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Food prices

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Tizliz Wed 20-Oct-21 12:00:17

I know that we have been warned about food prices going up but this one is rather large. Priced at 30% more and a smaller quantity making a nearly 40% increase per kilo. Think I will be trying Tesco's brand.

Esspee Wed 20-Oct-21 13:47:28

Even better, go to Lidl. Excellent quality, brilliant prices.

Chewbacca Wed 20-Oct-21 13:50:46

I haven't shopped in Tesco or Sainsbury's for years; always been too expensive for me. I've seen some small price increases in Aldi and Lidl but nothing on the scale OP has provided.

BlueBelle Wed 20-Oct-21 13:56:14

Aldi lldl or Asda for me
Looks like they are slightly different in your pictures one is sweetcorn one is super sweetcorn
I prefer fresh sweetcorn myself

Tizliz Wed 20-Oct-21 18:04:21

Don’t have the luxury of a choice of supermarkets unless I drive 50 miles which wipes out any savings

Tizliz Wed 20-Oct-21 18:06:44


Aldi lldl or Asda for me
Looks like they are slightly different in your pictures one is sweetcorn one is super sweetcorn
I prefer fresh sweetcorn myself

I see what you mean, but I am convinced that it is just a new name to justify the increase.

V3ra Wed 20-Oct-21 18:12:09

They're different products, the supersweet corn has smaller kernels 🌽

Calendargirl Wed 20-Oct-21 18:39:12

As OP says, not everywhere has a Lidl or Aldi locally, and if you have to travel far, not beneficial plus more car usage.

mokryna Wed 20-Oct-21 18:49:25

When we lived through the 70’s, the tins were priced on sticky labels. I used to sort for the tin with the lowest price on the shelf, as every new delivery was more expensive. Can’t do that now as every item is bar coded.

nexus63 Wed 20-Oct-21 19:02:55

all the supermarkets have increased there prices, i did an online shop with morrisons last week and i was shocked at some of the prices, i shop at my local morrisons but had been in hospital, in the space of 1 month 2 packs of morrisons cold meat that i buy every week had gone from £1 to £1.59 each, i would usually buy a few of the frozen special offers (£1) now the offers are starting a £2 each. i am lucky that i am on my own and can get buy on an evening meal of scrambled egg and toast or something similar, i feel sorry for people who have a family to feed each night.

SpringyChicken Wed 20-Oct-21 22:03:27

According to Which?, in the 1950s we spent a third of our income on food, it had fallen to 24% in 1974 and 10.5% in 2016.
Price increases are concerning but we have become so accustomed to cheap food.

Esspee Thu 21-Oct-21 07:43:53

I recently picked up a few items in Morrison’s and was shocked at the prices. In the past I had always assumed it was middle of the road with pricing.
We eat extremely well, cooking almost everything from scratch which works out much cheaper but for families, particularly when the adults both work, it must be extremely difficult to keep costs down.

glammanana Thu 21-Oct-21 08:10:31

Tizliz Does your supermarket not charge you the same price as the substituted item mine did last time they had run out of my usual order.
Food is certainly creeping up by the week and I feel sorry for families having to manage on a salary which is not going up and along with energy prices they will be in dire straights.

V3ra Thu 21-Oct-21 08:30:50

glammanana the screenshot in the original post is what you see during ordering if what you want is out of stock.
If it's substituted after ordering and on receipt, then yes Tesco charge the price of the original item you ordered (which was in stock at the time).
Hope that helps 🙂

Tizliz Thu 21-Oct-21 12:09:40

I agree that we have got used to cheap prices, and some of them are stupid. The price of milk for example. Not complaining that the price for a litre has gone up by 20p as that is still too cheap. I remember when chicken used to be a Sunday roast special, now I feed it to my dogs.

timetogo2016 Thu 28-Oct-21 10:46:43

Lidl/Aldi/B n M/Homebargains,much cheaper.
I have noticed for some time how canned foods and boxes/packets have got smaller yet the price is the same,oh and that includes Cadb...s chocolate bars.

Allsorts Thu 28-Oct-21 10:53:07

I worry about the price of milk and related products, I only buy organic which is more expensive but not as bad as it was when I first started buying it 20 years ago, also vegetables, how can farmers manage with such low returns?. We have to give people a liveable income or they will get out of the industry. We are not being fair to farmers or the animals they rear. You only have to look in people trolleys the amount of rubbish, crisps, cakes, biscuits, these used to be bought in moderation, now it seems they are a diet staple.