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fancythat Sun 26-Nov-23 14:03:55

I would like to lose 1/2 stone.

I have worked out that it is better for me to have something sweet after a main meal. However small.
But I have yet to find my ideal.

What do you have please?
Can be homemade or shop bought.
I have some fruit earlier in the day. For some reason I dont like fruit later.

cavewoman Sun 26-Nov-23 14:35:07

Small bag of sweet caramel popcorn for under 100 calories
Or 2 squares of dark chocolate. A dish of sugar free jelly?

AGAA4 Sun 26-Nov-23 14:39:43

I have a sugar free yogurt. Only around 50 calories.

shysal Sun 26-Nov-23 14:44:27

A fun size bag of Maltesers, 98 calories. I usually I wait for a while after a main meal, until the time I am likely to want to start snacking.

sweetcakes Sun 26-Nov-23 14:47:21

I would go with the popcorn 🍿 and melt the two squares of dark chocolate 🍫 over it. Plain popcorn though.

AreWeThereYet Sun 26-Nov-23 14:54:25

fancythat For me a meal never quite seems complete without something sweet at the end. We stay away from sugar as much as possible, so I make something like chocolate cake or ginger cake made with a sugar substitute that we have with a bit of cream and possibly some berries. One 8" layer lasts us four days so we're not eating much sugar substitute but we just get that bit of sweetness we need.

fancythat Sun 26-Nov-23 14:57:40

All good ideas. Thank you.
Yes, I have worked out if I dont have something sweet to end things with, I am still looking for something, 20 minutes later.

Casdon Sun 26-Nov-23 14:59:08

Dates are good if you crave something sweet, two dates are about 60 calories. The taste seems to linger so you don’t need to eat more, unlike chocolate.

MayBee70 Sun 26-Nov-23 18:50:35

I have two pieces of KitKat most nights and save the other two for the following night. It seems to tell my brain that mealtime is over so I don’t snack later on.

rubysong Sun 26-Nov-23 20:16:39

Since the beginning of lockdown DH and I have 2 squares of dark chocolate each evening at 8pm. We still continue this little treat.

Theexwife Sun 26-Nov-23 20:29:45

Bit odd I know but I have a trifle sponge finger, I think they are called lady fingers, for me, they are more satisfying than a small piece of chocolate and although they are sweet only have 30 calories.

fancythat Sun 26-Nov-23 20:47:18

Interesting and varied ideas. Just what I wanted. Thanks.

rubysong Sweet. No pun intended.

Lomo123 Sun 26-Nov-23 20:48:44

Kit Kat or a Blue Riband.

M0nica Mon 27-Nov-23 12:18:46

Goes no fruit include cooked fruit? Most fruit do not need sweetening when stewed (Rhubarb is, of course, the obvious exception) But apples, pears, plums, berries, all stew and taste sweet.

fancythat Mon 27-Nov-23 12:53:36

No, not really.
But I do like to add pastry or crumble. But I could try without.

M0nica Mon 27-Nov-23 16:04:09

Add spices, especially to apples and plums. Cinnamon or cloves go very well with apple, or stir some dried fruit or nuts in

DanniRae Mon 27-Nov-23 16:30:51

Two pieces of Kit Kat or a Club Biscuit after dinner ....... really look forward to this treat. BUT this time of year I have usually had a mince pie with my afternoon cup of tea too hmm

AreWeThereYet Mon 27-Nov-23 16:31:42

Mmmmm.. some nice spicy stewed eating apples or pears with a dollop of a nice yoghurt or cream... 😋 Could just eat that now.

dogsmother Tue 28-Nov-23 12:56:53

I have a very large bag of organic dates permanently available for my sweet fix.
I was prediabetic previously and gave up sugar by carefully monitoring all products that contained more than 10g per 100g of sugar ( carbohydrates). It as an education to see so much added sugar!
However I do have a sweet tooth still to a degree and those dates and an occasional square of chocolate are sufficient now.

Shirls52000 Tue 28-Nov-23 13:07:51

I like a yoghurt or a mini ice cream like a mini magnum or a couple of chocolate digestives with a cuppa, like a lot of those above a meal doesn’t feel finished without something sweet and I d end up eating crisps etc and looking for more if I didn’t finish with a sweet something. My kids all laugh at me when I say I don’t have a sweet tooth….lol

Granof5 Tue 28-Nov-23 13:32:33

I have three sweet treats I like to indulge in for my sweet tooth, I have Skinny bar dark chocolate and mint flavoured, I keep mine in the freezer, they are about 80 cals, I also have Harley’s no sugar jelly at 19 cals a portion and no fat Greek yogurt and lastly I have halo top ice cream lollies which start at around 80 calls, these are what my partner and I have been having and have both lost almost 2 stone each in about 3 months

Gundy Tue 28-Nov-23 14:03:04

Since I try to eat my main meal mid-day I don’t really eat much at night, but what I love is a spot of sugar-sweet taste to wrap up my day before I brush my teeth.

My favorite thing to eat is a sliced apple I dip in a caramel dip (for apples) but also dip the caramel tipped slices in (chopped) peanuts. Delicious!

This way I’m getting another piece of fruit, a spot of sugar and a bit more crunchy chewy satisfaction. Two out of these three are healthy. You won’t feel hungry after this.

cc Tue 28-Nov-23 14:23:50

A red berry Solero ice cream has 97 calories. Obviously being a lolly it is sweet, but I think the calorie count makes it OK. We often have one for dessert.

fancythat Tue 28-Nov-23 15:21:12

Lots of great ideas. Thank you.
I knew I couldnt think of all of them by myself.

Gwenisgreat Tue 28-Nov-23 15:32:38

A few bits of dried mango or apricots - yum!