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GigiGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Mar-15 12:54:50

As part of our campaign to tackle the worst offenders of ageism, we're asking you to let us know when you see ageism in the media (whether it's a national newspaper or an online blog).

By encouraging people to 'call it out' we think we can really increase awareness of this prejudice against older adults, and start the journey towards making it what it should be - totally unacceptable in a modern world.

etheltbags1 Thu 12-Mar-15 14:45:18

I watched 'secret shopper' with Mary Portas on Tuesday and she was working with a boutique owner with falling sales. There was constant referral to over 60s and older women. The shop sold mixed clothing and she changed it to a shop catering for under 35s.
I am aware that most youngsters wouldn't wear stuff their grans would wear but it doesn't work the other way. I know many slim attractive ladies of all ages who like to buy stuff their daughters would wear.
Also many younger women may buy more sedate stuff for work/lower heels/plain suits etc.
I shop where my daughter shops and we often swap clothes and there is 31 years age difference.
I just found the constant referral to age was off putting to older ladies.

soontobe Thu 12-Mar-15 19:09:30

I didnt see the show, but that is true about older people that I know too. They are in New Look, and other shops, that are marketed for younger generations.

Misha14 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:44:40

And they look great. You should, at any age, wear what suits you and your body shape and not worry about what is supposed to be right for your age.