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Banana bread - an improvement?

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Witzend Sun 01-Aug-21 13:24:17

My dd often makes it - she frequently has bananas going a bit squishy that need using up.
I do quite like it, but IMO it’d be vastly improved by some lemon juice and zest in the mix, to counteract the over-sweetness.
Has anyone done this?
I’m tempted to buy some bananas and let them go squishy on purpose, to test my theory.

Janiepops Sun 01-Aug-21 13:53:32

I did, and also made some icing for the top and used a generous squeeze of fresh lemon into it, it was delicious 👍🍀

MiniMoon Sun 01-Aug-21 15:58:51

I made the best banana and walnut loaf ever . I had 3 bananas that were very ripe. Instead of just chopping the walnuts, I whizzed them in the blender to make them fine-ish. I added a small teaspoon of cinnamon. It turned out to be moist and delicious. My DH said it was one of the best cakes I've ever made, and he doesn't usually like banana loaf.

olliebeak Sat 07-Aug-21 10:42:23

I add some DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPS to my Banana Bread. 23yr old dgd absolutely LOVES it that way. The 'slight bitterness' of the dark chocolate counteracts the over-sweetness of over-ripe bananas grin mmmm

EdithW Sat 07-Aug-21 10:50:24

I did the opposite and put honey in which was a disaster. It stuck to the tin and went cloddy.

Brownflopsy Sat 07-Aug-21 13:07:13

I add a half tsp Jamaican allspice to mine, which balances the sweetness nicely. Works really wel!