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nanny1 Thu 03-Nov-11 07:26:18

You have to register and they e-mail you when they have tickets.

I have been to at least five theatre productions courtesy of in the last few months.

It's worth a look - no pun intented smile

glassortwo Thu 03-Nov-11 07:43:46

Thanks nanny

nanny1 Thu 03-Nov-11 07:57:40

Morning glass ...I have got two tickets for tonight's showing of Hormonal Housewives, so worth signing up for smile

"Following its sell-out tour of Scotland Hormonal Housewives is heading down south! Join the Hormonal Housewives as they battle against weight gain, weight loss, mood swings, wine, PMS, men, going to the gym, waxing, stretch marks, men, chocolate, upper-lip hair, chocolate, men, chocolate … and all the other joys of being a 21st Century girl! Did we mention men and chocolate?"

glassortwo Thu 03-Nov-11 08:24:38

Morning nanny I have registered its a great offer seems too good to be true, I love going to the theatre.

Annobel Thu 03-Nov-11 08:57:03

So have I. Thanks nanny1. thanks

glammanana Thu 03-Nov-11 09:12:14

Thanks nanny1 looking forward to some nice trips out,we have some fab theatre's in our area. thanks