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Sbagran Sat 05-Nov-11 12:21:51

Just to make you all jealous my daughter-in-law has just lost 9lbs 5ozs overnight!
I have been trying for weeks to lose weight and got nowhere near that amount and she does it overnight!
It's just NOT FAIR!!!
Baby Isla Marie and her Mum are both doing well !!! grin grin grin

absentgrana Sat 05-Nov-11 12:27:42

Lovely news Sbagran. All good wishes to you, your daughter-in-law and son and the beautifully named Isla Marie. thanks

glammanana Sat 05-Nov-11 12:43:26

Well done to your DIL sbagran thats a weight to make your eye's water,and what a lovely name thanks for you all.

goldengirl Sat 05-Nov-11 12:53:50

I lived in hope for a moment grin. Very many congratulations thanks to all the family.

susiecb Sat 05-Nov-11 12:59:32

Lovely congratulationsthanks

greenmossgiel Sat 05-Nov-11 13:45:38

Sbagran - thanks - how lovely! Congratulations!

Notsogrand Sat 05-Nov-11 14:41:59

Wonderful news! Congratulations to you all! thanks

elderflower1 Sat 05-Nov-11 14:57:19

Lovely congratulationssmile

gracesmum Sat 05-Nov-11 14:59:23

Congratulations - that's a bonny bairn! I love the name Isla, although the poor girl may find she spends her life spelling it out for people! thanks thanks

Sbagran Sat 05-Nov-11 15:22:24

Thank you so much everyone! We are over the moon obviously even though she is no.4! She is my son's second daughter - their first being 19m old, but 1st or 31st they are all so precious bless them.

My daughter has two, both of which were premature - my little GS weighed just over 4lbs at birth - amazing to think that Isla is more than 2 x Bens!!!! Mind you he is a cracking little boy now - you would never imagine that either of them were so very tiny!

Sorry golden - we are living in hope!!!

GoldenGran Sat 05-Nov-11 17:06:35

Sbagran congratulations, and I love the name Isla. smile

lucid Sat 05-Nov-11 17:55:16

Congratulations Sbagran what wonderful news. thanks Although like Golden I was taken in for a moment - can just imagine Glass's face if we all lost over 9lbs one week! grin

Learnergrandma Sat 05-Nov-11 18:04:05

Congratulations Sbagran and what a lovely name! thanks

Carol Sat 05-Nov-11 19:02:52

How wonderful for you and your family Sbagran and what a pretty name Isla is thanks

glassortwo Sat 05-Nov-11 23:32:01

Congratulations sba what a lovely name.

grin lucid I might be desperate to loose weight but I think I would draw the line at all those sleepless nights. grin

Faye Sun 06-Nov-11 00:30:25

Congratulations Sbagran, I love her name too. thanks

Lately I was not going near the diet posts as I had put on a pound or two. This morning I weighed myself and found I had lost a pound and felt good at reading this thread and it's a new baby post. smile

harrigran Sun 06-Nov-11 00:31:07

Congratulations Sbagran Yes it is a lovely name Isla is my GD's name too. I know how your DIL will be feeling because I had a 9 pounder too, fairly makes the eyes water thanks

grannyactivist Sun 06-Nov-11 00:32:34

sba. adding my congratulations too. smile

bagitha Sun 06-Nov-11 06:31:40

Late congratulations from me too, sbagran! thanks

jogginggirl Sun 06-Nov-11 11:09:09

Lovely way to announce the newssbagran - congratulations to all thanks

Sbagran Sun 06-Nov-11 22:51:01

grin grin grin Can't stop smiling - had our first cuddle this evening and she is gorgeous!!!
Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages - told DS and DIL this evening about the lovely messages on GN. My son calls GN 'Old peoples facebook'!!! shock - Cheeky monkey but I couldn't be angry after the lovely gift of a GD he and DIL have just given us!
DH is miffed now as he says all the messages are just for me - what about him?
I told him he was included and that there is no reason why he can't post a response - all he did was laugh (he's too scared really!) grin

glassortwo Sun 06-Nov-11 22:55:01

sba that first cuddle is worth all the waiting smile.
Congratulations mrSba wine wine

Sbagran Sun 06-Nov-11 22:57:56

You've made his day glass thanks!!! grin
Wouldn't you be proud of us all if we had all lost 9lbs 5oz just like that - well perhaps not JUST like that!
Good luck to everyone this week xxx

glassortwo Sun 06-Nov-11 23:00:58

I would think all our birthdays and christmases had come at once grin

Carol Sun 06-Nov-11 23:04:41

Aaaah Sbagran how lovely to get that cuddle. I'm patiently waiting for mine - my daughter has premature twin girls who will be in SCBU for several weeks, just because they are so tiny. That first cuddle will be fantastic. Enjoy your precious grandaughter - she will love those granny cuddles thanks