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Any easy fish pie recipes please

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TerriT Wed 25-Nov-20 21:33:42

Tonight we had a shop bought fish pie which was from a quality supermarket. Lots of lovely mash topping but little fish beneath. I know fish is pricey so the manufacturers can’t put a lot in but fish pie needs lots of fish in it!

Floradora9 Wed 25-Nov-20 21:37:21

I use a pack of Tesco fish pie mix and a packet of cheese sauce mix if in a hurry . There is ample fish in one pack for 2 .

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Nov-20 21:38:44

I use any mixture I fancy including salmon, smoked haddock, haddock and prawns and scallops any of those.
White sauce made with fish stock, perhaps nutmeg or tarragon. Always greater quantity of fish to potato. Sometimes I grate cheese on potato.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 25-Nov-20 21:40:31

Oh I also put a bay leaf and and a touch of white wine in the bechamel as well, depends on how I feel.

Dinahmo Wed 25-Nov-20 21:40:48

I buy frozen salmon , cod and prawns and defrost as much as I need. I don't cook it first but pour some cream over and then top with mashed potatoes and cook for about 30 minutes.

Witzend Wed 25-Nov-20 21:45:25

I usually use a mix of white fish, smoked haddock and a few prawns - for some reason I don’t care for salmon in it. I make a sauce with some parsley, a little cheese, and a dash of white wine.

Lots of mash, with grated cheese on top.
Not exactly easy, always a bit of a faff, but worth it.

Witzend Wed 25-Nov-20 21:52:49

Should have added, I first poach the fish gently in milk until just done, then use that milk to make the sauce.

Grandma11 Wed 25-Nov-20 22:08:04

For a real treat try adding some Smoked Salmon to the mixture, my DH prefers Cod loin to Haddock, and a good helping of deveined King prawns.
The potato topping has to be freshly mashed with Butter and Milk, and the white sauce made from a fresh fish stock reduced down and thickened with Cornflour and a dash of Fresh Double Cream, and seasoned with white pepper and a pinch of Nutmeg. The smoked fish/smoked Salmon provides enough Salt without the need for adding any more to the sauce. Sometimes for a change l add a cupful of Sweetcorn and some finely chopped Broccoli head to the Fish mixture to bulk out the filling more.

Missfoodlove Wed 25-Nov-20 22:33:48

I’ve used this recipe for years.
It’s the best.

hugshelp Wed 25-Nov-20 22:50:44

I poach the fish, and if I'm being lazy use a jar of gluten free white lasagne sauce with a bit of dill or parsley stirred in, if not lazy I'll make a gf bechemel and add parsley, dill or cheese. Sometimes add a bit of spinach. Top with mash and grated cheese.

absent Thu 26-Nov-20 06:12:10

Fish pie is lovely, but it tends to involve a lot of time and a lot of pans. A very easy quasi fish pie is as follows. Grease a baking dish with butter and line the sides with tomato slices. Make a basic cheese sauce and stir in a drained can of tuna or two, depending on how large you need the pie to be. Pour the mixture into the baking dish. Crush a bag (or more) of plain crisps over the top and bake for 25–30 minutes at 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4.

You can also add softened chopped onion and/or chopped hard-boiled egg and/or drained canned sweetcorn to the tuna-cheese sauce mixture if you like and have time.

Calendargirl Thu 26-Nov-20 07:04:17

It’s no wonder people buy ready made fish pies.
I don’t, but reading through this thread, I think what a lengthy process it can be.
I use smoked haddock and prawns, hard boil some eggs, peel potatoes, cook and mash, make a white sauce, grate cheese, sliced tomatoes on top, bake.

Delicious, but gone in 5 minutes!

PollyDolly Thu 26-Nov-20 07:16:55

If you're tempted to use frozen fish - most supermarkets sell what they call fish pie mix - do make sure you defrost it thoroughly. Even though it might say on the pack "use from frozen" I find this makes a very sloppy fish pie!

I do prefer to use fresh fish personally but if frozen is the only option I defrost in a sieve over a bowl. Sorry if I'm trying to teach my Granny to suck eggs here! 😂😂.

There are some very tasty recipes on this thread; as for the tedious time consuming element, why not cook double the amount and freeze it?

Georgesgran Thu 26-Nov-20 08:12:28

I add quartered hard boiled eggs to my mix (cooked in the same pan as the potatoes). Frozen peas and sweet corn and a few ‘plugs’ of frozen spinach.
A ‘cheats’ way would be to use those boil in the bag fish in sauce in with the potatoes and eggs, then it’s just an assembly job and only one pan to wash while the pie’s in the oven for 20 minutes?

shysal Thu 26-Nov-20 09:19:48

I like this Mary Berry Souffle topped fish pie.

Georgesgran Thu 26-Nov-20 10:06:20

Having read all the variations - (inc mine) the OP was asking for an easy recipe. Think it goes without saying that there isn’t one? I look at fish pie the same way as risotto - an hour in the kitchen to myself, radio on and glass on wine (or 2) while I cook.

Fennel Thu 26-Nov-20 14:29:17

One of my Aunties made a relatively simple one - put fish in a greased oven dish,s&p, then pour a tin of choppd italian tomatoes over it.
Top with mash, or boiled sliced potatoes and grated cheese.

chocolatepudding Thu 26-Nov-20 16:12:27

I prefer to make a fish lasagna, make up lots of white sauce with cooked fish and layer it up with lasagna sheets and cheese on top.

Dinahmo Thu 26-Nov-20 16:17:35

Not a fish pie but a tasty recipe.
Soften a finely sliced onion in butter.
Add a tin of chopped tomatoes
Cook until it's reduced
Add 2 cod fillets and press into the mixture
Season as required
Probably about 10 minutes until the fish cooked.
Serve with rice.