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Easy peasy pizza

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bagitha Fri 04-Nov-11 20:38:40

DD1 and GS departed today after a fortnight's visit which was lovely. Felt a bit flat after they'd gone and didn't get on with cooking dinner, so then it was a case of raking around and making something up from ingredients to hand. Made some pizza dough in the bread machine, slapped some passata onto it out of a jar, plonked some anchovies on it out of a tin, grated a piece of Gruyère cheese that's been kicking around for a while, and a small bit of Lancashire cheese, and sprinkled all that on. Put it in the oven. Took it out when cooked. Ate it with wine. Delicious! I shall do that again smile.

yogagran Fri 04-Nov-11 21:22:34

I keep meaning to try pizza dough in the bread maker but have not yet got round to doing it. I'll have a look in the larder and if I've got a jar of passata I think I'll have a go tomorrow. Could be good as two of the GC are coming for lunch.
Did you use the recipe from your bread maker instruction book bagitha?

bagitha Fri 04-Nov-11 21:25:57

Yes, I used the recipe for pizza dough from my bread maker book (300g flour, 210ml water, salt, fat/oil, sugar). The topping came out of my head or, rather, out of my cupboard and fridge.

Granny23 Fri 04-Nov-11 22:21:37

I have to make my own pizza as I have a cheese allergy. Make two small ones for us with Cheese on DH's version. My favourite 'own' recipe is a bit odd but we both love it.

Small tin of beans spread on pizza, topped with bacon or ham, mushrooms and tomato, leaving a smace in the missle. Hot oven for 5 minutes,then break a whole egg into space in middle, another five minutes and dish up when egg white is set and yolk still runny. Yummy. I call it an Istrian Pizza because that is where we first had pizza with an egg on top.

glammanana Sat 05-Nov-11 10:45:59

Sounds yummy granny23 am going to do that when DS1 calls in for his lunch next week thanks for that thanks

Granny23 Sat 05-Nov-11 11:29:06

'smace in the missle' where did that come from? sounds a bit Edward Lear. I could swear it was alright last night!

Anyway apologies and should read 'space in the middle'