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Has anyone ever tried…

7 Beechnut

Vegetarian meals

43 Norah

Parmesan shortbreads…….much requested recipe!

5 AlfredoWoolum

Keeping salad and herbs fresh in the fridge.

24 Baggs

Still on the subject of not cooking do you ever have a take away ?

137 gangstergranny

How far ahead can I poach salmon

5 Vintagejazz

anyone tried Potage ready meals ?

15 Floradora9

Cooking food early

9 grannysyb

Trying to fathom my new oven

22 B9exchange

Cauliflower and blue cheese soup

11 shysal

Light lunch ideas please

26 Witzend

Can anyone help me with some easy cold pasta lunch recipes for work lunchboxes?

22 solutionst

I made my own butter😋👍👍👍

39 toscalily

Food phobias

73 Grammy666

Use by Dates

16 Katyj

Butter pie

11 Cassy0110

Lemon Barley Water recipe please!

16 henetha

Ideas for salads please

65 MawtheMerrier

Heinz products back on Tesco’s shelves - did you miss them?

15 Greyduster

Ridiculously simple recipes that never fail.

189 H1954

Ninja food processor

1 Glenco

Salad recipes without lettuce

14 Witzend

Best food processor

5 Spinnaker

Pistachio Muffin Recipe

1 Zelal

Is anyone else using lard now that butter is so expensive?

107 Ladyleftfieldlover

‘Mini’ cucumber grown much too big. Don’t want to bin it!

11 Calendargirl

Broad beans give me wind!

3 singingnutty


12 Caleo

Kohl Rabi Ideas?

2 JackyB

Air Fryer - half price.

16 Charleygirl5

Chicken stock from a carcass?

41 Witzend

Is it worth it baking your own bread

23 Sloegin

More importantly - where are the pinenuts?

21 Fennel

Is it really necessary

12 growstuff

Icing bags and syringes

17 Baggs

Drying fruit and vegetables

6 timetogo2016

No Cooking!

96 Witzend

Wine and weightloss

29 farmgran

Fried liver and onions recipe please

19 Spinnaker

Ninja Foodi 10 in 1 countertop oven

1 Tessyo

Food we think we like but don't.

117 goodycs

Platinum pudding - is this a joke?

148 Shirleyw

Sheer piggery (me)

10 Jane43

Just discovered how tasty Samphire is!

24 MerylStreep

Oú est le moutarde?

91 Jaxjacky

Bring a plate to Jubilee Street party

73 Aveline

7up cake overflowed in the oven

13 buffyfly9

Can you cook rhubarb with no sweetener?

55 aggie

Odd box

25 Daffodils

Jubilee trifle etiquette

22 Germanshepherdsmum