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Co-op lasagna dish give away

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quizqueen Mon 01-Dec-14 00:18:17

If you buy 2 jars of Dolmio sauce (on offer at 2 for £3) you get a free large lasagne dish. I bought 3 lots and also used my 'spend £10 get a £1 off coupon' by being a Co-op member.

vampirequeen Mon 01-Dec-14 09:23:06

That's a good offer. I use the coop so I'll go there today.

Granny1951 Mon 01-Dec-14 20:06:13

Thank you got mine this morning, very nice heavy dish. Had pasta for tea ��

janeainsworth Mon 01-Dec-14 21:52:42

It's not in all the stores. I'll have to drive 5 miles to get one apparently, my local Co-op isn't doing the offer. So worth checking if your Co-op is a small -medium one, vq

Brendawymms Mon 01-Dec-14 22:04:17

I have one too really great promotion and good dish. Am slightly worried by raised Dolmio in the bottom of the dish and if it will be difficult to clean.