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A new low-carb support thread for 2016

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Mamie Fri 01-Jan-16 05:59:16

Thought we needed a shiny new thread for the New Year.
The thread is intended to support people who are already on the diet or want to start losing weight / gaining health benefits by low-carbing.
Here is a simple explanation of this way of eating and how it works.
You do not have to count calories, weigh anything, exercise furiously or feel hungry.
You do have to cut out sugar and sugar-substitutes and avoid starchy foods like potatoes, bread, rice and pasta.
You need to eat lots of vegetables (especially those grown above ground) and protein which can be cheese, eggs, meat, fish etc. You can eat olive oil, butter and other natural fats. You can eat limited amounts of fruit, dark chocolate and some alcoholic drinks in moderation.
You need to avoid anything labelled low-fat and most processed food and drink.
Here is a link to the Mumsnet low-carb bootcamp thread, for those who want to lose weight more quickly than the diet adopted by most people on the existing Gransnet thread.
Here is a link to the original Gransnet thread - though there is absolutely no need to plough through it before you start. grin

We aim to help each other by offering ideas, recipes and support. Welcome aboard!

NfkDumpling Fri 01-Jan-16 07:52:30

Any ideas for breakfasts? We're a toast or cereal household! Doomed!

Riverwalk Fri 01-Jan-16 08:03:34

Thanks for this Mamie I'll be back on the programme tomorrow when the GC have left.

NFK if you normally have two slices of toast, try just one plus a fried/poached egg. Definitely ditch the cereals.

Mamie Fri 01-Jan-16 08:27:16

Breakfast ideas - eggs in every shape and form, bacon, sausages (with no added bread or cereal), full-fat plain yogurt and red berries, smoked salmon.
We have been maintaining rather than losing for a year now and have added muesli and yoghurt back in to the diet. We make our own though, to avoid added sugars. We have eggs a couple of times a week, bacon on Sundays and sausages a few times a year.

mcem Fri 01-Jan-16 08:47:45

Happy New Year and thank you!
Prompted by the original thread I embraced this regime with gusto and have found it so far to be simple and successful.
My main problem was my flabby belly area so one measurement I've taken is at the navel/hipbones.
As my hipbones have reemerged that measurement has dropped from 42" to 37" and the critical waist measurement is fast approaching the target 32" -currently 33" from 36".
I feel more energised and am looking forward to getting back to the gym on Wednesday.

Now for the complaint. Three of my favourite trousers need to be altered as I can now get out of them without undoing the zips and buttons!

Ps my preferred breakfast is porridge with fruit (blueberries today). Although not low in carb's, porridge has other health benefits I believe and is very filling so no need for anything at all before lunch. Also have all day to work it off.

Anya Fri 01-Jan-16 08:59:05

My usual breakfast is berries and a tablespoon of double cream. Keeps me going till lunchtime. Quick and easy.

My favourite breakfast is..

Line a muffin tin with Parma ham (or similar) drop in an egg. Top with teaspoon of cream and grated cheese (Parmesan is best) and bake in oven for about 15 minutes. Two of these make a lovely filling breakfast.

Thanks for new thread Mamie

You will feel energised on this diet and will naturally 'exercise' more inasmuch as you have the energy to get up and do things rather than feeling tired and lethargic - as many people feel if they are overweight and 'getting on a bit'.

Mamie Fri 01-Jan-16 10:03:31

mcem I still lie in bed and enjoy being able to see my hipbones. grin
I have spent a fortune on new clothes over the last two years, but having got to size 10 I now get loads of cast-offs from my DD. I do think you find nicer things in the smaller sizes in charity shops too.
We gave ourselves a tagine for Christmas and I have been experimenting with it this week. I think it cooks very well as the lid seems to funnel the steam back down and keep it very moist. I did a fish tagine with squash, aubergines, peppers, preserved lemons and various spices and it was really nice. Everything can go in with no pre-cooking so seems quite convenient and easy. No couscous though!

granjura Fri 01-Jan-16 11:59:58

Well, the last 10 days were a disaster- but not as much of a disaster than as usual ;) - I won't beat myself about it- and look forward to getting home next Tuesday and go back to very ow carb and the spiraliser smile Happy New Year and ... Bonne Chance.

