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DevonGran Sun 15-May-11 12:42:19

My son has accepted a new job overseas. He will be going in August taking his wife and two children with him. He is likely to leave his home much sooner.
The oldest boy is 5 and goes to school.
He hates it.
He has been there one year and arrived with special needs having had an assistant in his previous school.
This school chose to ignore his needs.
He has become increasingly angry. He kicks and pinches other children and the teachers. The school respond by excluding him or putting him in the corridor. Last week he said he was in the corridor all day and every day. He did not know why.
So yet another change of school. But my question is - does he need to go to school for the next 6 weeks. Could we remove him - home tutor him? What would happen to his parents?
He is a different boy when he is not going to school. Much easier to talk to and not angry.
He will not make it to the end of school this term anyway because they need to leave the area sometime in June.
I am a teacher and I could home tutor him.
What are our legal obligations?

philoheart Mon 16-May-11 15:56:31

If you go to there is a section on educating your child at home which should tell you all you need to know. Good luck with helping your grandson.

noshoes Sat 11-Jun-11 15:01:33

I wish I'd found this forum before!
I home educated our three children for ten years, and we had such a good time.

Anyone wanting information about home education can find it at Ed Yourself and at Education Otherwise
and the information is much more accurate and detailed than you will find on directgov.

Hope the OP found the answer for her grandson.

baggythecrust! Sat 11-Jun-11 16:06:16

There is no obligation, legal or otherwise, to send your children to school. The obligation in to educate them. If you want to educate your GS at home, just do it. Where his needs come first I daresay he'll be a lot happier and where a child is happy the rest follows. Good luck.

Hunt Sat 25-Feb-12 16:56:42

Love to know the end of the story, Devon Gran. Do hope you decided on home tuition and had a great time.