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Does telling children fairytales make them irrational?

53 Eloethan

Gove again...

51 Ana

Too many free schools

25 Iam64

A new way to multiply?

16 durhamjen

Inappropriate reading books?

16 GadaboutGran

Crass teacher

39 Elegran

UK education ranked second in Europe

6 Mamie


37 Ana

Tough Young Teachers

38 J52

GS's view on education

8 Iam64

Teaching English

29 granjura


12 chrisy69

What would you put in the curriculum?

69 Aka

Protect music education

3 Daisyanswerdo

Let kids be kids petition

13 trendygran

Classroom teddies in one-up manship battle!

14 HildaW

10 things children must be able to do before school

46 Vesper

Homework for 5 year olds - a good idea?

248 GadaboutGran

School trips

37 thatbags

Study shows that helping children with homework is detrimental

39 Mamie

National Numeracy Challenge

12 durhamjen

Gove attacking OFSTED

18 Mishap

Helping at home with reading, writing and spelling

22 dogsdinner

Beyond a head teacher's remit?

416 Penstemmon

Exam boards removing evolution quastions to suit faith schools

16 granjura

Academy spending

38 Mamie

More problems for "free" schools

14 redeagle777

The government wants better school governors

9 redeagle777

What awakened your passion for

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Gove again!

116 redeagle777

Home Schooling

41 redeagle777

Interactive sound sculpture for school

4 redeagle777

Open University

24 nizyou

Learning Journey from school mis-spelt!

5 Iam64

Teaching an 85 year old to use a computer

3 MrsJamJam

I've learned two new words today

32 Gally

Who's afraid of....

39 Jendurham

Compulsory age for starting school

47 shelby75

Modern technology

17 Greatnan

University or not?

20 Greatnan

help please teachers

12 Nonu

Reading Problem in Second Language Acquisition

13 Joan

Teaching grandchildren a second language

3 MamaCaz


3 Mishap

Postgraduate funding for pensioners?

5 gracesmum

Social Dancing

11 addywatson

Rewriting history

14 cheelu

New interests

18 Nanado

I'm learning so much!

32 picasoflake


1 Mishap