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Teaching an 85 year old to use a computer

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MrsJamJam Wed 02-Oct-13 19:49:54

My father, now 89, has always been the one to use the computer and my mother has been happy to let him be in charge. He is now in hospital and unlikely to return home for a few weeks yet and Motheer has become more assertive inhis absence. She has finally acquired her own mobile phone and is learning to do texting (which father has never mastered, so they have never done it). Mother is now saying that she thinks she ought to learn to use the computer and I am rather daunted at trying to teach her. I should add that she has Parkinsons and can panic quite easily!

Is there anyone here who has done something similar and could offer me words of advice?

FlicketyB Wed 02-Oct-13 20:32:25

Speak to Age UK or your local library, both run classes for older people unfamiliar with computers, DS's MiL, aged 76, is currently doing one.

If your DM doesn't want to attend a course they may well be able to advise you.

My instinct is to start by explaining the purpose of the mouse and how it works. As she has Parkinsons get a simple child's game or something like solitaire or patience for her to practise mouse usage with. Once she is really confident with the mouse, then she can move on to something simple and immediately useful like email. Always explain the principles behind anything first so that she not only las learnt what to do but understands why.

Here is the appropriate Age Uk site

MrsJamJam Thu 03-Oct-13 07:37:19

Thanks for that. The local library is very close to her flat, but I guess Age UK would be mlre likely to understand her needs so lets hope they can help.