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Late xamas prezzies sorted

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glammanana Wed 30-Nov-11 09:07:47

M&S have 25% reduction on hats gloves and coats and ladies knitwear until next Monday.

jingl Wed 30-Nov-11 11:29:49

OMG Glamma! Is it late?!

I've only done the kids! shock

Thanks for tip.

jingl Wed 30-Nov-11 11:55:41

Oh heck! It is late! They're out of stock of loads of stuff. sad

Will have to drag me bod into the store. See if anything left there!

harrigran Wed 30-Nov-11 12:02:11

This is ridiculous, for goodness sake it isn't even December yet. Why are shops sold out of everything decent ? angry

GingerSilk Wed 30-Nov-11 12:16:16


I've not bought a single thing yet. Not December until tomorrow.

Don't panic, don't panic everyone!!

supernana Wed 30-Nov-11 12:38:04

My advice - go with the good ever comes from getting into a tizzy!

Carol Wed 30-Nov-11 12:39:58

Gingersilk smile

glassortwo Wed 30-Nov-11 12:44:22

If I have the GC presents the rest can have money grin as long as the little ones are sorted!

Dont spoil Christmas with too much shopping grin

jingl Wed 30-Nov-11 13:30:35

Harrigran, I think it might be just online they are selling out. I went to a big M and S on Saturday and they had loads of stuff there.

I will not panic. Like Glass says, the kids are sorted. grin