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What is the correct way to eat croissants?

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Lizbethann55 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:24:43

Our Sunday morning treat is to have croissants for breakfast and pretend we are back on holiday on Isle de Re. But I often wonder if we eat them the correct way. I know some of you live in France so can you enlighten me and tell me how you eat your croissants.

Kim19 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:34:31

I wonder who decides what is the 'correct' way to eat anything.
Just do what makes you comfortable.

MiniMoon Sat 12-Jun-21 20:42:06

I like them split, lightly toasted and spread with butter and jam.
I'm not bothered about the correct way to eat them. 😅

Callistemon Sat 12-Jun-21 20:43:33

With apricot jam. I pull them, don't cut them.
(Not saying that is correct)

When I was looking after French children, they dipped them into their bowl of hot chocolat!

Callistemon Sat 12-Jun-21 20:44:07

Warm, they must be warm from the oven!

Pittcity Sat 12-Jun-21 20:44:41

I don't live in France but I tear mine into bite size bits and butter/jam each bit as I go.

This is the correct way to eat a bread roll that is served with a meal. At least that is the etiquette I was taught. So I do the same with croissants.

Too many crumbs if you try to cut or bite into whole.

Mattsmum2 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:45:16

I dollop butter and jam on the plate, rip pieces off and spread with butter and jam. Use the last bit to wipe the plate clean. But I would think any way that means you get the most out of it is good 😋

greenlady102 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:45:57

open mouth, insert croissant smile

BBbevan Sat 12-Jun-21 20:48:14

Dipped in your coffee or chocolate

NotAGran55 Sat 12-Jun-21 20:53:58

Ripped into bite sized pieces , no butter, a little honey 🍯.
Not French and never lived there, it’s just how I like to do it .

Always pull scones apart too , never cut .

JulieNoted Sat 12-Jun-21 20:59:16

I like them warm from the oven and then dunked in my coffee smile

Callistemon Sat 12-Jun-21 21:00:21


open mouth, insert croissant smile

Then chew!
I don't have extra butter, just apricot jam
(It must be apricot, don't ask me why)

The children used to dip their bread into chocolat too, a habit I never embraced!

bikergran Sat 12-Jun-21 21:20:15

My dd went to a little posh cafe and they had smoked salmon and lightly scrambled egg on their croissant hmm

Blossoming Sat 12-Jun-21 21:27:22

Chunks torn off and dipped in coffee. A habit I picked up while working in Paris. Mr. B thinks it’s disgusting grin

NotTooOld Sat 12-Jun-21 21:29:02

Agree about the apricot jam. My favourite.

Grandmafrench Sat 12-Jun-21 21:33:31

I think, as for so many things, you can please yourself. But for practical purposes :

The French normally only eat 1, as a treat and not every day - especially if they're weight conscious.
A proper flaky croissant from a good bakery will contain 45% weight of butter, so the French don't add butter.
(As with bread, they don't put butter on the table, but it's almost a criminal offence to serve a meal without bread!)
Croissants just need to be very slightly warm to release the buttery smell.
Eating a croissant without making loads of mess with greasy flakes, it's usual to tear off a portion that you can put straight into your mouth, having first put jam on it if that's a choice.
Of course people will still dunk - the same with bread - but you don't see that so often now. The little bowls for coffee or chocolat - which make dunking easier - are more often used at home for a family breakfast.

Namsnanny Sat 12-Jun-21 21:34:38

No dipping!! Ruins the crispy bits.
Apricot jam, or good quality choc spread.
With coffee.
It reminds me of hols as a child if I have cafe au lait and apricot.

Grannybags Sat 12-Jun-21 21:36:45

Warm, rip bits off and slather with butter and raspberry jam

Jaxjacky Sat 12-Jun-21 21:36:56

Where we lived in France, fresh with an espresso coffee, sometimes with a Cognac or Armagnac chaser.

Urmstongran Sat 12-Jun-21 21:49:39

Ooh, now you’re talking Jax!

Chardy Sat 12-Jun-21 22:02:19


Dipped in your coffee or chocolate

Dipped in black coffee

Ellianne Sat 12-Jun-21 22:13:40

Has anyone tried making them at home?

I tear mine to eat, but don't dunk.

Callistemon Sat 12-Jun-21 22:14:42

The only thing I dunk is a ginger biscuit.

muse Sat 12-Jun-21 23:38:08

Me too Callistemon

I love a savoury croissant. Sliced in half. Filled with thin sliced turkey or ham. Good smear of cranberry or redcurrant jelly. Slice of brie. Warmed in the oven till brie just starts to melt.

NotSpaghetti Sun 13-Jun-21 00:52:26

When I was a girl I stayed with a french family and they put jam on theirs (when they had them for breakfast) and dunked them (jam and all) in bowls of coffee/tea.
Most days they had bread instead - or sometimes what I think must have been brioche - and did the same with it!