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Who shops for groceries on line and do you enjoy it.

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multicolourswapshop Tue 30-Nov-21 08:41:06

I shop occasionally on line for Sainsbury’s food and usually get a good delivery time and date. Unfortunately I’m always having to amend the list however they’re so good at changing my shopping list in good time, I find great pleasure in this type of shopping especially as I’m unable to get out and about as necessary.

I find I’ve to reign in my eagerness because I could shop until I drop.

Grandmabatty Tue 30-Nov-21 08:52:36

I do a Tesco online shop once a month for anything I can't get at my local Aldi. I find I put extra into my 'basket' because I can't actually see how it mounts up! I prefer it to going into the shop because it's convenient and saves on road miles etc.

Newquay Tue 30-Nov-21 09:01:40

I hate shopping of any sort-find it an absolute chore!
So supermarket delivery once a week is brilliant!

SuzieHi Tue 30-Nov-21 09:02:34

I’ve been shopping on line for the last 5 years since moving to a village in a fairly rural area. Find it easy to do grocery shopping each week, & also shopping for other items as needed. I’d rather take the dog for a walk, do gardening, go to keep fit classes, help with grandchildren, or visit friends- really anything is better than going to the shops for me! I enjoy a trawl on the internet for clothes & other items. Quicker and efficient for me.
Since Covid it’s safer on line shopping but obviously not great for the High street.

MayBeMaw Tue 30-Nov-21 09:06:34

I am a convert to online Waitrose and Ocado food shopping and have done online food shopping for years and years. It is easy, quick, saves (my) petrol although I appreciate the delivery vans use fuel, but the other week when I popped into our local supermarket, I remembered that actually, a browse around with a coffee in their cafe is actually one of life’s simpler pleasures!

JackyB Tue 30-Nov-21 09:09:42

Well, as I have said often enough, chance would be a fine thing. Supermarket deliveries are just not anything here in Germany. Not even click and collect, although I have heard that it is now possible in really large towns.

Non-food is OK, I can get cleaning stuff and cosmetics (soap, shampoo, toothpaste), but that's just like an Amazon delivery.

But otherwise, nope, have to go to the butcher's and supermarket myself.

The local church started a system where volunteers would go and get shopping for the housebound, but I don't think that has really been much of a success.

JackyB Tue 30-Nov-21 09:10:31

"just not a thing"

Not: "just not anything"

JaneJudge Tue 30-Nov-21 09:11:57

we have a weekly ocado order, there's an ocado just for you

Mollygo Tue 30-Nov-21 09:14:07

I find it quite funny that when I desperately needed an online delivery during lockdown I couldn’t get one from anywhere except Iceland. That was great because their stuff is always in date, being frozen. Now I’m overwhelmed with messages from Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Asda with offers like 20% off your first online order.
I’d rather browse, choose latest date stuff so I can plan my menu accordingly and then as MayBeMaw says, enjoy a coffee and a chat.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 30-Nov-21 09:14:38

I have a weekly delivery from Tesco. I wish Ocado or Waitrose delivered round here but they don’t. Shopping online means I can do it when it suits me, whatever the weather, and it saves so much time.

JaneJudge Tue 30-Nov-21 09:15:50

Mollygo, iceland's fresh food is generally very good too smile

Ro60 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:23:24

Tried it once (upon a time when DD was ill)- didn't like it. Took me just as long to do on-line. No doubt I'd get quicker and once it's set up, there's the saved 'shopping list' facility.

Fortunately I'm able to get around & life is less busy these days.
Never say never.

DD does this all the time. It makes her life so much easier.

Blondiescot Tue 30-Nov-21 09:33:10

I've never done online grocery shopping - mainly because I'm too fussy to let anyone else pick my shopping for me! I've been known to rake through every packet of ham on the shelf until I find the one which looks nicest.

HowVeryDareYou Tue 30-Nov-21 09:38:13

I started doing online grocery shopping a few years ago. I love it, it's so much easier than all the faffing about round a shop, the palaver at the check-out, then packing it all in bags, transferring it to the car, dragging it up the path to the house. On the odd occasion when something hasn't been right (short date on an item or a damaged banana, etc), it's simple to request a refund online.

Sago Tue 30-Nov-21 09:39:09

JackyB My son starts a new job in Oslo tomorrow with an “Ocado” type company, they are very successful in Norway and my son is to be behind the implementation of rolling out the service in Germany next year.
I hope this is good news for you!

