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Spottedscarf1976 Wed 21-Jun-23 08:52:25

Hello, I am new to Gransnet.
Over the last few months I have made a real effort to get out and try new things in order to meet new people to help address loneliness. I am now involved in some women's groups, book clubs, a writing group, fitness and crafts. I am feeling much better but now I want to do some other things. I would love to start going to concerts and away on my own (in the UK to start with). The one thing I used to love when I was part of a couple was live music - folk in particular but also jazz, blues and classical. Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated - I live in the North.

Saxifrage Wed 21-Jun-23 09:01:39

Have you thought of learning a musical instrument? When my teenage daughter gave up playing her saxaphone I decided to learn, had some lessons but very quickly decided to join a band to keep me at it. Am still in a couple of bands 30 years later. Play classical and jazz , lovely way to meet nice people and enjoy music. Most areas have a lot of amateur groups.

BigBertha1 Wed 21-Jun-23 10:05:19

Oh I wish I had known that we have just had a 3 day Folk and Boat festival here in East Cheshire- they have one every year. I think there are others around the countryside connected to the canal system. Apart from that pubs seem to be the best place to go for live music of all kinds have you thought of inviting someone from one of your other groups to go along with you?

Spottedscarf1976 Wed 21-Jun-23 10:05:51

Thank you @Saxifrage - I can play the piano but its quite solitary. Starting a new instrument sounds a good idea. The saxophone fits in with the type of music I enjoy, how long had you been learning when you felt confident enough to join a band?

M0nica Wed 21-Jun-23 10:17:49

Many classical orchestras and other cultural activities have 'Friends' groups, you could join these and they usually have social activities.

There is certainly nothing to stop you buying tickets and going along to events. When I was young and single I had a season ticket to the Proms one year, even though I went on my own, once I was in the arena or gallery at the Royal Albert Hall, all of us prommers used to chat to each other.

Siope Wed 21-Jun-23 10:22:30

The north (presumably meaning the north of England) is quite a big area.

Swaledale Festival (finished this year) is always great, and has opportunities to get more involved through volunteering

Sage Gateshead has lots of learning and music making opportunities, as well as their shows

There are Rock Choirs everywhere, I have friends who go and love it

boheminan Wed 21-Jun-23 10:31:48

Have you looked out for music 'sessions' locally? These are generally 'folk' musicians, meeting in a pub on a regular basis. They usually involve singalong choruses to songs most people know and musicians/singers are welcome to join in (a good way of meeting folk and making friends). I live in the South of the country and go to a few sessions a month, there's bound to be something where you live.

JackyB Wed 21-Jun-23 13:26:03

I was going to suggest what bohemian said - look out for local gigs in smaller venues. They are cheaper and some non-professionnel groups are really good.

Spottedscarf1976 Wed 21-Jun-23 19:20:00

Thank you all for your ideas, all which are fab and I will look at. Yes, @Siope I meant anywhere in England north of Preston really. I would travel anywhere in that area for something that took my fancy, would have a night away as I am aiming to do that on my own too. I love live music in pubs but it’s a case of getting to know about them

Siope Wed 21-Jun-23 20:45:33

In that case, I can offer some more:

Hebden Bridge Trades Club is great, and the Calder Valley is lovely for a visit

Kendal Calling

Barlick Music and Arts Centre

Spottedscarf1976 Wed 21-Jun-23 21:35:25

@Siope thank you they sound lovely. I often visit near Kendal, had seen something about Kendal Calling by following something else on Instagram

Spottedscarf1976 Wed 21-Jun-23 21:40:23

@Siope Thankyou, Barnoldswick and the Trades Club look just my cup of tea

Siope Wed 21-Jun-23 21:47:16

You’re welcome.

Nannarose Wed 21-Jun-23 22:05:48

If you like folk music, the ideas above are great. Also try googling things like folk festivals (many are small & quite accessible). Also look up a few favourite artists, see if they have gigs near you - I find you only have to sign up or go to one or two things and you'll start finding other stuff. Folk artists tend to be relatively cheap and play small venues.
One of our favourite small venues (I know others do this|) has a 'volunteer steward' programme. So you get a few freebies, but also get to mix with like-minded people, see publicity from other venues - and you're on your way!
We only ever go to small gigs at local venues, much better value than big events.

Spottedscarf1976 Fri 23-Jun-23 09:11:00

Thank you Nannarose, that sounds good and small gigs feel better to go to alone

MayBee70 Tue 05-Mar-24 15:12:22

I missed this thread first time round. Berwick has a music festival: I think it’s in the autumn. Fairport Convention were playing there at The Maltings last year and we saw Feast of Fiddles there a few years ago. Can I recommend a podcast called Folk on Foot. There was an interview with Sandra Kerr and Nancy at their home in Warkworth recently and The Unthanks do folk workshops near to Seahouses.