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Last roast until Christmas! 🎅

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phoenix Sat 28-Nov-20 13:48:10

Hello all, usual good wishes.

Well, tomorrow will be roast beef, Yorkshire puds, roast potatoes (Maris Pipers, hooray!) and various veg, then that's IT, no roast lunch/dinner until Christmas day!

You might think that's daft, but it's only 3 Sundays, and means we look forward to and appreciate our Christmas meal all the more.

Kittye Sat 28-Nov-20 13:53:14

We very rarely have Sunday roasts. If I do a roast it will be midweek. Steak pie for us tomorrow.
Have decided no turkey this Christmas, not decided what to replace it with though .

Pantglas2 Sat 28-Nov-20 13:58:33

I’m the same Phoenix- roast chicken tomorrow with all trimmings then no roast until Christmas Day for same reason you state🙂

Mapleleaf Sat 28-Nov-20 14:01:38

I'm like Kittye and rarely do a roast on Sundays, just now and again. We will be having beef for Christmas lunch this year.

Ilovecheese Sat 28-Nov-20 15:54:52

We do a roast most Saturdays, but do not have chicken or ham for at least 4 weeks before Christmas.
Same as you phoenix, we look forward to our ham and turkey all the more.

Urmstongran Sat 28-Nov-20 15:58:01

I could eat a different roast dinner every night.

Redhead56 Sat 28-Nov-20 16:01:53

I am bored with food unless there is some garlic in it these days. Don't do a roast very often but we think we will be having duck and gammon for Christmas. I will make a M Roux Snr sauce to go with it reminds me of going to a then posh hotel in Southport in the late 1970s. With the orange sauce all the trimmings and a fabulous sweet trolley.

Oldbutstilluseful Sat 28-Nov-20 16:08:13

Me too, Urmstongran !

Hope you’re settling down well back home in Manchester. I shall really miss your ‘sun’s up’ from Malaga 🌞

Whitewavemark2 Sat 28-Nov-20 16:39:18

Had roast chicken at lunch time today. I have planned roast pork and roast rack of lamb before Christmas.

grandMattie Sat 28-Nov-20 16:43:32

We normally have a roast on sundays, eating the left overs for a week - thoroughly bored with it by the following sunday! :-)

dragonfly46 Sat 28-Nov-20 16:48:17

We have a roast every Sunday - I love roast dinners! I love all dinners actually though but roasts are so easy to cook! It is DH's birthday tomorrow so his favourite - roast beef!!

Urmstongran Sat 28-Nov-20 16:48:27

Does the same analogy work with sex? Asking for a friend.

Jaxjacky Sat 28-Nov-20 16:52:29

We’ll have a mini roast chicken tomorrow, but Christmas is the works, homemade stuffing, 5 veg, we don’t have that at any other time, so special. And dessert/cheese which rarely happens with any other meal here.

phoenix Sat 28-Nov-20 17:13:06


Does the same analogy work with sex? Asking for a friend.

Oh Urmstongran

I could write the opposite side of that coin sad

Urmstongran Sat 28-Nov-20 18:00:36

Oops. Sorry. (truly) x
It seemed amusing when I posted it.

phoenix Sat 28-Nov-20 18:18:05


Oops. Sorry. (truly) x
It seemed amusing when I posted it.

Don't worry.