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Joan Wed 22-Jan-14 05:18:10

I'd love to hear about other forum members who go to U3A. I go to our local writers' group, and performance group, and hope to fit in Italian this year. Our academic year in Australia is February to December, so our new year is about to start. The classes keep me sane (relatively) and I've made lots of friends in the three years I've been involved.

As a representative of the performance group, I have to 'perform' the following poem on Start Up Day (Jan 3th) when we try to recruit new members, and take membership payments, which are A$30 a year, which covers any and all classes we wish to take.

Joan Wed 22-Jan-14 05:20:27

I've posted another version of this somewhere before, I think, but I've changed it a fair bit.

Beware the Baby Boomers

Don’t call us elderly, don’t call us old
Don’t think for a minute we’re sweet.
We’re still the same people
Obnoxious and bold
Who moved to the Merseyside beat.

Don’t think for a minute we’re shocked at your deeds
Or your radical ways are so new.
We might have looked sweet
In our sandals and beads
Bu we soon turned the atmosphere blue.

Our parents were sure we’d be good and so pure
As we started to grow up and date
But we smashed every rule
We were tough, we were cool,
And we won every freedom debate.

But new generations have no damn idea
That their absolute right to be free
Did not come from God
And did not just appear
It was fought for by people like me.

And that spirit remains, though we might appear strange,
And you find there’s no easy connection.
But the grey power we hold
Has the power to mold
Society’s future direction.

So pollies watch out ‘cos we’ve got the clout
To make you regret what you do
We see your misdeeds
Which may well sow the seeds
Of a scary political coup.

(We call our politicians 'pollies' here)

mollie Wed 22-Jan-14 09:20:32

I've looked into joining our local U3A, they have lots of interesting groups so I'm tempted but I always wimp out at the last minute because I'm just not a group person. But it's nice to know they are there if I ever feel brave...

JessM Wed 22-Jan-14 17:48:54

I got to a poetry reading group once a month. On a theme.

Soupy Wed 22-Jan-14 18:15:43

Funnily enough Joan I've just paid and sent off my form to join my local group.

I already know a couple of people involved in leading their walking groups but I might find something else I prefer.

I don't know anything about them running to an academic year though.

annodomini Wed 22-Jan-14 18:42:10

This was our subscription-renewing week. We had a very full meeting, addressed by a Sheffield professor on the power of the sun. I even recruited a new member for our creative writing group. On Friday we have an outing to Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre to see a play featuring the resurrected Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley from Corrie).

coastwallker Wed 22-Jan-14 21:10:26

I am a very active U3A-er. I was chairman of our branch for a couple of years and lead a social history and a science and technology group. I also belong to creative writing, geology and rambling. Keeps the old grey matter moving!

Joan Wed 22-Jan-14 22:40:48

Oops - just noticed an error in my OP. Start-up day is Jan 30th not Jan 3rd.

Seems we have a few creative writers - good to see.

trendygran Thu 23-Jan-14 20:30:58

I belong to a local U3A Group and find it very friendly -- a good way to spend time with others instead of being on my own more of the time. I attend a discussion group (not too serious) and a music appreciation group,where all kinds of music are played and commented on. I also enjoy theatre trips and outings organised by a great committee . Tomorrow I join a tour of the local Galleries of Justice,followed by a meal cooked by students at one of the city's universities. I'm very glad I decided to join !

jennycockerspaniel Sat 08-Feb-14 02:35:18

I also go to a poetry group and learn about them and then read their poetry I play read, Sing for Pleasure and enjoy it I joined with a friend but we go some times to different group and every one is very friendly and many laughs we have and keeps you busy and your brain healthy

redeagle777 Fri 21-Feb-14 14:23:27

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chrisy69 Sat 19-Apr-14 09:51:19

I am a member of the U3A and enjoy it very much. I joined their
walking club and made friends. I go to the meeting once a month and enjoy the talks on different topics.