Mamie Sun 03-Jan-16 06:28:38

How are people doing? We have been very low-carb since the family went home and the Christmas excess weight (which was only a couple of pounds) has now gone. There wasn't much fish in the market yesterday because of the storms in the Channel, but we managed to get red mullet which we had with preserved lemons and coriander, with spinach and saffron baked celeriac. Tonight we are having pot-roast veal with oven-baked cauliflower with parmesan and swiss chard. Lunches have been soups or salads as normal.
We are off to the south of Spain in a couple of weeks and looking forward to the wonderful fish, fruit and veg in the markets.
Anya that breakfast sounds delicious. Have you got your kitchen back yet? It must have been very hard for you.
We will set off to Spain with a load of kitchen "stuff" in the boot. Have got fed up with rental properties that don't seem to take account of people wanting to cook, so now have a permanent holiday kitchen box. Bonkers but true. grin

Riverwalk Sun 03-Jan-16 08:04:35

As the GC left yesterday today will be my first full day - I'm looking forward to getting back on track.

Breakfast was small amount of baked beans, two fried eggs and chopped anchovies & herbs sprinkled on top - looked very colourful!

I would have had Anya's eggs but my oven is on the blink - this will be a problem as I like to roast peppers, courgettes, cauliflower, etc. it's not the same done ratatouille-style in a pot sad

In the slow-cooker for later are chicken thighs, red onions & carrots with Moroccan spices.

Wish I were off to Spain!

Mamie Sun 03-Jan-16 08:23:30

Yes it will be nice. We get three weeks of light and sunshine, OH gets respite from arthritis pain and we get to see our son, DiL and grandchildren.
Waking up to sunrise on the Mediterranean takes a lot of beating.
The drive down is a bit of an epic though.
From a food perspective we get fabulous ingredients and even the odd curry, which is a treat to us rural French dwellers!

Anya Sun 03-Jan-16 10:31:24

Not, back home yet and struggling with the oven in this house so treated myself to a new Ramoska when I was in lakekland yesterday.

Very low carb yesterday. Finished off the savoury cheesecake I made for new years day with a salad and, used up some roasted ham I'd also cooked for NYD with cauliflower cheese cooked in Ramoska.

Only carbs were the base of cheese cake (very thin) used GF oat biscuits and 1 teaspoon of cornflour to thicken cheese sauce.

Getting back in the swing.

NfkDumpling Sun 03-Jan-16 10:45:44

I put on several pounds over Christmas and since cutting back drastically on the carbs have lost all but one and a half pounds. I was expecting it to come off again fairly quick so now I'm really back to the slog to get rid of the established stuff!

Thanks for the breakfast suggestions, I'm cutting back on the toast to one round in the morning with egg or cheese. (Have a toast addiction!.) I was doing the 5:2 diet but had more or less stabilised and not loosing so I'm going to try a bit of a combination! Got to jolt my metabolism into losing a bit more somehow! Doctor says I need to shift another stone!

grannyactivist Sun 03-Jan-16 10:55:09

The great thing about this way of eating is that it's so ridiculously easy that even though I ate a few mince pies and a few other sweet things over Christmas I know that today I can get back to it and will very quickly lose the couple of pounds I've put on.
One thing I did notice though is that the reintroduction of sugar/wheat immediately brought back acid reflux and for three days I had to take my omeprazole again. I'm pretty certain it's the wheat that's the culprit. This year I'm hoping that my doctor will agree to me coming off my blood pressure medication.
I too have had the 'problem' of needing to buy lots of new clothes and I've managed to buy some really lovely things in the charity shops. I did get some money for Christmas and have treated myself to a Nicole Fahri dress in the sales for £57 (reduced from £190 - who pays that for a day dress?), which is right at the top end of my budget and a black coat by Precis for £99 (reduced from £299!!!). I hope they hold their re-sale value if I lose any more weight; we have a posh second-hand shop in town that seems to do a busy trade - although I'm flummoxed that people pay fortunes there for used clothing when we have about eight charity shops here.

Mamie Sun 03-Jan-16 11:06:35

GA My doctor has made me cut down the BP medication very slowly, but for the last four months I have been on half a "water" tablet only (about 12g depending how accurately I halve it!). My BP has stayed at about 110 over 70 so I hope she will let me stop this week. I am practising the "thinking about waves breaking gently on the shore" bit for the test in the surgery!
Fortunately we never have to wait for the appointment here.
I love shopping in charity shops in the UK and am thrilled with the Max Mara coat I bought on my last visit.

