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Special help at exam time?

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grannot Tue 17-May-11 15:56:46

My youngest son is due to go into hospital for a shoulder operation just 2 weeks before his exams (A2). The school was informed about this 6 weeks ago but as yet they have put nothing into place to help my son. His exams will be between 3 & 3 and a half hours long and we are unsure whether he will even be able to write - this will depend on exactly what happens during the surgery! They had promised to organise various strategies - such as a scribe, voice recognition software and extra time but it's a week until his surgery and they appear to have done nothing! Anyone got any idea what my sons rights are in all of this! Obviously he needs to be able to practice with a scribe or Dictaphone or even the voice recognition software but he's been given nothing!

chrisy Wed 17-Aug-11 19:41:32

I think its very important that you keep contacting his school and keeping them up to date on his operation. If he is unable to write he his entitled to a scribe but you will have to push for it.

chrisy Sat 04-Feb-12 19:11:12

If your child is unable to write due to the operation he is entitled to have a scribe. Lots of schools don,t always give parents information, with out you having to make a nuisance of yourself. But don't be frightened to go into the school its your child you are fighting for and you want the best chance for child. .

gracesmum Sat 04-Feb-12 20:10:55

Your son's school should also be submitting a letter for Special Consideration (doctor's cert required) to explain the situation in the run up to the exams which may have affected his revision and concentration - pain, missed lessons to say the least - as his performance could well be affected. The school's exam officer needs to be seriously hassled especially for a scribe and a separate room for his exam, perhaps also extra time. You could try accessing the exam board's website to see if they give any additinal information. I may be a bit rusty here, but do write to the school and then ring to follow up, asking what exactly his entitlement is and what they have organised. Don't be fobbed off as he also needs peace of mind before his op.

Jacey Sat 04-Feb-12 20:50:33

He is entitled to support ...the school must meet his needs. I would suggest you go in and see the head ...don't just do it over the phone and don't settle for seeing his tutor either.

I also had to have a scribe for part of my degree papers ...found the hardest part was planning the content of the answers was a time when you had to write 'essays' for answers ...but my scribe would make notes for me I could get her to cross off things as I covered them or add things as I thought of them. He must still give himself thinking time ...remember the scribe is there to aid not hinder him.

Good luck to you both in getting it sorted ...perhaps you could practise with him at home??