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Has anyone tried Noom dieting app?

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Whitbygal Sat 27-Mar-21 17:15:39

Hello I’m new on here.
I keep seeing adverts for the Noom dieting app and wondered if anyone on GN had tried it? I need to lose a few pounds (again!) and am interested in different methods of achieving weight loss.
At present I use the My Fitness Pal app on my phone to log calories which is free to use and very easy to navigate.
If you’ve signed up to Noom how successful have you been in achieving your weight loss goals?

CafeAuLait Sat 27-Mar-21 21:48:04

I tried it and quite enjoyed it. I found starting the day with the short readings helped focus me and the app was easy to use. I didn't keep it up though because I don't really like using the phone app and prefer something web based. Overall I would recommend it but, like everything, it will only help if you have the motivation to stick with it properly.

Whitbygal Sun 28-Mar-21 11:45:49

Thank you for that information CafeAuLait.

GlamGran60 Wed 21-Apr-21 03:40:11

I looked at it but decided that I didn't want to count calories. Instead I used Second Nature, a similar, but UK based system. For £40 a month for 3 months I had the support of an online group, a health coach, recipes etc. Loved it and lost a stone which has stayed off. Check it out.