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numberplease Mon 16-Jan-12 16:26:49

A friend informed me online the other night that Bonmarche`s parent company, Peacocks, is in trouble and about to go into receivership, and that Bonmarche is up for sale. It put the wind up me a bit, because I had £115 worth of Bonmarche gift vouchers for Christmas! So, just to be on the safe side, I went in there yesterday and used all but £3 worth. Apparently, this has been ongoing since last March, yet they were still selling gift vouchers on Christmas Eve. Alright, they`ve been honoured, but other people in the past couple of years haven`t been so lucky with their gift vouchers.

greenmossgiel Mon 16-Jan-12 16:30:19

My granddaughter works for Peacocks, numberplease. She's coming for her dinner tonight -I'll ask her what's happening. confused

numberplease Mon 16-Jan-12 17:08:26

Thank you, greenmossgiel. Whilst I was going round the shop, with my arms sagging under the things I`d got so far, a very nice assistant offered to take them to the counter for me, then told me that if I didn`t want to spend it all at once, they`d give me another voucher for the remainder. That was when I mentioned to her about what I`d heard and read. She said "Oh, it might not be happening, and if it does it won`t be straightaway, they have to give us 3 months notice." I refrained from telling her about the time, several years ago, when we ordered, and paid for, a new gas cooker, £500, a lot in 1996, and on the day it was to be delivered, the receivers moved in, and 2 days later, the friend who`d sold us the cooker was out on his ear. We eventually got some money back, £160 in all, in dribs and drabs over 7 years!

numberplease Mon 16-Jan-12 17:10:53

PS greenmossgiel, I hope your granddaughter`s job is safe, but from what I read in financial sections of the net, it doesn`t sound promising.

Annika Mon 16-Jan-12 18:12:21

Just look how fast Hawkins Bazzar closed, with in two weeks the shop in our town had closed, along with Past Times.
Peacocks here opened a new shop where Woolworths used to be. Our town will soon be a ghost town !

numberplease Tue 17-Jan-12 00:28:31

We got a new, brilliant bookshop in August, in the shop that Burtons vacated, now they`re closing down as well. If Peacocks AND Bonmarche both close, that`ll be 3 shops gone at one fell sweep.

demon Mon 14-Jan-13 09:12:12

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