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Strongcoffee12 Thu 18-May-23 17:16:38

I've got about 2 stone to lose and I just can't seem to start a diet. I start then give it up after a few days so I thought it might help motivate me to stick with it

The fast800 diet is by Michael Mosleyand he’s written books on it. . Did it help you? Was it worth it? Did it help you keep to it?

MrsKen33 Thu 18-May-23 17:56:18

Yes it did. I lost two and a half stone in about Ten weeks. Skin looked a little wrinkly afterwards. That was about seven years ago and I eat low carb now so have kept the weight off. Good luck and keep smiling

travelsafar Thu 18-May-23 18:52:09

How does this diet work please. What can you eat and not eat??

Strongcoffee12 Thu 18-May-23 18:56:53

Thanks for your reply MrsKen33. Glad to hear you lost so much weight and that you’ve kept it off. I just wish I could make a start to shifting my extra weight. I think I could maintain the loss once get it off me as I don’t put any weight on - I’ve stayed the same for ages.
I’ll certainly keep smiling 🙂

Kim19 Thu 18-May-23 19:41:35

Nope. Much too restrictive for me. I had a very successful year of losing only 1lb per week and, happily, never put it back on. My method was simply to have a little less of everything rather than having specific no go areas. biscuit instead of two, for instance. Weighing in success generated enthusiasm and I gradually began to change my intake (more water, less pop) and now I have a healthier diet both self imposed and now thoroughly enjoyed. Cannot recommend this highly enough and have to admit the health improvements were a secondary benefit that I had not anticipated. Actually thought I was reasonably fit and healthy. Huh!

LadyGracie Thu 18-May-23 20:03:28

I bought 3 of the recipe books cheaply, we both lost a couple of stone over 5 months.

Shirleyw Thu 18-May-23 21:12:55

I have the fast 800 book and the recipe books, not actually ate so low as 800 cals but the recipes are low carb so it suits me…..wish I could though as it suits some people and they have done really well with it, and kept the weight off.

NotSpaghetti Thu 18-May-23 23:12:24

It's not easy to get sufficient protein in 800cals on a vegetarian diet. We ate lots of things I don't like much to boost protein intake (think pea pasta etc).

We did it for 2 weeks and my husband lost loads of weight. I did not.

Shinamae Thu 18-May-23 23:29:37

I am doing the 16/8 fast,find it quite easy to do..
Because the hours I work are awkward. My eating window is between 2 pm and 10 pm, not ideal I know but the best I can do and I’m not bothered about breakfast or lunch so it is quite doable for me…

shysal Fri 19-May-23 09:52:14

I did the Fast 800 and it worked well. I am ashamed to say that a year later the weight has crept back on. I decided to start again on May 1st but have already lapsed. I think you just have to be in the right frame of mind from the start. Any regime will work if you stick to it!
Good luck, hope you succeed.

NotSpaghetti Fri 19-May-23 11:45:47

Just re-read the OP - NO we didn't do the online programme actually. We followed the book and did it that way.

Doodle Sun 21-May-23 13:58:02

I just bought the fast 800 shakes as I thought I would try that as a meal replacement lunchtime. I had assumed as it was Michael Mosley it would be good. It’s awful. Doesn’t thicken at all. Just tastes like mildly chocolate flavour water with bits of grit in. Reviews online say it all. Wish I’d read them before I bought it. Oh well we live and learn. An expensive mistake.

Shirleyw Sun 21-May-23 16:10:38

Oh, hes got a shake out now!...trial and error doodle, thats a shame its naff. Can i be nosy and ask how much? , like you say, we live and learn.

Huia Fri 01-Sep-23 10:22:18

I was on the 12 week Fast800 earlier in the year. I list 10kg and found the programme excellent. I didn’t use the shakes etc. There is a lot of useful help there including many exercise videos of various kinds- yoga, Pilates, strength, cardio. The meals are good and can be swapped if not to your taste. Great community support and support from the staff. I think it’s the best I have been on. Im back on it now to lose a few more kg as I’m still overweight.

SporeRB Fri 01-Sep-23 13:06:32

I started Fast800 about 4 weeks ago and so far has lost 3.5kg roughly 1/2 stone. I have another 2 months to go. Did not signed up for the online programme.

Had to lose the weight especially around my stomach for health reasons even though I am only size 12.

gargsmith Thu 29-Feb-24 11:56:23

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Whiff Fri 01-Mar-24 14:03:11

SporeRB unfortunately you can't control where the weight goes from. Especially as you are only a size 12. Which isn't big . How tall are you if you don't mind me asking .

Is 800 mean you only each 800 cals per day?

JamesandJon33 Fri 01-Mar-24 14:52:12

Did this several years ago. I lost two and a half stone in 3_4 months. I had just been diagnosed diabetic so reversed that straight away. It was hard, but I now do a16_ 8 fastandhave never liked back. Fast 800 is stretching especially if you are easily distracted, but well worth sticking to. Give it a go. No such thing as failure. You just try again Good luck

JamesandJon33 Fri 01-Mar-24 14:53:16

PS never used shakes, just a low carb diet