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National Trust free entry over the weekend.

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glassortwo Wed 18-Apr-12 09:30:37

Good offer if anyone was intending visiting a National Trust property.

Free entry to over 200 National Trust properties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on Sat 21 Apr and Sun 22 Apr 2012 only. Venues include the Beatrix Potter Gallery in Cumbria, Lyme Park in Cheshire, Corfe Castle in Dorset and the Wellbrook Beetling Mill in Co. Tyrone.

Participating properties only (around 100 are excluded). One voucher per group. You can only register for the voucher once and must print it out. Not valid for coach parties, against the cost of existing membership or with any other offers. Excludes Scotland.

If you have problems getting through the link just go to

[email protected]

demon Mon 14-Jan-13 09:12:08

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