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Ravelling Sun 23-Jan-22 06:49:33

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I couldn’t see it in the threads.
I have a Ninja 9-in-1, which I love and use several times a week.
I’ve been looking at the Max Pro Grill and am wondering if it would be a good buy. We do cook a hot meal for 4 adults most days.
Does anyone have one? What are your thoughts about it? Thanks!

kittylester Sun 23-Jan-22 07:04:42

Oooh, I was just going to start a similar thread.

I am wondering what a Ninja doesn't do that I might want it too do.

MiniMoon Sun 23-Jan-22 10:09:40

I have a 7 in 1 ninja foodi. I wish I'd waited and got the 9 in 1. I would love the yogurt and dehydrate features. I use it almost every day.
We bought the dual zone Air fryer for DD for Christmas, she loves it and won't make gnocchi any other way now.
Sorry we don't have the Max Pro Grill, but if I was you, and you cater for 4 daily, I would go for it.

kittylester Mon 24-Jan-22 08:52:23

Minimoon, (or anyone else for that matter) can you please tell me what you use it to cook and, what it can't cook? Thank you!

Teacheranne Mon 24-Jan-22 12:27:29

I’ve looked at getting a Ninja but I know I would not use most of the functions regularly, I’ve never felt the need to use a pressure cooker or dehydrator! In fact, I am scared of using a pressure cooker after seeing my sister badly burnt by one when we were children. I already have two slow cookers which I use frequently.

I am however going to buy an air fryer and am currently researching which make to get. Size is a consideration as it will sit on my worktop as hopefully I will use it a lot.

aonk Mon 24-Jan-22 13:02:58

I cook a fair amount and am interested in the opinions on here. I don’t own any of these gadgets although always open to new things. I have a microwave and a small stand mixer but that’s all and I don’t understand what benefits there might be in buying any of them so please enlighten me. I’m aware of the advantages of a slow cooker but don’t feel I need one. We don’t eat many stews or casseroles and don’t usually have soup.

Ravelling Mon 24-Jan-22 18:20:47

I use the 9-in-1 to make soups, stews, cook whole chickens and air fry things that I would have previously oven baked.

GrandmaKT Mon 24-Jan-22 19:17:26

I received the 9-in-1 for a Christmas present. It's fine for cooking fish fingers and oven chips, but what else do you use it for? I tried the pressure cooker function last week for a beef casserole- the meat came out tasteless (just like I remember my gran's pressure cooked meals), and the potatoes were underdone. Baked potatoes took much longer than the time specified and weren't crisp. Please let me have your tips and ideas!

Marydoll Mon 24-Jan-22 19:26:21

I have a 14-in-1 and absolutely love it. I pressure cooked a chicken last week On my daughter's advice) and then air fried. It was absolutely delicious.

I'm working my way through the different functions and over the last week I have had the slow cook function on a number of times. Far better results than with my single function slow cooker.

Blondiescot Mon 24-Jan-22 19:31:43

I have the 9-in-1 and think it's a great piece of kit. I was terrified of my mum's old-style pressure cooker, but the Ninja is a breeze to use. I've made numerous stews and casserole-type dishes in it and none have ever been tasteless - quite the opposite, in fact. It makes risottos and paella in around 8 minutes - a fraction of how long they would take to cook conventionally, yet they taste just as good. I've used the dehydrate function to use up our glut of tomatoes by making sun-dried tomatoes. Baked potatoes come out beautifully crisp on the outside and lovely and fluffy inside. The only function I've not yet used on mine is the yogurt one, but I intend to try that soon.

GrandmaKT Mon 24-Jan-22 19:52:23

Ooh that's promising Blondiescot - can you tell me how you do your jacket potatoes please?

Marydoll Mon 24-Jan-22 20:01:16

Blondiescot, dehydrating my glut of chillies is on my to do list. I am so pleased to hear it worked for you.

I too, am terrified of traditional pressure cookers, but the Ninja one, as you have said, was a breeze. However, I did have to be coerced by my daughter to use it.

Blondiescot Mon 24-Jan-22 20:21:38

GrandmaKT I pressure cook them for 10 minutes, tip out the water from the pot, rub the potatoes with a little oil then airfry for 10 minutes, turning them halfway.

MiniMoon Tue 25-Jan-22 00:37:31

kittylester, in my Ninja foodi, I have pressure cooked stews and soups. Air fried chops, chips, chicken and sausages.
Roasted beef, lamb and pork. Baked cakes and scones and heated pies.
Last Sunday I had a 900g joint of beef. I followed The Salted Pepper's YouTube video of how to cook it using the grill setting. My husband said it was the best roast beef he's ever eaten.

I've had it for 2 years now and can honestly say that it's the best kitchen appliance I have ever bought.
This is the roast beef cooked in the foodi.

kittylester Tue 25-Jan-22 08:36:49

Thank you MiniMoon. I think I'm sold. Off to look.