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Anyone for Bridge?

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Maniac Mon 27-Feb-12 17:08:10

Does anyone play Bridge? We think of it as an older person’s game but I’ve heard that the champion UK players are women in their 20s.
I went to a ‘Bridge for Fun’ course over 12 yrs ago but didn’t persist due to moving etc.
Recently invited to join a mixed small gp who are being very patient with me. I’m improving and enjoying. find it mentally challenging, therapeutic and good company

tanith Mon 27-Feb-12 17:22:30

I've always been hopeless at card games much to my poker playing OH grin
Sounds like fun though

tanith Mon 27-Feb-12 17:24:07

that should read-- much to my poker playing OH's disgust.... (wish we could edit posts that have errors in them)

jack Mon 27-Feb-12 17:31:14

It's great you've posed this question about bridge, Maniac. Just over a year ago four of us (all oldies!) got together to try our hand at bridge (sorry about the pun). We found a very good tutor who came to the house on an informal basis to get us going and now we play every week and have such a lot of fun. I can hardly believe I'm a bridge-player (albeit a beginner) because I always swore I wouldn't or couldn't cope with card games. I even play on-line (go to Bridge Base Online). It's a brilliant website (and free) and you play with REAL people from all over the world. I don't think bridge (or crosswords) can delay Alzheimer's, if that's what's in store for some of us, but it's good to exercise those little grey cells. And it's never to late to learn new tricks!

Maniac Mon 27-Feb-12 18:11:23

Thanks jack I'll try that website.One of our gp suggested
Nofearbridge which you can play online for 2 wks free before registering fully.Playing 2 nights ago I. suddenly realised it was 2.30 a.m.and rather cold as CH had gone off!
A friend has lent me her CD 'Blue Chip Bridge'.As you can gather I'm becoming addicted.We have great fun and take turns to bake or buy a cake.