Sago Tue 30-Nov-21 09:43:21

I am just about to sit down and do my Booths Christmas order.
We sadly no longer live near a Booths but it was my supermarket of choice for 15 years!
We are spending Xmas in N.York’s so will be collecting our order in Ripon after the carols in the cathedral on Xmas Eve.

Kate1949 Tue 30-Nov-21 09:43:32

We never did it pre pandemic but have had a Tesco order every 10 days since the start. They have been fantastic. Rarely late, very rarely a substitution or anything missing. That is until about 2 weeks ago when the wheels came off. The order before last didn't arrive at all and yesterday the bag of potatoes we ordered was out of stock. They sent us one loose potato grin

Yammy Tue 30-Nov-21 09:47:01


I have a weekly delivery from Tesco. I wish Ocado or Waitrose delivered round here but they don’t. Shopping online means I can do it when it suits me, whatever the weather, and it saves so much time.

I have a weekly delivery from Sainsbury's we can't get Waitrose or Ocado either. No Tesco or Asda in our town but I have seen their vans so they must be coming from the bigger towns.
I used them odd times before lockdown and weekly since. I don't think I will go back to weekly shopping. It frees time up and I can do a quick shop for specials in the local delis, farmers markets etc. if needs be.

Doodledog Tue 30-Nov-21 09:51:02

I've shopped online since the service began. When my children were small, shopping was a family affair, as I don't drive, so my husband had to come along with the children and the car, and the best part of the weekend was used up traipsing round the supermarket, dragging the shopping home and putting it away.

The day that delivery became available in my area I signed up, and have never looked back. I have never, in over 20 years, had bruised fruit or shrivelled veg, which seems to be the greatest fear of those who prefer to shop in person.

I admit to finding it maddening in the first lockdown when people who had never used the service before were complaining that the slots were all taken by regular users. Of course the supermarkets were geared up to the people who used the service, although they got on board with increasing them very quickly. If regular customers hadn't existed, the service would not have been there, so there would have been no slots for anyone. I never understood why people who had preferred to shop in person before the pandemic expected those who had been getting deliveries for years to give up their slots and go to the shops, yet many people were very vocal about it.

I still don't drive, so click and collect is not an option for me, and carrying shopping back from my local shops would mean three or more trips a week - the supermarket is a bus ride away, and public transport was not an option either.

I won't be going back to in-person shopping unless I absolutely have to.

Sunlover Tue 30-Nov-21 09:52:20

I find delivery great for heavy items such as washing liquid, bleach and bottled water. I have a Hello Fresh delivery once a week which I love and walk to the local M and S shop to top up.

Jaxjacky Tue 30-Nov-21 09:53:19

I get a weekly delivery, usually Tesco, but have had others, I have accounts with 5 supermarkets. The majority of my shopping is online, I’ve been doing this for over 3 years, I dislike shopping.

Elusivebutterfly Tue 30-Nov-21 10:01:20

I have been doing online food shopping for nearly 20 years. If I do go to the supermarket, I need to pay for a taxi back as I don't drive.
During lockdown it was difficult to get deliveries and had to cancel my Tesco delivery saver and change to Sainsburys. Last Christmas I couldn't get a delivery and had to do several trips to the shops which was a nightmare.
As others have said, Iceland is good when no-one else has slots but their range is more limited.
For those that like to choose their items, you could still have an occasional home delivery for heavy/dried goods and go weekly for fresh food.

glammanana Tue 30-Nov-21 10:23:20


I do a Tesco online shop once a month for anything I can't get at my local Aldi. I find I put extra into my 'basket' because I can't actually see how it mounts up! I prefer it to going into the shop because it's convenient and saves on road miles etc.

Grandmabatty If you look to the righthand corner of your screen when ordering you will see a running total of your items
as you order them x
I order between Morrisons and Iceland and have very seldom had any problems it saves me carrying heavy items such as water/cat food/tins etc.
I always choose the cheapest delivery costs when booking my slot although Iceland have standard delivery of £2 for items over £40 which is less than I would use in petrol or parking charges.

25Avalon Tue 30-Nov-21 10:36:28

Ever since the first lock down I have ordered online from Sainsbury’s and Waitrose once a fortnight and occasionally from Iceland, and once a week from my local farm shop. I used to enjoy hunting for bargains in store but I wouldn’t go back to it now - just too much hassle and time consuming.

Grandmabatty Tue 30-Nov-21 10:41:47

Glammanana thank you. I do know about the running total etc. 🙂 What I meant, and said very badly, was, when I go shopping in real life, I gauge the cost based on how full the actual trolley or basket is. That way I know if I have too many extras in. Sorry for the confusion.