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Online shopping - one delivery then no more to my address they say !

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WOODMOUSE49 Wed 25-Mar-20 20:40:04

Any one had this problem with Morrisons online ordering?

I bought a 6 month delivery pass 10 days ago then placed an order for delivery on 1 April (first one I could get) and I've edited it a few times (mainly items I had forgotten). I've ordered enough for a week but I'll have to go out for bread. Hope everything comes.

We are self isolating as both 70+. I've tried this week a few times to do another order for mid April perhaps.

Morrison site says there are no dates available for my address and to select another address !

Have you used Morrisons and placed and order before one has been delivered? How do I do it?

Wondering now if my £20 (delivery pass) was wasted with Morrisons. I plan to risk it and do a shop or try click and collect with Asda. No dates with Sainsbury's.

Oh! I've sent a message to Morrisons (via facebook) on Monday but no reply as yet.

MawB Wed 25-Mar-20 21:17:55

Is it not that they don’t have any slots for your area for the foreseeable future but that does not necessarily apply to all areas? I imagine it is down to the availability of vans and drivers.
Browsing the Ocado website on Sunday I found half a dozen slots for the next day for the area of S. Londob where my sister in law lives. She is self -isolating and (foolishly IMO) thought she could get by on her own, instead of going to live with her sister who is a Dr.
Anyway, I grabbed a slot on her behalf and the two of us put together an order which should see her comfortably into next week. I have one booked already for here but not until 4 April and no sign of any more at all for my area thereafter.

MawB Wed 25-Mar-20 21:18:32

London, not Londob! blush

NanaandGrampy Wed 25-Mar-20 21:41:45

Woodmouse I have experienced an identical issue. I have a delivery coming on Apr 3 rd and wanted to book a follow up for the end of April.

I have tried ALL the other supermarkets and there is nothing available .

As I am in a vulnerable group I’m not sure what happens next . If I am allowed to book after the delivery on the 3rd I can see it being 4- 6 weeks out which will mean we will have run out of a lot of basics.

I’m just not sure how this is supposed to work.

Smileless2012 Wed 25-Mar-20 21:45:37

I really feel for those of you having to rely online deliveries, it must be very worrying for youflowers

Blinko Wed 25-Mar-20 21:58:56

I've had a similar experience with Morrisons. Jumped in and ordered for the first date I could get, which is 8th April. Since then, I've paid for six months delivery but can't place an order past 8th April. I'm not at all sure what will happen on 8th as I can't access my list to update or change it.

I heard on Call You and Yours this lunchtime that in olden times (a month ago) something like 8% of shopping business was online; now with the current crisis it has leapt to 98%. No wonder supermarkets are struggling to keep up.

Knowing that doesn't solve the immediate problem, though... Living in hope, meantime.

Hetty58 Wed 25-Mar-20 22:04:57

I can't see the point in ordering for one week. Why not just add more to your present order?

Hetty58 Wed 25-Mar-20 22:07:50

NanaandGrampy, you should expect a letter from your GP shortly with help offered for food shopping. They are being a bit slow, though.

Coolgran65 Wed 25-Mar-20 23:05:03

I went on tonight and got an Asda slot for 6 April, however it keeps dropping off and putting me back onto a waiting queue. Fingers crossed my basket and slot are still there when I get back on.........

WOODMOUSE49 Wed 25-Mar-20 23:05:31

Hetty58 I want to order about 2 weeks after the delivery. Some food stuffs I need won't last more than a week.

Chestnut Wed 25-Mar-20 23:37:02

Very unhappy with Waitrose. I'm in the over 70s group and have been a regular customer for years. Since moving I have ordered online for the last two years but now can't get a delivery at all. I don't have a car and the local shop is two bus rides away. I don't feel they are looking after their faithful customers who rely on them for delivery.

Callistemon Wed 25-Mar-20 23:58:09

There are absolutely no slots at all here with Tesco or Waitrose so I registered with Morrisons too but no slots at all with them either.
Absolutely none, all full until mid-April and the sites show nothing after then.

We do have food but will soon run out of fresh foodstuffs.

Callistemon Wed 25-Mar-20 23:59:12

There are no 'waiting queues' either

BlueBelle Thu 26-Mar-20 00:03:32

Do you not have local people offering to shop for you there are lots of groups on fb in my area who are offering obviously it wouldn’t probably be as much items as an online delivery but you could get the essentials that way
Well worth a look

May7 Thu 26-Mar-20 00:51:22

I've been in a virtual queue with Ocado for the last 6 nights. My shopping is in my basket and I can add to it when it's my turn but I cant check out because there are no delivery slots. It's an absolute disgrace.

I've onlined shopped with them for years. They are an online delivery service not a supermarket so you would think they above all of the supermarkets would have their act together. I'm so disgusted with them now and when this is all over I'm binning them . I only order once every six weeks and do the rest of my shopping locally (not supermarkets)
I've given up and I'm going out tomorrow to see what I can find in local shops.

I would encourage people to rethink their way of shopping when this is over and reclaim our high streets. The big supermarkets have ruined them. It's off to the little Co op for me. Wish me luck.

annep1 Thu 26-Mar-20 03:37:07

As Bluebelle says many groups are offering help on fb. Also our local small shops are being very helpful with deliveries. Perhaps give them a ring. I think when this is over, all being well, I will support local shops more.

Calendargirl Thu 26-Mar-20 06:41:38

Both Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s have e mailed saying how swamped they are with online orders, and to visit their stores if possible. Not an option for many I know, which is why I still go out to shop although I know we are meant to stay in as much as we are able.

