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Whingingmom Sat 02-May-20 12:10:39

Has anyone tried this?
I’m 61, reasonably fit and managed to do an hour weight training in the gym 2-3 times weekly until lockdown prevented this. I’m around a stone overweight though and have mild asthma which doesn’t seem to be made worse by exercising.
I’d love to try this challenge but a bit wary. I’d appreciate hearing how others have got on with it - good or bad!

grandMattie Sat 02-May-20 12:40:18

DD is doing it with 10 year old GD. Seems to work...

Whingingmom Sat 02-May-20 12:54:54

Thank you GrandMattie

Lucca Sat 02-May-20 13:00:54

I have two friends in early sixties doing it and they’re fine

Whingingmom Sat 02-May-20 14:06:51

That’s encouraging Lucca!

Annapops Sat 02-May-20 15:03:23

I've done it. Ok, I may have stretched it out a bit by repeating some weeks but found it does what it says. I regularly run now for 30 minutes a day and have been doing for the past 18 months. Go for it.

Whingingmom Sat 02-May-20 16:37:08

Thanks Annapops! And a great achievement!

Helennonotion Sat 02-May-20 16:49:48

I've done it 3 times now! It always looks daunting but once you are into it, things just seem to slip into place. I always seem to revert back into non running mode once the event I've trained for has passed. I do still do a mile or so a couple of times a week with the dog, just to keep on top of things and if I have another charity 5k to run I'll probably go back into the later weeks of the course and re do them. It's always been manageable, although a bit of a slog in the heat of summer! I am now almost 61, so yes go for it! There's a good BBC couch25k app. I chose Laura to be my 'mentor' and shes always cheerful and supportive, despite me swearing at her occasionally! Good luck.

Bikerhiker Sat 02-May-20 18:36:14

I was wondering about doing it. I suppose it could be done now, even in lockdown.

Shirleyw Sun 03-May-20 04:21:56

I've started a few times, got to week 3 then stopped, daft I know, should of carried on....what I do now is a brisk half hour walk but I would really love to start and go all the way with C25k....and carry on after.....I'm 61 also 😀
No reason for me not to start it again.
Be perfectly fine during lockdown bikerhiker. It's no more than the hour we are allowed out 😀

Janebuck Sun 03-May-20 10:15:54

Yes, I am the same age and am now at 5k so can enter Park Runs
Great idea

Matelda Sun 03-May-20 10:18:49

I just love the party atmosphere of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home, which is available in one, two or three mile chunks for free on YouTube (or there's a subscription website with an app at As I''m over 70, I can do it all in my living room. The pace is quite brisk, and better for me aerobically than an outdoor amble. It's possible to cover 5K in about 45 minutes.

Bikerhiker Sun 03-May-20 10:19:58

That's what I was thinking Shirley. I think what's really stopping me is feeling self-conscious running (or attempting to run 🤭) in public.

polnan Sun 03-May-20 10:21:41

well. I haven`t the faintest idea what you are all talking about!

Gwenisgreat1 Sun 03-May-20 10:28:53

Nor me neither!

bebe2 Sun 03-May-20 10:32:04

Definitely go for it. It works! Started (with a local running group) four years ago when I was 62. I am now able to run 5k + a few times a week at my own pace. Never thought I would be able to do it. It keeps my resting heart rate down, as shown on my Fitbit.

Cambia Sun 03-May-20 10:32:33

Yes, both my husband and I did it last year but we agree we prefer walking! Personally although we managed it, I can never wait for the running to stop!!

We both walk around 2-3 miles every morning quite briskly and much prefer this,.

I am 64 and he is 66 both active but not super fit, so it is doable. Just depends if you like it I think. Good luck

Bikerhiker Sun 03-May-20 10:34:29

Have a look at the NHS website Couch to 5K

Acinorev1 Sun 03-May-20 10:36:41

Matelda Thanks for your advice. Am in the same age range and this is very encouraging

AliBeeee Sun 03-May-20 10:40:41

Another vote here for Leslie Sansone. I heard about her on Gransnet and have been doing her workouts 4-5 days each week during lockdown. I am usually a hill walker and am missing it desperately (especially during the wonderful walking weather we have had since lockdown began).

Rosyanne Sun 03-May-20 10:43:59

My sister in law (62) and me,73, startedthe Annie Deadman 21 day exercise two weeks ago. Very hard to start but getting easier now. We both walk and swim so thought we were quite fit!!!

Factfinder Sun 03-May-20 10:48:40

I'm 66, two stone overweight and asthmatic. I'm on Week 5 of Couch to 5K - thought it would be good to do it during lockdown, and so it has proved. Not finding it easy, though.

stillaspringchicken Sun 03-May-20 10:51:04

I've done it. I'm also a bit overweight and haven't exercised in years, but managed with no great difficulties. I was very self-conscious of running in public but there are so few people around in the mornings and quite a few doing the same thing, which has helped. Finally got up to running the full 5k last week so I'm feeling very pleased with myself!

weenanni59 Sun 03-May-20 10:55:44

I’m using the NHS app and I’m on week 5.
I’m 61 and about 1 1/2 stones overweight but healthy and regularly walk and swim in normal times .
I always hated running before and was out of puff almost immediately!
Strangely.... I’m actually enjoying this !
I have Laura encouraging me and some upbeat music so it passes quite fast .
I decided to use this time at home to get fitter , eat better and reduce my wine drinking and I am definitely feeling better for it .... give it a go !
If it’s not for you at least you have given it a try :-)

crazygranny Sun 03-May-20 10:56:35

Been doing that for over a year now
Absolutely brilliant and completely free.
I have much more energy and have lost, without doing anything else, over half a stone.
It's a shock at the beginning when you realise how unfit you are - huffing and puffing to run for just a few minutes. It's carefully paced so you can build slowly and the great thing about following it via an app on the phone is if you feel you need more time at one level before you move on, that's exactly what you do.
Good luck!