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Music Therapy Student: needs some help

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SalHolden Wed 31-Oct-12 10:57:08

Hi all....I've just found GransNet this morning and thought I'd post something in the learning forum. I've just started training as a Music Therapist and, despite being quite "ancient" am learning fast and coping well so far (touch wood). I've now got to find a Mum who would be prepared to work with me on Infant Observations which will underpin my understanding of so much of what I'm learning about in terms of the development of the "self" etc. I wondered if any of you may have daughters or other prospective Mums in your families who may be interested in finding out more about this and being my observed family. I live in Plymouth in Devon and am prepared to travel about an hour in any direction to work with my family. All this is managed legally through my University (at Newport in Wales) and I have just got my CRB check through so it's all carefully controlled. The observations are never disclosed to others and all data/examples/case notes are anonymised so the family are always protected at all times. Apparently those families who have done this for other therapists in training have found it a very positive experience. Maybe some of you have some experience of things like this? I'd love to hear from anyone who does as it's all a bit new as you can imagine!

I'm a gran of 4 and a mum of 3 so have plenty of my own experience to draw upon. However, my experiences of being a Mum/Gran have been anything but "Normal" over the years. Will be good to be able to share other things on this and the other GransNet forums.


Anne58 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:45:24

Hello Sal,

Have you "spoken" to HQ re this? I'm not entirely sure, but I think this sort of request is meant to go to them first.

(Might well be wrong!)

jO5 Wed 31-Oct-12 11:48:33

Hopefully, as no profit making is involved, this will be allowed on here foc. Should be anyway. But that's a different story of course. hmm

Butternut Wed 31-Oct-12 11:55:49

Sal I find this a very life enhancing project all round. Wishing you all the very best! Good Luck in finding a training-family and hope GNHQ don't pull the plug on your request.

vampirequeen Wed 31-Oct-12 16:28:55

Good luck...sorry I live too far away or you could have used my grandson.

SalHolden Wed 31-Oct-12 16:32:27

Hi all, Sorry if I made an error...and on my first post too! Thanks for all the support anyway. I'll make sure I ask the moderators before I post anything like this again...not that there will be anything else like it! Sal

GrandmaMiney Wed 05-Dec-12 08:12:37

Hi Sal,
I've just seen your post, months on!smile
I just wanted to wish you well in your studies. Until I retired last year (at 70!) I was a Health Visitor working with families with 0-5 year olds in a very mixed area of inner London,

I found the help music therapy gave to several children, mothers and families made a huge difference. In helping mothers bond with their babies and preventing post natal depression, as well as for babies and children with various physical and developmental problems.

I was so impressed with this that I trained to Walk a Marathon--in a day (see my section in the Exercise forum in Gransnet). This was for an event run by Classic FM to support Nordoff Robbins. The latter train music therapists to work with all age groups so I raised just over £1000 for music therapy with sick and disabled children. I walked the 26 miles from Winchester to Salisbury on 8 Sept '12. It proved quite a challenge--but I did it. It was such a worthwhile cause, I just had to finish!

I found the support from Gransnet forum members invaluable, so you might want to keep us informed of your progress on the course anyway. smile

Good luck with your training--it is such a worthwhile job and I really admire you for doing this at this exciting time of your life. I"m sure your own experience will make you an even better therapist. flowers