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smoked salmon virgin 😳

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Bluebellwould Sun 18-Oct-20 19:21:29

I have never eaten smoked salmon, but I succumbed to a packet of smoked salmon flakes, ready to eat. What can I eat them with please. Nothing high in fat please.

Ohmother Sun 18-Oct-20 19:24:41

Bagels and cream cheese. Scrambled eggs on toast. Yummy!!!

Kamiso Sun 18-Oct-20 19:25:17

I would probably eat it with pasta and spinach leaves. You could add some low fat cream cheese.

phoenix Sun 18-Oct-20 19:25:20

Smoked salmon *slices" are lush with anything, but if you want not too much fat, then try them stirred into scrambled eggs, then put the whole lot on toast?

Tangerine Sun 18-Oct-20 19:25:29

If you want something hot, how about scrambled eggs?

If I wanted something cold, I'd have some tomatoes and brie. Possibly some coleslaw and potato salad.

phoenix Sun 18-Oct-20 19:26:25

P.S. Don't add salt to your scrambled eggs, some (not all) smoked salmon can be a tad salty.

Iam64 Sun 18-Oct-20 19:28:12

If your a smoked salmon virgin, I'd try the phoenix approach. I love smoked salmon on bagels or blini's with cream cheese (full fat of course). It's one of our Christmas morning snacks as the family arrive for presents opening. Or it is, most years but its not looking likely this year. Still, we can have more for the two of us

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 19:39:37

I had enough smoked salmon in one sitting to last me a lifetime.

On holiday in Torbole, Northern Italy, my friend and I ordered our food from a cafe and sat in the courtyard overlooking Lake Garda.
Thinking I'd ordered a salmon salad, I was presented with a platter of smoked salmon about a pound in weight !

I waded through most of it, friend had some and I got rid of the rest burying it in the plant pots.
Everything was in Italian and mostly spoken too and I couldn't make myself understood.

I could have drank Lake Garda dry ! gringrin

maddyone Sun 18-Oct-20 19:49:50

Lots of good suggestions here, scrambled egg and smoked salmon is my favourite, or brown bread and butter (must be butter) and cream cheese, plus black pepper. Scrummy.

Ellen, that must have been a nightmare. I bet the local cats had a feast that night.

Callistemon Sun 18-Oct-20 19:54:40

I thought you meant the salmon was a virgin and was going to ask "how would you know?"

Sorry. I will retreat gracefully blush

Chewbacca Sun 18-Oct-20 19:58:50

Really fresh, good quality, thinly sliced brown bread. Thinly sliced cucumber, smoked salmon and a drizzle of freshly squeezed lemon. And a glass of chilled Chablis.

Lucca Sun 18-Oct-20 20:05:23

Chewbacca, spot on. Or.. toasted bagel with cream cheese slices of avocado and smoked salmon.

Lucca Sun 18-Oct-20 20:06:18

I think smoked salmon is one of Those things not to be cooked or messed around with too much.

Grandma70s Sun 18-Oct-20 20:11:25

I loathe smoked salmon. Am I alone? It’s the texture, I think.

phoenix Sun 18-Oct-20 20:11:34

There is a really simple pasta dish, but hardly low fat:

Steep chopped up smoked salmon in cream all day, or overnight.

Season with black pepper, heat gently. Cook some spaghetti. Drain spaghetti, pour the salmon infused cream over, mix, eat.

Hollyhock1 Sun 18-Oct-20 20:27:29

Another smoked salmon virgin here! Tbh, I never really know what to do with it! Do you just eat it "raw", I.e. straight from the packet? I love the honey roasted salmon flakes, or cooked salmon or good old John West!! One of my adult sons adores it!

Chewbacca Sun 18-Oct-20 20:29:53

Do you just eat it "raw", I.e. straight from the packet? Yes, you do! As Lucca says, the less you do with it, the better it is!

paddyanne Sun 18-Oct-20 20:42:05

with prawns and Galia melon you can add some Marie Rose sauce if you like it,its a gentle introduction to smoked salmon.One my children all loved

Kalu Sun 18-Oct-20 20:42:49

Gravad Lax (smoked salmon with dill) is delicious too.
Salmon horns - prawns Marie Rose wrapped in smoked salmon.
So many dishes can be made with it.

EV. As much as I like smoked salmon often, eating that amount in one go would be heavy going.

Enjoy experimenting with the above suggestions Bluebellwould

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 20:47:30

It jolly well was heavy going Kalu----trust me. Ordering in Italian I thought I was the bees knees, not to show my ignorance you see. That larned me grin

EllanVannin Sun 18-Oct-20 20:48:07

I tasted it for days.

sodapop Sun 18-Oct-20 20:53:00

Smoked salmon flakes in scrambled eggs delicious but don't put too much in Bluebellwould
Otherwise with a light salad and thinly sliced brown bread. Enjoy.

Kalu Sun 18-Oct-20 21:00:31

Oh I loved the linguist in you nonchalantly ordering in Italian. Been there done it*EV*☺️

kittylester Sun 18-Oct-20 21:07:48

We have it in the summer as part of a 'platter' - so called by one of the children. We have some slices rolled up, a boiled egg halved and covered in mayo (or in DH's case - salad cream!!) any cooked meat in the fridge, smoked mackerel, coleslaw and any other salad - eaten in the garden with a drink of your favourite whatever.

geekesse Sun 18-Oct-20 22:09:29

Shredded gem lettuce, thinly sliced red onion, capers, lemon juice and blobs of sour cream. Grind black pepper liberally over the whole lot. Serve with champagne.

(This is my Christmas Day breakfast)