Anya Sun 03-Jan-16 16:37:53

Like you GA I suffered when I slipped off the low carb eating over Christmas - not sure if I blame the wheat or the sugar (though think it's the latter for me) but within a day back on track everything is fine again.

Finishing off the final bit of the ham tonight with cauliflower curry (onions, peppers, chilli)

And no alcohol.

Can we please have a smug emoticon for dry January GNHQ?

merlotgran Sun 03-Jan-16 17:10:01

I'm looking forward to getting back on track. Christmas is difficult because you're catering for and eating with people who don't want to restrict sugar or starch over the festivities. It's carb city in DD's house with three very slim, healthy and lively teenagers. I made some spelt bread and took it with me for the occasions when carby snack meals were unavoidable. It was a great success. The DGDs loved it and I didn't suffer any bloating or stomach cramps.

Like others, I'm sure wheat is the devil incarnate. I only have to walk down the bread aisle in a supermarket for my stomach to cramp.

Our favourite breakfast is scrambled eggs with crispy fried mushrooms.

mcem Sun 03-Jan-16 17:40:54

The only time I've had stomach cramps was the other day when I was tempted to eat 2 slices of toast because I wanted to try the quince jelly I was given for Christmas. Now wondering if it would make a nice glaze for duck breast I'm about to cook?
I'm very lucky that my 15yr-old DGD is very keen on the gym and very sensible and encouraging about the whole low-carb approach.
Haven't strayed far but looking forward to the gym on Wednesday!

Mamie Sun 03-Jan-16 17:54:26

mcem I use quince jelly as a sauce for roast duck and just stick a spoonful in when I make gravy. I am sure it would work well as a glaze. Our roast veal was delicious and I did the cauliflower dish which has become one of our favourite potato substitutes. I cook it in water for a few minutes then put it in the oven with grated cheese (pecorino today) and butter to brown.
We didn't have chard as it was too wet to venture into the garden to get it, so I did carrots in balsamic vinegar and garlic instead.

mcem Sun 03-Jan-16 17:59:07

I have parsnips to use up so will either roast or mash them too. Off to cook my duck and will report back in due course. Thanks M

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 04-Jan-16 11:44:32


Like you GA I suffered when I slipped off the low carb eating over Christmas - not sure if I blame the wheat or the sugar (though think it's the latter for me) but within a day back on track everything is fine again.

Finishing off the final bit of the ham tonight with cauliflower curry (onions, peppers, chilli)

And no alcohol.

Can we please have a smug emoticon for dry January GNHQ?

We are working on it but there are a fair few things that we need to get done first. Meanwhile how about this? tcrgrin

Anya Mon 04-Jan-16 14:15:54

That'll do nicely Cari tcrgrin

granjura Wed 06-Jan-16 15:14:09

So after 2+ weeks of back to carbs, alcohol and some puddings- I weighed myself this morning fearing the worst (got back last night) but I've only put on 400gr (under 1 lb- some of it due to water retention during long journey)- so I am puzzled. When I eat and drink what I want (without going stupid...) I don't put on weight- but when I am really careful and cut almost all carbs, sugar and alcohol- I lose weight so so slowly. I lost a couple of kilos very quickly in November- and then got totally stuck- despite sticking to it. Disheartening... but back on the wagon and low carb from today. Home made burgers for lunch with green beans and chinese cabbage.

Mamie Wed 06-Jan-16 16:57:15

The fluid retention is a funny one isn't it. We both also put on about 1lb over Christmas, then did three days low-carb, spent a day pissing for Normandy and took it all off again!
Tonight we are having monkfish with bay leaves, sherry, pinenuts and raisins, with a mound of spinach.
We are celebrating getting our new shutters fitted after waiting eight months for the work to be done. They arrived at 9.30, took a three hour lunch break and finished at 4.00. I love France hmm.

granjura Wed 06-Jan-16 19:28:00

Pisser pour la Normandie - j'adore mdr smile (mort de rire = lol). Ah well, onwards and forwards- bonne chance.