the images of preparation to 'batten down the hatches' though and I hope that served to limit the impact where it could.
It was good of the chaplain and of your neighbour to check on you and I'm pleased you've been able to catch up with your friend.
Sending belated birthday wishes to your DS2.

Surprisingly, no not too long to wait for my appointment with my neurologist Doodle. I received a letter this morning giving me a virtual appointment, which is actually over the phone, on 4th April.
Oh, I was wondering whether you seen the thread on RLS about a herbal/natural remedy? Would it be something your DH might try?

I think I've proved beyond a doubt that I'm a cynic Grammaretto, I'm glad the lawyer has written to you. It feels like a small victory, whatever it says I think it is one!

Doodle Wed 15-Feb-23 21:24:42

Boadicea i Hope your family are ok and the earthquake didn’t cause too much damage. So much flooding everywhere. Hope you’re ok.
Kaimoana that’s a lovely photo. You both look so happy.
Glad Ruth and Ray are checking up in you to make sure you’re ok. Nice to have good neighbours. Has Ray been there long?
If that’s a photo of Phil’s house it looks really lovely.
I think your son looks very much like you and Gubbins. Sweet photo.
Cherry is a virtual appointment like Face time as opposed to a phone call. Not come across one of those before. If it saves a long wait then that is good. Thank you for pointing the thread about RLS out to me. Yes i saw it last night. It does look interesting but as DH is already in very strong meds for RLS I’m not sure if it would help. Also because he has blood cancer we have to be careful what he takes. We know for example, that magnesium or iron are often recommended for RLS but DH isn’t allowed to take either as it might effect his blood.
Thank you for thinking of us though. It sounds as though the treatment helps others,
I hope you and Ixion are having regular PomPom practise. We don’t want you letting the side down when it comes to a big win for our team. 😊