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M&S 10% discount online today only

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glassortwo Wed 23-May-12 13:45:28

M&S 10% off
Online code
Discount: 10% off Who for: Anyone
Get by: N/A Use by: 11.59pm Wed 23 May 2012
How: Enter the code JUBILEE6 online at M&S*. Delivery's £3.50 or collect in-store for free.
The detail: Online only. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other code and the following items are excluded: technology, household electricals, large appliances, experiences, Outlets, gift cards, gift vouchers, M&S Money or M&S Energy products or services, Personalised Cards, Made to Measure shirts, selected beauty, selected Kidswear and School Uniform. No minimum spend.

glammanana Wed 23-May-12 13:50:19

Thanks for that I am going to order some bedding for DSs home's xmas prezzies I will save a few £ to you ta!

Annobel Wed 23-May-12 14:12:35

Tried that, glass, but it didn't recognise the code. I usually get their emails, but not this time. Pity, I fancied their version of 'fitflops'! Next time...

Annobel Wed 23-May-12 14:31:53

Finally got it. I discovered that somehow a gift card (for £35!) which wasn't included in the offer, had got into my shopping basket - I certainly hadn't ordered that, so I'll have to watch out in future. Anyway, I will collect my new sandals on Saturday and report on them later.

glassortwo Wed 23-May-12 15:56:20

I get a weekly newsletter from Martin Lewis there are always some great offers

[email protected]

Annobel Wed 23-May-12 16:16:01

So do I, but you told me about it before I looked at my emails.

FlicketyB Thu 24-May-12 15:46:34

I hope their online stock is better than in their shops. I decided to go into Witney, my usual shopping town, today to buy some clothes. I came home with very little. Every clothes shop in the town, including M&S was almost devoid of clothes between sizes 8 - 18. I am a standard size 14 and looking at my fellow shoppers I guess most of them were buying the larger sizes, so the rails havent been cleared out by those wearing sizes 10 - 16.

Do I have the solution to the economic recession here? More clothes in the shops in the sizes people actually wear?

Oh yes, the other thing, an awful lot of the clothes, incuding in M&S, were made of polyester. Who on earth wants to wear a polyester top in summer? Sticky and non-absorbant, thats the last thing you want.

crimson Thu 24-May-12 16:31:13

I've wondered why M&S have been critsicised so much on here recently, but popped in a couple of weeks ago on a rare visit to town and couldn't see a single thing I'd want to buy.

Anagram Thu 24-May-12 16:35:12

Same here - and some of their stuff is wildly overpriced!

alexjones Wed 20-Jun-12 17:38:19

Hello All, Just joined this forum for deals and discount coupons.

garaet Fri 22-Jun-12 16:48:12

I am too late..

glammanana Fri 22-Jun-12 17:49:39

alexjones sign up for MartinsMoneytips and you will get the codes directly every week I have made some good buys,if you order your food shopping from some of the supermarkkets you will get (I think) up to £15.00 off your 1st order and some are delivery free depending on the amount you spend well worth it if you are doing a big shop.garet you may also find offers at M&S if you go via the above site.

demon Mon 14-Jan-13 09:12:00

Message deleted by Gransnetfor breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

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Anne58 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:21:12

Is this advertising, spam or what? Funny, these usually have a link, or at least a website address.................. The certainly do have a lot of tendencies!

Elegran Tue 06-Aug-13 09:40:37

There is a website named, but not linked. Could be spam.

Ella46 Tue 06-Aug-13 10:05:11

I have a tendency to be very cynical! grin

Anne58 Tue 06-Aug-13 10:56:01

To report, or not to report?