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Gusto etc for one person?

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mumski Tue 30-Nov-21 20:59:39

I've been trying Gusto but now daughter is moving out I just want a weeks delivery for one person and they seem to only do
for 2 or 4 people. Do you know if any of the meal delivery companies do that? Thank you.

mumski Wed 01-Dec-21 19:39:54


crazyH Wed 01-Dec-21 20:05:48

Wiltshire Farm Foods - I haven’t used them but have seen their advertisements on TV. Give them a call and see whether they will supply just for one person. I’m presuming that will be quite expensive. Good luck !

V3ra Wed 01-Dec-21 20:08:55

Could you have the two person package, cook the meals and freeze half of each one for another week?

grannyqueenie Wed 01-Dec-21 21:23:29

My daughter uses them and enjoys having the specific ingredients needed to cook a lovely meal being delivered. Maybe if you choose carefully you could cook for one and save the rest to use another day or cook for 2 freezing a portion for another time?

Witzend Wed 01-Dec-21 23:35:35

AFAIK you could order just a week’s worth from WFF. Why not check their website?

GrandmasueUK Wed 01-Dec-21 23:41:58

We have just discovered ‘Cook’ and they are delicious, not terribly cheap, but very good quality. They do portions for 1 as well, which I’ve had for when I don’t want to cook just for me. Plenty of choice as well.

Blossoming Wed 01-Dec-21 23:47:54

Hello Fresh and Mindful Chef both do recipe boxes for one.

BlueBelle Thu 02-Dec-21 03:04:50

My dad had Wiltshire for the last five years of his life and said the meals were great, a big variety and he swore by them

glammanana Thu 02-Dec-21 09:41:40

Blossoming I never knew Hello Fresh supplied for one person such good news as I have used them when my friend came to stay their food was very good I shall look on their website for meals for one today thanks so much x

LtEve Thu 02-Dec-21 16:02:31

Hello fresh and Gousto are a bit different to Wiltshire farm fresh and Cook, they’re ready meals whereas the others are recipe boxes that provide the specific ingredients for a meal that you then cook. We have Hello Fresh 3 meals a week and it’s wonderful, makes us have a much better variety of meals with no waste and gives me ideas for the remaining 4 days.

twinnytwin Thu 02-Dec-21 17:44:44

We used both Hello Fresh and Gusto during the lockdown last year and both were super. We now use the recipe cards to replicate all our favourite meals.

mumski Fri 03-Dec-21 11:33:17

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I may go back to HelloFresh who I've used before but got expensive once all the discount codes had disappeared. Cook also looked good and are at our local garden centre so I can try a few of those. Many thanks everyone x