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Coffee Pod War

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RosieLeah Wed 06-Feb-19 08:46:18

I don't know if we are allowed to use brand names on here, so I'll try to avoid doing so.
I have a coffee pod machine which is designed to take a well-known brand of coffee. However, there is a firm which makes a perfectly good substitute, which I have been buying as it is £1 cheaper than the branded one. At the moment, there seems to be a campaign to put this firm out of business. The supermarkets have stopped selling their coffee and for a brief period, had dropped the price of the well-known one. Now, of course, the price has gone back up. I hope other customers will do the same as me and refuse to play ball with the supermarkets. It is possible to buy the substitute on-line at the same price as the supermarket and post-free, and this is what I shall be doing. I hope others do the same.

Pittcity Wed 06-Feb-19 09:34:36

I use a pod machine and have never used the original brand pods except for the ones that came with the machine. Most supermarkets sell a substitute.
Must be a different brand to yours.

glammanana Wed 06-Feb-19 09:38:14

I can use most makes with my machine with no problems and the pods I buy are always cheaper than the brand name of said machine.

Nonnie Wed 06-Feb-19 09:48:03

Have you considered what happens to the pods afterwards?

dragonfly46 Wed 06-Feb-19 09:54:38

Our coffee machine has paper pods which are quite difficult to get but are still available on Amazon fortunately.

I worry about all these new coffee makers and their aluminium pods - are they another addition to landfill or ocean fill?

janeainsworth Wed 06-Feb-19 10:00:18

I make coffee in a cafetière & the grounds go on my compost heap. 😇
A £3.50 bag lasts us a fortnight with 2 cups of coffee a day. I’ve no idea how the cost compares to those pod things.
However, the grounds do come wrapped in a foil bag.
Difficult, isn’t it?

merlotgran Wed 06-Feb-19 10:31:18

Are we not allowed to mention brand names?

I do it all the time blush

Beau Wed 06-Feb-19 10:39:29

The 'George Clooney' ad brand now gives all the machines away free with a monthly contract for the pods only. I believe it's related to the patent for the pods expiring although I might be misremembering. I was tempted but unfortunately I didn't like any of the 6 types of coffee I tried in their shop. 😕

Bigred18 Fri 08-Feb-19 08:45:29

I mostly use the brand thtat George uses. Here in Oz we can buy many brands compatible with George's machine but i find the original is best. I use the decaf ones and find them very very acceptable - i find they are good for bp.

Tartlet Sun 10-Feb-19 17:02:59

Are we allowed to give brand and model recommendations for coffee pod machines? If so, I’d be grateful to anyone who can point me towards a machine they would recommend.

My cafetière coffee is reminiscent of sludge (allegedly) and I’m looking to satisfy my husband desire for better coffee but am bewildered by the vast range of machines on offer. Or should I go for one of the more expensive ‘from beans’ machines.

My apologies to the OP for taking the thread in a different direction.

NanaMacGeek Sun 10-Feb-19 17:32:08

My family all use coffee pod machines and we have tried out various pods over many visits. However, they all admit that we make by far the best coffee.

We use a Moka pot. We buy roasted coffee beans by weight from an outlet of a major retailer at our local market. (They are transferred to an airtight jar at home). We've experimented with different beans over the years and ring the changes sometimes. We have an electric milk frother (makes wonderful hot chocolate too) and a ceramic grinder for the beans. That's it. Just coffee grounds for compost and a paper bag to bring the beans home.

Atqui Sun 10-Feb-19 17:36:52

We only use the pods with the well known name because the company collects the used pods and recycles them. I expect some people will ask if they really do recycle them ( as I have asked myself) , but one can only do ones best, and this is the only reason Imdo not use any other brand

PECS Sun 10-Feb-19 17:43:47

Other than paper pods there are difficult ecological considerations to be made. The plastic pods are not usually recyclable soo landfill, ocean filling items. Aluminium production also has a negative impact on the environment.

Perfectly good coffee can be made without the aid of a coffee machine.. another trend where sustainability was badly thought through. Have just been given four packs of Columbian coffee from my brother who has just enjoyed a holiday there.

nanny2507 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:52:22

i use the pod machine with flat discs and i cannot buy any other kind. i would happily buy a cheaper version though

Jalima1108 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:52:31

I'll stick with my instant decaff!
Then I re-use the rather nice storage jars it comes in for storing nuts etc.

NanaandGrampy Sun 10-Feb-19 19:26:01

I think I use the same brand as you nanny2507 , we recycle them here in our village ( they are I think the only ones that can be recycled) .

lemongrove Sun 10-Feb-19 19:44:11

I either make filter coffee ( paper inserts) or a cafetiere, all make good coffee if you buy a good brand like Taylor of Harrigate or similar.
Not keen on Nespresso made coffee at friends house though.

Pittcity Sun 10-Feb-19 19:58:57

Has anyone tried the reusable pods that you can buy online? You fill them with your own coffee, use and wash to use again.
I'd like to know if they're worth trying.

Beau Sun 10-Feb-19 20:32:57

The 'George Clooney' brand who now give all the machines away free for the signing of your pod supply contract do also take all the used pods back for recycling, I forgot that bit. If you like their coffee and drink enough to make it worth your while I really think the free machines are a marvellous idea - you don't have to give the machine back if you decide to end the coffee pod contract once the term is up 😉

Nonnie Mon 11-Feb-19 09:37:22

Tartlet I suspect your sludge is because you are using finely ground coffee, try a coarser one and you will probably be OK.

I think the GC brand is made by Nestle which is enough of a reason to avoid it and I cannot see how they can recycle them enough to outweigh the damage caused by producing them. It is clearly not an ethical company so is probably twisting the terminology to make it look like it cares about the environment. You only have to read what it is doing about taking water from poor villagers to understand.

PECS Mon 11-Feb-19 09:42:07

Nonnie with you there! Decent coffee has been made for centuries without the need for pods other than the ones coffee beans grow in! A n unnecessary money making trend that is impacting badly on the environment.

dragonfly46 Mon 11-Feb-19 09:46:01

My machine is a Philips Senseo and uses paper pods. Both can be bought on Amazon. My friends say my coffee is the best they have tasted.

PECS Mon 11-Feb-19 10:07:02

But it is not your coffee! It is the same as anyone elses who has your machine! 🙄☕☕☕☕☕☕

dragonfly46 Mon 11-Feb-19 10:25:15

Sorry PECS I should have said 'the' coffee!!!

Marmight Mon 11-Feb-19 11:09:48

I don't drink coffee - simples!
For visitors I have a cafetiere which is rarely used. I worry about those metallic pod things clogging up landfills all over the world. What's wrong with an old fashioned coffee bean grinder and beans bought in a paper bag?