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Nanagem Tue 06-Oct-20 09:16:29

I’m thinking about a rice cooker, does anyone use one, are they any good or just another thing to fill the cupboard. I need one to cook for 4-5 people

CassieJ Tue 06-Oct-20 09:41:53

I have a pressure cooker which can also has a rice cooker setting. It cooks the best rice ever and I wouldn't cook it any other way now.

PamelaJ1 Tue 06-Oct-20 10:04:27

We’ve always used a rice cooker. I got my last one from a charity shop.
Someone obviously thought it was just cluttering up their kitchen.
I would think that most models cook for 4/5. I think mine does eight if required.
Mum uses a National one, bought in HK about 40 years ago!

GrandmaKT Tue 06-Oct-20 10:29:06

I always cook rice in the microwave. 20 mins on medium - so no quicker than on a stovetop, but you can just pop it in and forget about it. Lovely fluffy rice every time!
You can buy microwave rice cookers, which aren't strictly necessary, but do stop it from boiling over. If you just use a bowl, make sure it's a deep one and cover with cling film.

kittylester Tue 06-Oct-20 10:45:39

I use a microwave rice cooker (it cost about £15 from the long river company) and the rice is very good.

I must admit I use the microwave packets a lot though.

farview Tue 06-Oct-20 12:53:12

Just bring rice to the a saucepan with the lid on..turn off the heat..put a tea towel over the lid..12mins perfect rice

BlueBelle Tue 06-Oct-20 13:59:41

I ve had a rice cooker for Donkey years and wouldn’t be without it they aren’t expensive well mine wasn’t perfect rice and it switches Itself off when done ....for me cooking it on the gas stove I get distracted and burn it dry

biba70 Tue 06-Oct-20 14:05:53

I am afraid I just don't get it- it is so so simple as farview says. 1 cup of rice, 2 cups of water- boil for a few minutes switch off lid on - done, perfect. Why yet another space taking gadget???

BlueBelle Tue 06-Oct-20 14:13:47

Second question mines no bigger than a large saucepan and can cook for up to 8

Nanagem Tue 06-Oct-20 15:59:41

I must admit I’ve always felt it’s just another gadget and I cook perfectly good rice on the hop, but my sons gf has one and he says it’s brilliant, easy to use and keeps rice warm without going stodgy. It can apparently be used for other things than rice, no idea what he means by that. Just like the idea I can put the rice on and leave it whilst I cook rest of dinner

Witzend Sun 11-Oct-20 08:15:07

I’ve never had any trouble cooking rice in a pan on the hob, and I don’t have masses of worktop or cupboard space, so I wouldn’t want one.
If you eat a lot of rice and have space, I can see that it’d be useful. My Singaporean sister in law wouldn’t be without hers, but then she cooks rice virtually every day.

Spangler Sun 11-Oct-20 08:32:17

Uncle Ben's microwave rice, open the bag then put the opened bag in the microwave, set the timer and two minutes later it's ready.

craftyone Sun 11-Oct-20 08:42:36

I have a very versatile zojirushi rice cooker from yumasia. I often cook whole meals in it ie rice with fish and veg on top, or porridge. Sometimes I do the full amount of wholegrain rice, portion it and freeze in portions. Had it for years, used to have a bigger one but then was widowed and got the smallest one, after giving the bigger one to dd. Its not a cheap rice cooker

Nortsat Sun 11-Oct-20 18:39:55

I cook my rice in the microwave, in a ceramic, lidded dish.
7.30 mins x 2.
It always works, never sticks and as GrandmaKT says, you can just forget about it, until everything is ready.

M0nica Sun 11-Oct-20 19:52:42

I have a plastic bowl and lid that I put in the microwave. I have had it for over 20 years and it is still as good as new and cost about £5.

MiniMoon Sun 11-Oct-20 20:20:08

2 parts water to one part rice, if I'm making rice for four I use 8oz/230g with 16 fl ozs/475ml., or thereabouts. I have never failed with rice and have never had a need for a rice cooker.
Make sure to rinse your rice until the water runs clear, to remove excess starch.

crazyH Sun 11-Oct-20 20:27:19

I have a Panasonic all singing, all dancing Rice Cooker - i only use it when family and friends come over - It’s superb for making Biriyani

crazyH Sun 11-Oct-20 20:32:24

What I meant to say is, if it’s just for rice , don’t buy a Rice Cooker - get a nice Pyrex bowl - and cook in the microwave

mumofmadboys Tue 13-Oct-20 07:23:44

I cook white rice in the microwave. I haven't tried brown rice. Is that equally as successful?

PollyDolly Tue 13-Oct-20 07:41:13


Just bring rice to the a saucepan with the lid on..turn off the heat..put a tea towel over the lid..12mins perfect rice

Yes, I cook white rice in just the same way. Brown rice does need longer though. The pan doesn't boil over and think of the energy it saves 👍

Esspee Tue 13-Oct-20 07:54:07

If you want a rice cooker the charity shops are full of them as cooking rice is so simple these items just end up stuffed into the back of a cupboard.

Purpledaffodil Tue 13-Oct-20 07:59:16

Systema microwave rice cooker works for me. 10 mins in microwave but stays hot for ages. When using for rice salad, I put frozen peas on top then stir in rest of veg at the end.

Susie42 Tue 20-Oct-20 12:22:29

I too have a National rice cooker which I bought in Tehran in 1978 and it's still going strong (fingers crossed)

lindiann Tue 20-Oct-20 12:34:59


kircubbin2000 Tue 20-Oct-20 12:57:46

Dil uses hers all the time but she is Asian and knows what she is doing.I never know what else to serve with rice and rarely cook it.