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Air Fryer - half price.

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grannydarkhair Sun 22-May-22 06:48:32

For anyone thinking of buying an air fryer, Instant Brands have a Vortex Plus 6-in-1 on at half price just now, with free delivery, £59-99. I ordered it early yesterday morning, it’s being delivered today.
Does anyone have this particular model?

timetogo2016 Sun 22-May-22 11:11:42

Thank you grannydarkhair.
I shall be passing this info onto my Dil.
We literally just bought an 6-1 airfryer oven from Tower.

Mine Sun 22-May-22 11:24:52


Could you tell me where you ordered your Vortex plus Airfryer from...Thanks....That's an amazing price!!!!....Going to buy myself one

grannydarkhair Sun 22-May-22 13:33:55

Mine Bought it from the Instant Brands website. Going to be delivered by Amazon however.
I’ve been swithering for ages as to whether I should get one, but when I saw that offer I couldn’t resist.

Elegran Sun 22-May-22 13:56:18

Are you sure that isn't the Vortex 4 in 1, *Grannydarkhair? ? That is £59.99 on Amazon from Instant Brands. I can't see any 6 in 1 at that price - and Instant Brands doesn't say that the 4 in 1 is half price.

Elegran Sun 22-May-22 13:57:47

Vortex Mini 4 in 1.

grannydarkhair Sun 22-May-22 14:52:32

Elegran I didn’t buy it via Amazon, I bought it direct from the Instant Brands site. It’s arrived, and it’s a IB Vortex Plus 6-in-1.

62Granny Sun 22-May-22 15:31:43

How big is the basket ? I have a Tower one at the moment and can just about fit 6 sausages in but nothing else this shows a chicken being cooked would you get a medium 1.5kg chicken in it?

grannydarkhair Sun 22-May-22 16:21:56

62Granny the basket measures just under 10 inches across in both directions, it’s just under 4 inches in height. So, no, I doubt you’d get a medium chicken in it.
I live alone, plus I have very little work surface or cupboard space hence the smallish size of this suited me. In fact, tbh, it’s bigger than I expected it to be. And tbh again, it was the price that attracted me, if it turns out that I don’t get much use out of it, it’ll go to my daughter who has masses of both work surfaces and cupboard space in her kitchen.
And, tbh, I’m hoping it might help me lose a bit of weight - I often cook “one tray meals” (protein/carbs/veg all together), the plan being that I eat half and either freeze the other half or eat it the next day. But invariably I end up eating the lot over the course of the evening.

Niobe Sun 22-May-22 18:39:30

I think that’s the one I bought several weeks ago from Amazon but I paid £99! It’s great! I chose that one as it takes the pizza we like and cooks it in half the time as the big oven. It is a big piece of kit but it sits at one end of our breakfast bar and I haven’t used my main oven since I got my Vortex.

Niobe Sun 22-May-22 18:41:36

PS I have roasted a medium chicken in it by spatchcocking it I.e. I removed the back and flattened the rest. Worked a treat!

Charleygirl5 Sun 22-May-22 19:38:05

Niobe I noticed the difference financially when I stopped using my double oven at Christmas and I use my air fryer instead. I love mine.