MamaCaz Thu 26-Mar-20 07:19:54

I think Asda have changed their policy overnight - yesterday, I could have booked a slot for 14th April. I didn't because I'm expecting a delivery less than a week before that, but I was checking out available dates anyway, in case they were offering any further ahead.

This morning, their site won't even show me slots for dates beyond my already-booked slot on the 9th.
That makes me think that they have finally taken action to prevent multiple bookings. I hope hat helps more people to get delivery slots.

magshard20 Thu 26-Mar-20 07:41:15

My daughter who lives with us, (we are 69 and 71) ordered an online Asda shop as a surprise, mainly large items, drinks etc and tinned stuff, that would be to heavy to carry home from shops. All yesterday she kept getting text messages to say another item would not be delivered as it was now out of stock!! We joked all day about which items we would get, her favourite remark was " I can see the driver coming to the door with one tin of Ravioli". Well the order arrived and the large things arrived, so no lugging from the shops, and it did fill the cupboards up a bit, but not enough to keep us going for weeks on end......still it's the thought that counts, and we can at least have Ravioli one night !!

JackyB Thu 26-Mar-20 08:10:20

Supermarket deliveries are not the norm here in Germany and I have just checked which shops would deliver in my area. There are two, neither of which I have ever shopped at. The supermarket just up the road from us did a trial in Berlin but they decided not to continue with it and stopped in 2017. All other supermarket chains do online deliveries but only for non-foods. There are a couple of independent services like Ocado, but none in our area.

Everyone is going shopping as normal (I got everything on my list on Monday) I only go once a week anyway. The cashiers are protected by perspex screens, wear gloves and masks, the customers keep their distance and only pay by card (a new experience for many Germans). Hand Disinfectant is supposed to be provided but I didn't see any. Disposable gloves are provided for the self service bread, but they always have been.

In one supermarket a chappie was going round with a spray and a cloth (!), wiping all handles of the freezer compartments and the handles of the trolleys. Not sure that helps really, if he's using the same cloth all the time and you put the same hands back on to the trolley afterwards.

Soon we will be on complete lockdown. Does that mean you mustn't leave the house at all?

Rosalyn69 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:32:26

Sainsbury’s offered me a slot for tomorrow when I logged in yesterday. I think I’m on their “list”. IMO Ocado are the worst - and I’m a long time customer of theirs. 38000 in the queue yesterday.

Hetty58 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:38:06

Extract from Sainsbury's email today:

We have proactively contacted 270,000 customers who had already given us information that meant we could identify them as being in these groups. Our customer Careline is working at full capacity to help other customers within these groups and we are able to give an additional 8,000 customers a day access to delivery slots over the phone. We have already booked in slots for 115,000 elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers this week and this number is growing every day.

We will receive the government database this week which tells us which people in England the government considers to be most vulnerable. Where these people are already registered with us, we will start to write to them next week to offer them a delivery slot. We are also working hard to secure details for vulnerable people living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland

Dorsetcupcake61 Thu 26-Mar-20 08:55:50

I've used online delivery for a decade,initially Tescos and now Sainsburys. I received emails from Sainsburys saying they were restricting to delivery to vulnerable groups. It implied that they had identified some people from details when registered,age I assume. I was told to phone a number if felt need to be included. As many people phoned found it was totally overwhelmed.
I think supermarkets are genuinely overwhelmed,its a very small part of their business with very limited resources.
I dont drive and am isolating for health reasons. I'm lucky in that have family and friends to help.
I'm very concerned that there are people for whom home delivery is a life line who are now left high and dry. I do hope slots having been grabbed by greedy individuals who are not vulnerable.
I've never been a fan of Facebook but signed up. It is a very good source of local information and sources of help.
There are local Covid groups that are helping people. They also are official and offer some protection against scams.
Local councils and churches may also be able to help.
Finally I was given a number for Sainsburys on a diabetes forum that people had more success with,but that was a day ago. 0800 052 5500. Stay safe😘

Elegran Thu 26-Mar-20 09:20:16

Yesterday 500, 000 people signed up in the first dayto join a scheme to help those confined to their homes because of the coronavirus. About the scheme -

"People can join the scheme in four different roles, including as a community response volunteer, which involves “collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for someone who is self-isolating, and delivering these supplies to their home”.

Patient transport volunteers will support the NHS by driving discharged patients to their homes, and NHS transport volunteers will move equipment, supplies or medication between sites. Other volunteers will provide support calls to elderly people who are in isolation and at risk of loneliness.

Volunteers, who must be over 18, fit and healthy and able to pass an enhanced DBS check, will be directed to tasks via a responder app that they can switch to say they are “on duty” when available."

If you cannot get essential supplies, these people will help. It is England-wide and officially set up, so has procedures for recording help given, money changing hands, and so on, which may be complicated for smaller local schemes.

I shall copy this to the "Boooored" thread.

GracesGranMK3 Thu 26-Mar-20 09:21:25

For those using Morrisons this may clarify:

Hello GracesGran

Our online delivery service is changing. This means that when you order your groceries online with us, they’ll be freshly picked and delivered from your local Morrisons store.

While we make these changes, you’ll only be able to book delivery slots until 13th April.

Our new service launches on 14th April, after which, you can continue to shop online with us.

Closer to the time, you’ll need to log in to your existing account and re-add a few details, but we’ll be in touch shortly to let you know exactly what you need to do.

See you soon,
Your Team