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Monday 5th Dec weigh in.

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glassortwo Mon 05-Dec-11 08:21:53

Just another couple then you can have a little break grin

susiecb Mon 05-Dec-11 09:09:50

Oh yes its getting harder and harder. I need 1lb at tonights weigh in to get my stone awrd and I would really like another couple before xmas but lovely food is everywhere!!!

greenmossgiel Mon 05-Dec-11 09:28:33

susiecb - good luck tonight, then! I have lost nothing this week....wavering back and forth, gaining a pound, losing a pound. Think I've reached a 'plateau' - or 'patio' as my friend's dad used to say! confused

Notsogrand Mon 05-Dec-11 10:49:27

I lost 3lbs last week, so feeling chuffed! I made a really big effort this past week, with extra exercise etc. so it's good when that pays off. (Have made just as much effort other weeks and lost nothing!)
I've just returned from my first over 50's Tai Chi class which was amazing. Very calming and restorative. smile
Good luck for your stone award tonight susie.
Keep hanging on in there green, you will get past your patio! grin

greenmossgiel Mon 05-Dec-11 15:20:56

My goodness, Not so grand! You've done so well! (I'm going to use this smiley now): envy (I'm still pleased for you though! grin)

glassortwo Mon 05-Dec-11 21:53:31

Wow notso well done, you should be chuffed with yourself. smile

green at least you have maintained, you will be able to dig that patio up soon. grin

susie good luck smile

Sbagran Mon 05-Dec-11 22:00:50

Good luck susiecb really hope you do it. Lucky vibes... lucky vibes.... lucky vibes.... lucky vibes..... lucky vibes .....
What is the secret notso envy !!! smile really!

I have stayed exactly the same this week - as you all know I am relaxing until the new year but will continue to weigh in on Sunday morning just to keep an eye. Had first Christmas lunch yesterday and have the Coastguard one on Wednesday so may not be so lucky next weekend?

I am with you green I believe you do 'patio' (love it!) and sometimes when that happens I find that relaxing and possibly putting on a couple of pounds then making a concerted 'new start' seems to jolt the system back into losing so here's hoping the new year will do it again. I am planning to return to the leisure club in January and do a bit of swimming again so perhaps that will do the trick!

Meanwhile good luck to everyone grin

glassortwo Mon 05-Dec-11 22:11:56

sba well done for maintaining. Christmas dinner is not to bad, its the Christmas pudding that will put a spanner in the works. grin

susiecb Tue 06-Dec-11 09:42:32

Thank you so much for the good wishes and they worked! Lost a pound so thats my stone I wanted to lose before Xmas just another couple to go before Xmas so that I can say I am in a different stone bracket (I am in the mornings on my scales but SW is in the evning on digital scales which differ by about 3 lbs). So looking forward to my husbands Xmas pudding and a slice of the cake I have made (no icing and no marzipan but perhaps a slice of cheese) then its push on in the New Year. I am aiming for a normal BMI for my bus pass birthday in 2013. Good luck to you all lovely ladies (and gents)smile

glassortwo Tue 06-Dec-11 13:44:05

I knew you could do it susie congratulations on your stone award. wink

greenmossgiel Tue 06-Dec-11 14:12:38

Well done, susiecb! If I could just manage a few more pounds I'd be within the right BMI range too. It appears I've shrunk by one and a half inches so my ideal BMI is now lower...AARGH!!! Anyway, onward and upward!! grin

GrannyK Tue 06-Dec-11 17:01:43

Yes!!!!! Another half pound or so shed this week . Everyone seems to have done well too . Well done, one and all smile

Am hoping to keep going steadily down till the actual weekend of Christmas when I will relax . If I start relaxing too soon ( ie now ) I won't be happy about indulging when the moment arrives and I have every intention of enjoying it wholeheartedly !!!

glassortwo Tue 06-Dec-11 17:17:43

Well done grannyK I agree if I started now it would take the edge off Christmas Day smile

GoldenGran Wed 07-Dec-11 17:22:47

OOps, didn't post last week and nearly forgot this week, haven't been on Gransnet, a bit of babysitting this week. Lost three pounds over the two weeks. Hooray!smile

greenmossgiel Wed 07-Dec-11 17:55:44

Oh you HAVE done well, Goldengran! All the running about after the wee ones will have helped, too! grin

glassortwo Wed 07-Dec-11 19:21:54

Hey golden go girl, what have you been doing that's a fantastic loss, whatever it is keep it up. grin