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The power of the nudge in education

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thatbags Mon 19-Jan-15 09:59:07

Article from the New York Times about some simple but cost effective experiments that helped low income students. The experiments used texting as a way of 'nudging' both students and their parents with reminders and helpful hints.

janerowena Mon 19-Jan-15 10:26:30

It would help us hugely, I wish we had it, because DS has a short-term memory problem. As I have no access to his emails and texts and timetables because of the security settings, it is very frustrating.

tanith Mon 19-Jan-15 10:30:59

Janerowena my daughter has her sons log in details for his college work so she can check he is taking notice of such things... I am guessing that she just asked him for it as he is aware a 'nudge' from Mum helps with his lack of memory/enthusiasm..grin

janerowena Mon 19-Jan-15 10:35:25

Ah... My DS is perhaps not keen on the idea, after so many years of me asking him about every detail of his life! grin He's doing ok as far as I am aware, but has twice forgotten to hand in work even though he has finished it, so misses out on points as they refuse to grade it.