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Weigh in 11th July

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glassortwo Mon 11-Jul-11 06:24:38

Hope you all do well, I wont get weighed until Tuesday as my Daughter graduates this afternoon.

Good luck everyone!!!!!!

helshea Mon 11-Jul-11 07:13:32

If I were you I would get weighed this morning before the celebrations, will put the pressure off for tomorrow. Have a great day

Annobel Mon 11-Jul-11 07:32:28

Stayed the same this week. I hope it isn't the six weeks of steroids catching up with me at last. So far, I've managed to give the lie to the inevitability of weight gain. More likely the cheesecake on Friday and a very nice party on Saturday, plus some leftover cheese that 'had to be eaten'.

Notsogrand Mon 11-Jul-11 08:35:22

I've stayed the same this week. I haven't eaten anything 'out of bounds'. Maybe it was just being in the presence of so much ice cream on Saturday.

GillieB Mon 11-Jul-11 09:00:49

Not good news from me, either. I have lost two kilos in total, ie 4.4 lbs. However, I lost 2lbs the first week, 1.5 the second, so whilst I have lost a little bit I feel decidedly dejected. I weighed myself last Thursday morning and had then lost over 5 lbs so was feeling really good about it. I went out for a Chinese on Saturday night and was so, so careful - only soda and lime to drink and I didn't have any rice or noodles - result, my weight climbed again and even though I stuck rigidly to my diet yesterday and did 15 miles on the exercise bike, I am still not down to what I was on Thursday morning.

Glass - I would definitely weigh myself today, if I were you. Enjoy the graduation, though.

glammanana Mon 11-Jul-11 09:25:57

I didn't get weighed on Friday I had to go somewhere else but I'm guessing
maybe 1lb,I don't get weighed at home I threw out the scales or I would be on them every day I will have to WEIGHT until Friday,but now weather good will
carry on with the walking every day seems to help

nannym Mon 11-Jul-11 10:03:09

I'm another one who hasn't lost an ounce this week. Feel really cheated as I've been soooo good too! Maybe will have to up the exercise this week. sad

Soupy Mon 11-Jul-11 19:45:32

Me too. Stayed the same this week bit I know I've been cheating!

goldengirl Mon 11-Jul-11 21:30:26

I was away from home last week and eating a 3 course meal each evening - though I tried to make healthy choices. Luckily, with walking around a lot, I've stayed the same - again! That's 3 weeks in a row. I really must make more effort but it's hard if nothing moves sad. Thank goodness for Gransnet - it keeps me going.

coastwallker Tue 12-Jul-11 06:42:21

We're not doing so well this week are we. Ah well, it happens.
I'm up a pound but am not fretting as I am still working through the thyroid medication jungle. At least by keeping to the diet I am not putting on silly amounts

GoldenGran Tue 12-Jul-11 13:41:48

Have lost a pound, am surprised and pleased! Ten days ago I had a wedding weekend-my goddaughter, and I ate and drank everything! Am back on track. Thanks Gransnet, will be concentrating this week!smile

glassortwo Tue 12-Jul-11 14:02:26

Hi everyone, goldengran well done 1lb. gilly even a small loss is a loss so well done. I have not been weighed yet but have the feeling I will be in the same boat as the rest of you, but on we go again tomorrow. I will let you know later when I get weighed, I have posted a photo in my profile from yesterday if you all want a look.

twizzle Tue 12-Jul-11 14:27:28

Lovely photos glassortwo

glassortwo Tue 12-Jul-11 14:41:22

Thanks twizzle smile

GrannyK Tue 12-Jul-11 15:42:21

I am yet another one who has stayed the same this week , but I am trying to stay very positive about it - it still means a 5lb loss overall since I started and I will be wearing my cream silk trousers to Glyndebourne tomorrow . That wasn't a (comfortable) option last year - so yippee!!!!! And I do have another month until my friends wedding, so just need to stay focused.......

glassortwo Tue 12-Jul-11 22:49:55

I also stayed the same which is a a godsend, are we all carrying on?

Annobel Wed 13-Jul-11 08:33:02

You bet glassortwo. Even if I don't lose much more, I'm taking along-term view and still determined to prove a point.

Annobel Wed 13-Jul-11 08:34:24

Slip of the fingers there. I mean 'a long term view'.

GoldenGran Wed 13-Jul-11 08:39:02

glassortwo, I am definitely carrying on. I am a long term yo-yo dieter, and this forum has focussed my mind. I have been losing , and gaining, the same stone for fifteen years. I have just lost it again, and am determined to lose another one and keep it off. And I think this forum will get me through. So thanks for enabling me to do it. smile

glammanana Wed 13-Jul-11 09:12:42

Fab photos glass,looking good girl

GillieB Wed 13-Jul-11 13:13:13

I, too, will be carrying on (I have such a long way to go). I very naughtily stepped on the scales this morning and discovered that the remains of the Chinese meal had gone and I have now lost six lbs, so I am feeling encouraged again. However, my husband and son are cycling the C2C over the next three days and my son's fiance and I are joining them in the evenings and staying with them, so I am hoping that I do not sabotage myself.

Glass - I agree, lovely photos. Your "new" house looks very typical of Northumberland.

NanaAnna Wed 13-Jul-11 13:25:21

Am I too late? Or can anyone join?

lucid Wed 13-Jul-11 13:48:22

Just returned from a very sunny Argyll....weighed myself this morning with trepidation and although no weight loss I haven't put any on either. RESULT. grin

Notsogrand Wed 13-Jul-11 14:32:50

Lovely photos glass!
So glad to hear that everyone's still carrying on. It's only the company on here that's making me stick to it. smile

glassortwo Wed 13-Jul-11 15:59:05

NanaAnna no your not too late, come and join us smile, welldone lucid

Overall I think we have all done well wink and you should all give yourselves a pat on the back.

Thanks everyone!