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It’s your shampoo wotz doing it!

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OldMeg Thu 12-Jul-18 08:51:00

At last, the answer to unexplained weight gain, can now be attributed to certain shampoos.

Check yours. There might be a clue in the small print on the bottle.

downtoearth Thu 12-Jul-18 09:11:37

Adds volume and body,try using washing up liquid,cuts through the fat😂

Persistentdonor Thu 12-Jul-18 09:25:58

Ha ha. Thanks for the heads up. smile

Teetime Thu 12-Jul-18 09:53:48

I avoid the ones that 'add body' my hair and body have been added to quite enough. However my bath foam promised to 'renew mind and body' we half way down the bottle and still waiting.hmm

grandmac Thu 12-Jul-18 10:40:44

Goodness! Who knew!! smile. grin

Kacee Thu 12-Jul-18 11:32:34

Love it. Just off to buy Fairy Liquid, new bath foam and a large Pizza

grandMattie Thu 12-Jul-18 11:54:45

Of course. Thank you SO much - and there I was thinking it was that I ate more than I should!!! grin

Doodle Thu 12-Jul-18 14:11:29

What a relief! That's the end of the dieting then 😀

Margs Thu 12-Jul-18 14:58:44

It woz shampoo wot dunnit? Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Yellowmellow Thu 12-Jul-18 17:41:04

At least we have something to blame....other than food lol x

Thebeeb Thu 12-Jul-18 19:41:34

Love it. Feel better already.

Jalima1108 Thu 12-Jul-18 19:52:18

not the piece of Millionaire's shortbread that I ate then - after eating steak and salad for my dinner blush

I'll blame the shampoo.

MissAdventure Thu 12-Jul-18 19:55:13

Well, I wash my hair a lot...

Nanna58 Thu 12-Jul-18 19:56:13

Bottle of shampoo I just bought actually called ‘Fat Hair’ with , in brackets , the words ‘zero calories’ ! Hair no thicker, when will I learn to resist hype?

Jalima1108 Thu 12-Jul-18 19:56:27

I'm not going to wash mine again

Anniebach Thu 12-Jul-18 20:26:14

So I need to wash my hair on the hour every hour and i will be a size 10/12 😀, bigger knickers too

Jalima1108 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:18:03

Just leave the shampoo in Anniebach

I am going to use soap in a hot wash, hoping I shrink.

Legs55 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:52:26

I must check my bottles of shampoo, no wonder I'm gaining weight not the gorgeous Devon Cream Teas to blame then grin

Barmeyoldbat Fri 13-Jul-18 07:22:41

I use a shampoo that contains oil so I will stop using it and carrying on eating cake.

OldMeg Fri 13-Jul-18 07:36:26

Love it when GNetters show their silly side 🤣

Auntieflo Fri 13-Jul-18 08:25:11

Anniebach grin.

Anniebach Fri 13-Jul-18 09:08:35

Antieflo , some dream of winning the lottery, I dream of buying size 12 knickers

Jalima1108 Fri 13-Jul-18 16:57:37

I didn't have time to wash my hair this morning, can't wait to get on the scales tomorrow.

I dream of buying size 12 knickers too Anniebach, I wish we could meet somewhere in the middle.

Anniebach Fri 13-Jul-18 17:20:30

Jalima 😀

sharoncurley Fri 27-Jul-18 19:11:36

Lol, how original, NOT.